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There was another student at my school that was a total dickbag, and made it his daily goal to get a rise out of at least one other person, some way or another. Let’s call him Dbag. He annoyed the shit out of a lot of teachers by doing stuff like constantly being late, eating loudly in class, purposefully spilling and dropping things, and loudly retelling stories during lectures or tests. He spent more time being kicked out of class than actually in class. He wasn’t popular with students either, he constantly mocked students with disabilities, would harass people for money or bites of their food, and tried starting rumors about girls that would turn him down for dates. 

I hated this dude so much. He annoyed the shit out of me, but i was pretty quiet about it for the most part. During lunch one day, i was standing with my circle of friends and i felt someone wrap their arms around my neck/shoulders and lean over me. It was Dbag. He starts yelling and saying stuff like “yeah guys i know can you believe (my name) hides her titties under big sweaters and stuff???” my friends started backing up, they saw me get pissed. I said loudly, “Let go of me!” He kept talking and holding me. One more time, I said “Let go, or I’m putting you on the ground!” He ignored me. I screamed as loud as i could, “LAST CHANCE!” and he didn’t let go. I grabbed his arms, bent my knee, and laid him out flat on his back. The floor was concrete. The slap was SO loud. (Google “self defense shoulder throw” the first image is similar to the technique i did) He was winded for a solid 15-20 seconds. I looked around, and everybody was staring, including my period three teacher on lunch supervision. We looked each other in the eye and my first thought was “oh shit, i’m suspended” but she slowly turned around and walked back down the hall. She never mentioned it, i didn’t get suspended, and Dbag called me a “psycho bitch” for the next 2 years.

  • Jungkook: Has anyone told you that you’re really fucking annoying?
  • Jimin, hurt: No . . .
  • Jungkook: Good, I didn’t want to kill anyone today.

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Prompt: When Scully thinks she's dying of cancer she asks Mulder to make love to her because she doesn't want Ed Jerse to be the last person she ever slept with.

Tried another angst piece. Probably just so I could tag @always-angst! It kinda ended up as a post-ep for “Elegy”. 

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If she could, she’d close her eyes, pretend not to see. She dares a few glances in the rearview mirror as she drives and there’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just light and cars, traffic and life. At home she leaves lights off in hope of being left alone, of escaping. But the shadows dance around her and when she walks into the bathroom, despite the absence of light, she swears she sees Harold Spuller’s face again among the ghostly shades. Gasping in anger she throws her hairbrush against the mirror. The glass splinters at the edge but refuses to break apart.

Scully knows she can’t stay in her apartment tonight. She doesn’t think, grabs her key and leaves. Outside the cold air breathes life back into her. She gets in her car, still refuses to think about it, puts the key in the ignition and steers her car towards the only place she wants to be right now. 

At 1 am the knock on Mulder’s door sounds intrusive, noisy. Scully startles, wonders if this was the right decision. It doesn’t take long for Mulder to come to the door and her doubts disappear. His eyes are clear, attentive; he wasn’t asleep. The expression on his face changes from surprised to happy and finally to concerned.

“Scully? Is everything all right?” No, she wants to say. Nothing is all right. She’s dying; she feels it deep in her bones, cutting through her skin. The revelation, even just to herself, makes her vulnerable; tears spring to her eyes, hot and angry. Looking at Mulder, though, his concerned eyes, his hand that’s suspended in the air, frozen in time, uncertain if she wants him to touch her, energy flows through her.

“Scully, please talk to me.“ 

"Can I come in?" She came here without agenda. Her only need was to get away from the pictures in her mind, from the truth lurking behind every corner.

"Of course.” Mulder opens the door to her and she slips past him. The TV is on but muted. Scully expects to see some cheap skin flick and not a colorful Disney movie. She turns to him.

“Yeah, I thought I should broaden my horizons.” Mulder tells her, chuckling. He picks up loose papers and magazines off his couch to make space for her. Scully, however, doesn’t sit. 

“Do you want anything to drink or…” Mulder trails off. 

“No, I-” But she can’t say it. If she tells him what she keeps seeing, what keeps following her, then she’s accepting it. Believing it. She’s dying. She looks at Mulder, wonders if he can tell what she’s thinking. Can he see it in her eyes? Is he too in denial about this? She can’t stay in the shadows forever, alone, hiding. 

“If it’s about what I said earlier, Scully-”

“It’s not, Mulder. Or maybe it is. You told me that if I didn’t tell you the truth I was working against you and myself. I- when I sat in my car earlier, when I got home, I saw…”

“What did you see, Scully?”

“Harold Spuller. I saw him. I don’t know what to believe or maybe… I refuse to believe what it means but Mulder,” she sighs, swallowing the tears that still threaten to spill, “I couldn’t, I didn’t - don’t - want to be alone.”

“You’re not alone, Scully,” he closes the distance between them and crushes her to him. His hands roam over her back before they settle on his spot, right over her tattoo. The contact, even through her clothes, burns her. Reminds her. She closes her eyes, unafraid, and buries her face in his chest. His scent, like earth, like home, covers her in safety. “You’ll never be alone. You just have to let me in.” Mulder’s voice tickles her skin, her ear and she squirms in his arms. Rubs her body against him slowly, carefully, just trying it out. Her own hands take liberties, wander over his spine and he sighs into her hair. She wants this. This need, raw and urgent, surprises her, tackles her and makes her weak in the knees. But she’s in Mulder’s arms, safe and sound. Scully’s done this before, recently. Threw herself into the arms of a man, a stranger, to feel alive, to forget. Today she wants to forget again; about her mortality, about what happened months ago in another bedroom. 

“Mulder.” She murmurs his name into his chest, feels his strong heart beat against her lips. 

“I’m here, Scully." 

"I have a question…a request, really.” There’s nothing to lose now. Yet everything to gain. Mulder loosens his hold on her so that he can look into her eyes. They’re soft, wet with unshed tears, glancing at her, willing to give her just about anything.

“I want to… need you to make love to me." He furrows his brows and bites his lip in search of the right words. She sees his answer before he utters a single syllable.

"Scully.” Her name is a sigh, pure desperation.

“Mulder, please.” She kisses his chest, longs to taste him. She doesn’t beg, not never, but tonight she’ll do anything. When she dies, there is no if, she doesn’t want her last memory of love, of skin rubbing against skin, to be of Ed Jerse. A throw away fuck, a one-night stand, that was never meant to mean anything.

“I- I can’t, Scully. I’m not saying goodbye to you like that. I can’t.” He buries his face in her hair as his arms wrap around her so tightly that he almost takes her breath away.

“Mulder, I need this. We both need it. I can’t… the last time I… that can’t be the last time.” She strains to get to his lips but he stops her. Puts a finger on her lips to silence her and her fears.

“It won’t be the last time. There’s plenty of time left.” Tears stream down her face. There’s not. Why can’t he see that? His finger starts tracing her lips, the rough texture of his skin kissing her. 

“There’ll be another time for us, Scully. I promise you. This is not it.” His voice is insistent and Scully closes her eyes. She doesn’t believe in premonitions. Seeing the dead girl, seeing Harold Spuller, what if there’s another explanation? Mulder’s finger on her lips, her body in his arms, her heart in his hands. His voice in her ear. All she’s got to do is believe him. Trust him. 

“You promise?” She whispers against his finger. 

“I promise, Scully. I promise.” She believes him.

Writing Prompt #290

“It’s all just a game to you, isn’t it?”

“Well…we’re literally playing a game so yeah?”

The Real Cliff Scene

Rey: Here’s your saber, Master Luke.

Luke: ….Who are you?


Luke: Get off my rock.


Kylo: OH. MY. GOD. Rude. How could you deny your own family?

Rey: wtf where did you come from

Luke: My… family…?

Kylo: She’s your future niece-in-law.

Luke: I–


Kylo: You jump, I jump, sweetheart


Luke: …does this mean I can go back to my hut now?

Someone once asked me if I’d be a Hero or a Villain. 

I smiled and said Villain. 

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 Because it’d be so easy. I care so much. It’d hurt so much more when tragedy would strike. 

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And in the face of betrayal, heart break, of losing all that matters. 

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I’d want Revenge. 

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No matter the cost.

Writing Prompt #293

I dragged my feet along as we returned to base, stomach churning in anticipation of the disappointed looks and lectures. My family had been right; I was a worthless freak and could never stand anywhere near the ranks of heroes.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out the moment we arrived, gaze fixed on the ground. “I just froze, and I…”

“Sorry? There’s no need to apologize! The first mission is always the toughest. Hell, I thought you did great!”

“We all messed up in some way the first time. I accidentally lasered a mirror and knocked myself out. Miss Perfect Team Leader broke her own tools. And this though guy over here? He pissed himself when the villain got too close. The way I see it, just being too shocked to move for a few seconds? You’re going to be a great asset to the team.”

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Okay so at my high school there was a kid a year ahead of me who got hit by a school bus because headphones and a dark hoodie across the street in front of the school at like 6:30am in the dark is stupid and it was this whole big thing for ages (he was okay - hospitalized, recovered, came back to school after a while)

Then at the end of the school year at the battle of the bands there was a group that actually didn’t suck too hard and their name was the initials “KGHBB” because apparently they couldn’t keep their name as “Kids Get Hit By Busses” even though that was their title track and I actually got a copy of their cd it was pretty rad

Writing Prompt #296

“You’re telling me you made ground-breaking and arguably unethical scientific advancements and you used them to clone yourself a twin for what now?”

“I wanted to have someone to do cool Halloween costume pairs with. Plus, if they study all the things I’m bad at, then together we make the perfect super twins and slowly create an empire of sheer awesomeness!”