The tiny town of Wunsiedel in Germany had a problem. See, Wunsiedel was the final resting place of Rudolf Hess – one of Hitler’s deputies. And, Nazi graves being hard to come by (most top Nazis were cremated and their ashes scattered), that meant that every year a pilgrimage of neo-Nazis from all over Europe converged on the town to march to the grave of their “martyr.” Even after the town destroyed Hess’ grave and his ashes were spread at sea in 2011, still the marchers came. Obviously, the town needed a new plan.

It’s unclear who exactly suggested sponsoring the neo-Nazis in an “involuntary walkathon,” but whoever it was, we want to kiss that person full on the mouth.

The approaching hatemongers were completely unaware that the townspeople had sponsored them in a charity walk to benefit EXIT Deutschland, an organization dedicated to helping young people who’ve become entangled in neo-Nazi organizations get the help they need to get out. For every meter marched, 10 euros would go to the charity.

And though the skinheads might not have known it prior to their arrival, the townspeople made damn sure they knew it once they got there. With the most powerful anti-fascism weapon we know: festive banners!

The 5 Most Clever Ways People Made Hate Groups Look Stupid

Calling all artists and writers! 

I’m pulling together a (last-minute) running themed fanzine to raise money for my Boston Marathon charity, Team For Kids! TFK supports New York Road Runners Youth Programs, which provide running and fitness programs and equipment to kids across the United States. 

Signups are open NOW!

This zine will be digital only.

I’m expecting that most art/fic will be from sports anime (based on the circles I /run in/), but any fandom is ok!

Final drafts will be due March 12th.

The zine will go on sale March 19th.

Thank you for everyone’s support so far, I know this is a tight schedule. Unfortunately we do have a fundraising deadline, but I know we can do it! Happy drawing/writing/running!

Sign up here!

haha ok so we’re going to have about $10 to last us through the next 3 weeks. Please help me. I can’t even afford to feed my cats let alone myself. They’re out of food and I’ve made what I can for the next few days but after that I’ll have nothing, if I’ll even survive the abuse im gonna cop over the next while. I know I’m overtagging but I’m trying to reach as many people as I can in the communities I’m in because I am in serious trouble

#SUPPORTCHRIS is over! In 4 months, we raised $2,744 through your purchases at FLAVNT. Chris received his top surgery on January 4th and he’s healing wonderfully! (Check out his chest reveal below)

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign with Chris, we can’t wait to get on to the next one!


Can we make it?!
2000 people x $20 in 10 hours is VERY possible.

Please contribute if you can (and tell a friend) to my Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for my new doll line, @herstorydoll to help me makes these dolls available around the world. Reaching our target goal will helps us get the first run into production! Contribute what you can, Share and check out contribution perks, there also perk preorder options. Help us get our first run into production. 💜 Representation Matters! Diversity in dolls is needed and is important and I am helping to make that change. FUNDING LINK IS IN MY BIO 💜💜💜 #representationmatters queendollyama #dollcreator #dollartist #herstorydolls #indiegogo #fundraising #blackdolls #browndolls #biracialdolls #diversity #blackgirlmagic #contribute #supportblackbusiness #kickstarter

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Hey you guys, so as some of you know: I am a musical theater major. And Hamilton is casting in Miami. Now, I live in NC and would do anything for my chance to even audition, so if I started a gofundme, would y'all help? Please, I already am a “starving artist” but this would mean the world to someone like me

$680 For International Rescue

Here’s an update! The grand total for the International Rescue Captain America Fundraiser was 35 donations received for a total of $680. (Paypal took a fee, which I did not expect and will correct for next time, but my book royalties from last month will cover the fee.) 

This means the International Rescue Committee will get $1360. Over a grand from fandom. 

Fuck’s sake, kids, you all came through. A few of you may find your fics are a bit longer than 100 words. :D But thank you to each and every single person who reblogged and/or gave at any amount, you are all awesome. Good work will be done because of you. 

I’m hoping to get a start on the fics tonight, but if I don’t manage to work my way through them before Friday, I’m on General Strike on Friday so I’ll be writing them then. I’m building a spreadsheet so I’ll be in touch if there’s anyone who gave but didn’t send an ask, but I think I got asks from every donor. Thanks everyone :)

I know no one on here has money either... but worth a shot

Neo, my 7 month old Service Dog in training needs two dental procedures done over the next two months in order to prevent his bottom canines from growing into the roof of his mouth.
I have an appointment for Monday for the first procedure but don’t think I’ll have enough money by then.

Medical Details:
First, they have to place an orthodontic appliance around Neo’s bottom two canines and the teeth adjacent to them. This procedure is meant to encourage the canines to move into a manageable position (one that won’t result in them growing into the roof of his mouth). This appliance needs to be placed asap because the window for the second procedure is   8-9 months old.
The second procedure will only be necessary if the orthodontic appliance doesn’t work (which it very well may not, but it will at least keep his teeth from hurting him until we can do the second procedure). In this case, they will need to remove the crowns of Neo’s bottom canines and perform a vital pulpotomy (to protect the exposed tooth).

About Me:
I am a 21 year old, disabled college student. I work part time at a veterinary hospital but what I make is just barely enough to pay for the food and monthly care for my retired service dog and service dog in training. I depend on my parents monetarily for my own food, medical expenses etc. and though they will do what they can for me and Neo, they just cannot afford to pay his bill up front.
I will be taking out a loan for his procedures because they really cannot wait, but I really need help offsetting the costs.

It’ll be Neo’s job soon to help me stay safe and healthy, and it’s my job to do the same thing for him, so even though it pains me, I’m asking for help. Every bit counts.                    

So in the past I have had people sponsor/donate money for a someone to have a photo shoot.

I am hoping to raise more money for our $10,000+ worth of hospital bills and my maternity leave.

I have a handful of families that would love photos done but can’t afford them. I basically do my photo shoots for free or give them out as gifts.

That is a lot of time and effort on my behalf..

So if you are interested in helping donate for a family to get a photo shoot done, that would be FUCKING awesome. I don’t like asking for help or for money in general. This is the easiest and best way I can work for it. Also I don’t limit the amount of time I spend with a family or the amount of pictures they get. I am very flexible on meeting in different locations or even traveling a little bit in Oregon.

It benefits more than myself and my family.

Please share! Make this post go viral…

Requesting backup

Hello friends and followers o/

I really try to avoid making posts like this because I have never financially been in a position to ever give back– I always feel terrible every time I see a post asking for monetary assistance because I can never assist, and as such I personally don’t feel like I have the right to ask for that kind of help.

But the truth of it is, right now, my boyfriend and I are desperate.

My mother is not in a position to help us, my father has said no, and we owe my boyfriend’s parents more and more money as this financial crisis spirals out of control. We’ve had to resort to using a loan service which, though we’ve been paying it back, we’ve fallen into a vicious cycle that doesn’t allow us to properly catch up.

We just got paid yesterday, only to have the paycheck disappear as a result of groceries, bills, repaying loans, and repairing my computer.

The day after payday, we are literally broke. And the next paycheck doesn’t come for two weeks.

We have nowhere else to turn and it’s starting to put a heavy strain on us, and though I feel utterly ashamed to be asking, I’m asking nonetheless for any help you guys can spare in helping us get to a place where we’re stable again– whether it’s donating money, or gift cards, or even just boosting to get the word out that we genuinely need help (or heck, even some kind words of encouragement keep us going too!), anything you guys can do would mean the world to me and more.

Since I’m (obviously) not able at present to return any kindnesses shown with money or giveaways or anything like that, I’d like to instead offer this:

For every donation received, I’ll make an origami surprise with a hand-written note of gratitude to send to each donor in the post (this will of course, require your address, and must regrettably be limited to the United States).

My email (for Paypal as well) is

Thank you all in advance for your kindness and support!



I’m Alexandra Rathmann… (I normally don’t share that online but you’ll need my last name to use the link.) As some of you know, I’ve been granted a contract to march with Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps for the second summer in a row. I have wanted to be in Drum Corps International ever since my sophomore year of high school when I first heard of it and I had so much fun last summer when I did it!!! Being part of this corps would be a huge deal to me because I’ve made many life-long friends through it and overall it has increased my motivation and confidence. By being on tour, I get to see different parts of the country that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. It is such a unique experience that not many other activities provide. However, being in a world class drum corps is very very expensive and I need several different ways to come up with the money for it in time. If anybody would be willing to make a donation of any size to me through this link, I would be forever grateful!! And even if all you can do is share it so word gets spread about this, I would feel equally thankful!!!! Consequently, you may get to see me inLucas Oil Stadium this coming August… :) #surfsup #drumcorpsinternational #eastcoastbeastcoast

Lots of straight folk won’t really have registered how important Debbie Reynolds was - as well as being a gay icon of screen and stage, she was one of the folks who shamed the Reagan presidency by fighting tirelessly for AIDS victims both in public and behind the scenes, years before the establishment broke its taboo of denial.