Federal judge blocks Texas attempt to defund Planned Parenthood

  • On Tuesday, a federal judge blocked Texas from withholding Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood.
  • The judged ruled that the state had not provided sufficient evidence in support of its claim that the health care provider traffics in baby parts.
  • According to the AP, U.S. District Court Judge Sam Sparks of Austin, Texas, reasoned that, in continuing to lean on those doctored 2015 sting videos as proof that Planned Parenthood is operating nefariously and illegally, Texas failed to offer credible evidence that the health care provider had actually done anything wrong. Read more (2/22/17 8:22 AM)

I’m tired of getting these stupid offers to work on people’s “passion projects” for free, usually with the promise of compensation when/if the project takes off. Guess what? I don’t care that you’re passionate about it, I care if you’re competent. When you knock on my door asking for free work, its a clear sign that you aren’t. You might have hopes that your project hits it big and that you’ll eventually get rich off of it, but if you REALLY believed in it, I feel like you’d be more willing to put your own livelihood on the line instead of asking an artist to do it for you. If I do a bunch of free work hoping it’ll pay off, I’m not doing other work that could actually feed me and pay my bills. And what happens when the project doesn’t get funded or some important factor blows up or everyone decides to quit out early? I get screwed. So, no. I don’t want to work on your passion project. Not unless I get paid up front.

The Infinite Library

There is an infinite library in the Alps that contains at least one copy (or original) of every magical and non magical book, scroll, journal etc ever written. While anyone can visit, it is considered the greatest honour for a magical scholar to be invited to work there. 

There is no application process, just one day they wake up with a letter of invitation. In addition to looking after the library, the scholars receive full funding for all their research, whatever it is.

Hey guys. So I know I’m not the best artist, but it’s really important that you guys help me with commissions. My stepdad hasn’t been getting called to work enough to keep up with bills, my mom can’t work because she has my baby sister, and now they’ve cut off our water and cable. 

We can live without cable, it’s not a priority. But my family needs water. I’m not sure what places will hire me for only four weeks, but I need to help her get back on track with the bills. 

If you guys could buy a five dollar commission, I’ll do as many as it takes until I raise up enough. Again, I know I’m not the best artist, but I also work really hard on improving my art. 

If anyone would be interested in helping, please please please tell me and I’ll find a way to use PayPal for it. 

Thank you guys so much. 

The Hood Is The Hood Because The Investment In Education Is Poor

The gap between rich and poor schools has grown 44% over the last decade.

The majority of states have cut school funding since 2008.

Communities with more high school graduates see 30% less violent crime.

It’s about bringing opportunities to folks that need it!

It’s about paying attention!

Kickstarter, maybe?

I am starting to get more orders than I can really handle. Which is nice, because that means a bit more money than before, but it also means that my backlog just gets bigger and bigger.
Before, I used to just close down my shop for a week, or two every now and then to catch up, but I had several large expenses over the last year, like rent increases, immigration fees, business fees, etc, that made it impossible for me to close my shop and miss out on income.

The best way to handle this would be to get an industrial sewing machine, which would make certain items WAAAAAY faster to produce. I’m talking half the time, or even less.
I’m doing a lot of satin stitching, which simply takes forever…

The problem is just that I simply can’t afford an industrial sewing machine. Especially not one that can do a zig-zag stitch. Even used, those cost something in the $3000 range. :<

So I was thinking… What if I started a kickstarter campaign, to fund an industrial sewing machine (+plus some extra, maybe)?
The rewards would obviously be some of my items, that I could make much more quickly with such a machine and at a reduced price compared to my regular shop.

Do you think that’s a decent idea? Or would that likely just fail miserably? Would you pledge to such a campaign, if it meant that you saved a few bucks on one of my items?

I just really want to increase my productivity to the next level, because I am getting seriously upset at my huge backlog…

Here, have a more successful cat than me.

Funding the Arts

When I received the petition by Americas for the Arts that I posted yesterday it had roughly 7000 signatures. This morning it has over 20,000.

Do I think it’ll matter? Probably not. Trump can use his charities to purchase bad portraits of himself and Bannon, well he can pick up velvet Elvis portraits at any old carnival. So do they care about the NEA or PBS, no.

But it feels good to do something. We don’t get much funding through them but what’s good about what we do get is that it’s “unrestricted” meaning we can use the donation for anything … helping to pay our salaries, offering scholarships, buying a new kiln, repairing the burst pipes on a water heater (!), or buying art supplies for our youth programs. We make it stretch as much as possible!

So thank you to all who signed and shared. It hasn’t gone unnoticed! 🎨🎭👩‍🎨
Groups give unprecedented $20 million to the trans rights movement
The Arcus Foundation and several other groups said Tuesday they will lead a five-year funding initiative to boost the transgender movement in the U.S. and poorer and developing nations.
By Dominic Holden

Today, two foundations announced a plan to give $20 million to causes specifically in the transgender rights movement over the next five years. 

The Arcus Foundation, the NoVo Foundation and a coalition of other groups will give the money to U.S. groups who focus on trans issues and/or are led by trans people, rather than broader LGBT groups for whom trans rights are not front and center. The initiative will eventually broaden to support trans-focused international groups, mostly in poor and developing countries. 

The money will substantially increase overall funding for transgender-focused organizations. A February report by Funders for LGBTQ Issues examined grants from U.S. foundations for domestic and global transgender and intersex issues. It found transgender groups received $13.6 million in the three-year-span of 2011 to 2013, which was 7% of funds awarded to LGBT issues in general.

McGill said the funds will be awarded with guidance of transgender leaders and activists, who will help identify programs and organizations that can advance long-term agenda for trans rights.

The project’s ambitions include increasing understanding of transgender people, expanding pathways to economic sufficiency for a chronically underemployed population, and promoting long-term philanthropy of the transgender movement.

This is GROUNDBREAKING. Trans rights groups and projects have so little funding compared to the bigger LGBT movement, and $20 million is a lot of money. Many of these groups have been doing this work for decades with little recognition and few resources, and this could be a game-changer. Amazing.