cause of death: just friends

so here, have a kinda starco-ish amv thing. this song was literally perfect and had to be used. after all, they’re just friends right now *cries*

i tried

Arguments the Gems Have Had
  • the great lizards vs snakes debate of ‘14
    • Amethyst is all for lizards, they lick their eyeballs and that’s rad, we know how Steven feels about snakes. Pearl finds snakes more practical, though she won’t admit she’s actually arguing with them
  • when will the Breakfast friends STOP crying
  • merits of posing before or after the attack
  • if putting your star over your knees is disrespectful because you kneel on them and also dirt
    • this one was just Pearl and Amethyst
  • Does Connie think they are cool yet??
  • merits of how freakin rad it is eating a burning tire in the house vs dangers of burning the house down
    • Garnet: “I’ll allow it.”
  • Peridot: it is clear that earth felines recognize ME as their master and will lose all sense of order if I do not let them sleep on my face in the barn Lapis: earth cats are free and c a n n o t be controlled. But I’m pretty sure they’ll eat your face given the chance, let’s get 10 more.
    • ensuing ‘how many cats is too many’ argument
  • validity of astrology
    • Pearl: it’s all a bunch of nonsense!
    • Amethyst: ooh, sounds like such a Gemini thing to say
  • why their wikipedia page is literally so poorly formatted (and probably written by Ronaldo)
I Love My Redneck

Daryl Dixon x Reader | SmutAF | 18+ Only Warning!

Request #1: I’m so happy that now we can make requests lmao. Would you do one with lap dance? Like … Daryl find some old CD of some band that YN likes (Led Zep for ex) and she do a lap dance on him and … you know how end up hehe ! Love your work, sincerely!

Request #2: One that YN get calling by one man that she finds in a run, he says something like “can’t believe you’re with a old redneck” and that’s hurt Daryl and then when you two got back, he gets quite and then you two make love, all kind and eye in the eye 😍

Summary: Early Season 4. Prison Era. Daryl and the Reader have been dating for a while, they go out on a run to scavenge for supplies and the Reader turns Daryl on. Smut ensues. Reader finds a radio with some tapes including Daryl’s favorite band, Led Zeppelin. Reader takes it intending to treat Daryl with a lap dance later. Later that night they are around the campfire at the prison when to younger men ask the Reader why she is with an old redneck. The reader responds and later finds out Daryl is upset by it. The reader comforts Daryl and treats him to a lap dance. They make love afterwards, salty and sweetly.

(A/N: This one was really fun to write, I hope you all enjoy it! A great way to send off the Daryl smut before Macmanus March.)


You trip and scrape your knee as you run quickly through the forest and trip and fall onto the asphalt of the nearby town you were scavenging as a group.

“Gah!” You cry out in pain as you sit up and cradle the blood scraped knee, on the ground.

Suddenly, from the corner of your eye you see Daryl rush over and sit beside you, not worried about anything else but you.

You smile softly over at him and roll your eyes, “I’m okay, baby. I am just a klutz, you say chuckling to yourself and reaching your hand out to him.

He smiles softly and nods his head, standing back up and taking both of your arms in his big strong hands and pulling you back to safety and back into his arms. You wrap your arms loosely around his shoulders and sway your body back and forth lovingly in front of him, smiling as his hands rest softly on the small of your back.

You hear a throat clear behind you and your eyes turn quickly to the source. Rick stands there trying to remain in serious mode, but grinning a little that he had to pull you two off of each other, yet again.

He nods to you and up to Daryl, who smirks uncontrollably at his friend, shrugging his shoulders at his fatherly stare. Rick chuckled and nodded his head to the ground, kicking the dirt with his boot a few times before turning an easy smile back towards you both.

You grin and square your shoulders, standing next to Daryl, pressing your shoulder to his, as you reach down and grab his hand.

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INTPs and Judging

We INTPs are really bad at making judgement calls. We may have opinions, but we tend to keep them locked up tightly within ourselves, and we like to stay on neutral ground when it comes to controversial topics. We generally prefer to hear all sides of story, and we are well aware of the fact that there are so many viewpoints that it’s impossible to know them all.

In fact, we are incredibly sensitive to the fact that we’re limited in understanding and intelligence, and that affects the way we make decisions.

But it doesn’t always affect it in a good way. See, being conscious of your limitations of intelligence is good, but you have to learn how to make decisions anyway. It’s called being prudent. You can’t always know, but you have to make what we’d call an educated guess. Much as you might hate doing something like this, simply because you have the sliver of a chance of being inaccurate, it’s something that everyone has to do now and then.

And we have to make judgments about people, too. This I hate to do. I don’t think I’m very good at reading people and telling you what kind of folks they are as far as whether they are nice or not. I can usually decide what I think about a person after I’ve known them for about ten years, but not much before then. But I’m learning, as I grow up a bit, that sometimes I can’t wait for ten years to pass before I have to judge someone.

Gasp! Judge someone! How dare you, you horrible, judgmental INTP Lady? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Okay. Yes. Sometimes I have to judge whether it is wise for me to listen to and even be around certain people. Much as I hate to do it, I know that there are some people who are going to drag me down if I stay around them too much. To tell the truth, there’s a part of me that revolts against making calls like this. I mean, who am I to say whether a person is good enough to hang out with me? It sounds pretentious and snobbish, not to mention kind of mean.

But it is a fact of life that you sometimes have to be a bit pretentious. While you want to give everyone every chance in the world that you can, you also need to remember that you need to use some wisdom in choosing the people close to you. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions. 

Thankfully, it’s not something that happens very often. But when it does happen, we INTPs need to remember that hard and fast decisions, while not easy, are also not wrong. It’s okay to use some common sense and prudence and wisdom in order to keep yourself (and sometimes the people around you) as safe as possible.