The lockers at our school lock

So you cant just like open them and mess with stuff in people’s lockers. One day, I was leaving my last class, making my way to my locker. This boy in my class, named James, was walking next to me from the class we were just in to his locker, which was right next to mine. When we reached our lockers, we both smelled something like burning. This other boy at his locker nearby heard us talking about the smell and said he smelled it, too. We all proceded to get stuff from our lockers. We all sensed it was coming from James locker, so we kept telling him that. He was all like “it isn’t from my locker! I swear, even look!” so we look in it and there is nothing. We tell him to open his backpack and he obliges. When he opens it, there is a freshly popped bag of popcorn, steam rising from it.

When I mean freshly popped, I mean the popcorn was still warm and had just came out of the microwave. He just looked up at us in confusion.