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left to right: Thulani Radebe @_TOOLZ_ (publicist), @craigbjacobs (founder of Fundudzi), @bryanboy (fashion blogger)

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a communicator who uses clothes as a channel to spread a message.

What inspired you to start Fundudzi?

There was various reasons why i decided to start my label, but my key motivation is to tell African stories: to help change the perception of Africa. There is a saying by the turn of the century geographer which says, “The darkest thing about Africa is our ignorance” and that is something i want to change.

What do you think is the future of the business of fashion?

I think the future is when we learn to work together for the greater good of the industry. I am saddened that people with deep pockets think they can take over when there is a need for passion and hard work to turn the industry around.

Joburg Fashion Week is now called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg. What’s your take on that?

My take is: No comment. I choose to show at SA Fashion Week, which is  the original and most credible platform for designers in South Africa.

How does your upbringing reflect your style and interest in fashion today?

To be honest, fashion wasn’t really something i was deeply interested in growing up. I was more interested in writing and telling stories. I would say i was a bit of a nerd growing up and my personal style is still quite laid back. In terms of fashion, i remember looking up to iconic people like Errol Arrende growing up and being amazed that someone like me could be so successful by designing clothes. Growing up on the Cape Flats, him and his sister Gloria were the sort of icons who fueled my quest to succeed - although i never thought i it would be in the same Field, fashion.

How does your parents feel  about your success?

Both my parents have been an amazing support and my mom especially, since my dad passed away she has been influential in making my label more leaner and efficient.

Your mom is an extremely good knitter. Can you knit too?

I’m hopeless at knitting! and to be honest i don’t have a lot of patience either!

What’s going to happen to you and your label in the next season?

We’re launching in Edgars next week and then showing at SAFW, launching our Spring/Summer 2012 collection at the end of the month. We have landed an international agent who is also representing us in leading territories and we’re growing our presence in the US through the sustainable e-commerce marketplace,

What advise can you give to aspiring stylists, designers and fashion bloggers in SA?

I think the key is to seek out your own identity and influences, to be original and draw inspiration from what surrounds you. And remember that perseverance and hard work pays off.

visit Craig Jacobs’ label website: or follow him on Twitter @craigbjacobs.

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safw: fundudzi by craig jacobs

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as you probably know, i’m kind of particular when it comes to label names that aren’t directly sourced from the designers’ own, and although i have to give craig jacobs some credit for a least picking one that’s relatively search-able, on the other hand, it’s never really a good thing when a customer is left to wonder, ‘how the bloody hell do i spell that again?'  and, as you can imagine, such is the case with the fundudzi by craig jacobs brand-name mouthful. 

but whatever.  in actuality, i don’t really want to critique the man too harshly, because both his s/s 2012 range, as presented at johannesburg’s south african fashion week, and his eco-friendly, harmonious-with-nature label vibe deserve some love, no?  the current collection didn’t exactly breath 'africa’ as some of the others we’ve been looking at of late, but it was summery, lightweight, and so lovely awash in all its sherbet shades. 

the south african website reserved life did a really nice interview with the designer, asking about both the collection and his label in general, and he explained that “this collection was probably my most personal to date – it bridged the two worlds I inhabit: the design realm and my background as a journalist. I also wanted to tap into my frustration with the way things are going on in the world – that we feel increasingly powerless and we need to join together and stand up for what we believe in.”

he went on to say that, “ I think that, while the subject matter was quite charged, you can make a statement in a calm sort of way and so I gravitated towards a palette of pastels – sorbet pinks, mints and powder blues – which relaxes the eye, cobalt blues, greens and fuchsias which transmit positive energy and the cleanness of white and naturals which reflect clarity. All this, contrasting with washed out black prints, tribal patterns and those optical prints from Vlisco added more dimension to the range."  the prints in particular, i loved, and especially the way he paired them with some of his softer-hued pieces. 

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Someone is going to be wearing this gown from the #Fundudzi spring/summer 2015 collection on the red carpet at the #SAFTAs tonight. Can you guess what’s so special about it?

Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs

Wow, finally Craig Jacobs will be available in Edgars!


Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs is introduced to the Edgars X SA Fashion Week Capsule at Edgars Melrose Arch flagship store

The eco luxe sensibility of Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs will grace the rails of Edgars Melrose Arch store as part of the SA Fashion Week Designer Capsule from March 21st.

The Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs collection, which will be available for just one month only, will encapsulate the key looks of the label under the creative direction of Craig Jacobs and brings a new eco sensibility to SA’s leading fashion retailer.“With this being our introduction to the Edgars shopper, the collection reflects the very essence of Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs  - pieces which blend an uncompromising approach to design with social consciousness,” explains Jacobs.

The range, marking the arrival of the autumn/winter season, evokes the edginess of the African street in the typical understated style of the label which has shown in catwalks across the globe from Stockholm to Luanda and Paris to Maputo.

First seen as part of the SA Fashion Week Winter 2012 collections, key pieces will include Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs signature hoods explored in luxurious cashmere sweater dresses and wraps such as the delicately pleated Deux dress.

Reflecting the label’s appeal to strong, free spirited women who seamlessly move from the boardroom to the cocktail party, the limited edition collection also includes a crisp hemp with cotton tuxedo shirt and polka dot suit jacket which can be worn by day with matching A-line skirt and by night with a dazzling pair of sequined shorts.


Edgars Melrose Arch

(011) 214 5800

 About Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs

Clothing with a conscience is the mantra behind arguably Africa’s premier eco friendly label, Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs.

Providing a capsule wardrobe for free spirited individuals seeking pieces with a distinctive signature which subtly draw inspiration from the people and places unsoiled by the noise of modern life, the name Fundudzi is inspired by a body of water, Lake Fundudzi, which is one of our most precious ecological treasures as well as being a sacred site for the vhaVenda tribe.

Founded by fashion entrepreneur and communicator Craig Jacobs, in 2005 the label has grown out a desire to help change the perception of Africa and has shown in Paris, Stockholm, Maputo and Luanda and most recently, SA Fashion Week. In 2009 Fundudzi formed part of an international exhibition on sustainable design in Copenhagen, as part of the World Climate Summit.

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Hair genius @matt2mansoor doing his thang with a model wearing the #fundudzi Sabine butterfly dress at the @safashionweek PopUp in Brooklyn Mall.