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Ever plan on doing the Addams Family episode of the New Scooby-Doo Movies? (I think that's where it's from)

Don’t worry, we covered it a while ago! 

Here are some highlights:

Freddy did his best Iron Giant impression!

Shaggy lost his eyes!

The mother lost her butt!

And Scooby made some really… 


interesting faces.

“Ted? I, uh... I’ve got some good news, and some bad news.”

Ted the Animator: “Here we go again.”

Carl the Animator: “Well.. which do you want to hear first?”

Ted the Animator: “Umm… the good news? Maybe?”

Carl the Animator: “Alright. *ahem* I sorta accidentally duplicated the weird dog’s arm.”

Ted the Animator: “…the heck? How is that good news?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, in comparison to the bad news, it’s pretty good.”

Ted the Animator: “…what’s the bad news, then?”

Carl the Animator: “Are you sure you want to know?”

Ted the Animator: “Please, continue. Morbid curiosity compels me.”

Carl the Animator: “I also sorta accidentally duplicated the weird guy’s… eyes.”

Ted the Animator: “GAAAAAAAAAAH! That’s terrifying!”

Carl the Animator: “I was working on shelling this pomegranate between frames, and I guess I missed it.”

Ted the Animator: “But… what… how… how did you even manage to….”

Carl the Animator: “It was a really good pomegranate.”

Ted the Animator: “You had to take each photo individually! There’s-… why, there’s at least 10 like this!”

Carl the Animator: “It was a distractingly good pomegranate.”

Ted the Animator: “You had to move him for each frame, change his head under the second set of eyes, and not notice it each time!”

Carl the Animator: “It was probably the best pomegranate the world has ever known.”

Ted the Animator: “I can’t believe how–… wait, really?”

Carl the Animator: “Totally.”

Ted the Animator: “…can I have some?”

Carl the Animator: “Sure, help yourself.”

*8 pomegranate-trying seconds later*

Ted the Animator: “…ok, y’know what, if I was eating this pomegranate while I worked, I’d prolly duplicate some eyes too. You’re excused.”

Carl the Animator:Score!”