@sadistic-tea asked:
“I’d really like to see merman Azusa getting healed by a human or one of his brothers (like putting a bandage or band aid on him, you decide) ^-^”

They take turns! Kou likes doing it the most, but they’re always either too tight or too loose :3


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Anon asked:
“I wanna cheer up a fellow mun, Misaki, from @diabolik-misaki’s blog. Can you draw mermaid Misa being chased by merman Laito? Pretty pwease?”

I still don’t draw OCs, but damn it, when I’m asked like that, how can I refuse?
I saw the posts you might cheer her up for too…Misaki, cheerings uppings from both the anon and me! ^w^

youshouldreadmore  asked:

Can you name some characters that speak kansai ben so we can get an idea on how it sounds like? Thanks! Also, please say there's more Kageyama in this chapter and not just one panel with no dialogue like last week! So far I've been rather disappointed in this arc since there's little to no depiction of either character growth or skill development since Tobio is lacking in page time.

Hahahah!!! Check out this youtube video L0l. It’s a Kanjani 8 radio talk, the members of that music group are all kansai boys afaik. I don’t really follow them tbh but I know if you wanna hear some of that kansai ben they will deliver. l0l.  *pulls up random kanjani8 video, all of their radio talk vids should be more or less like this*

For precise timers after listening to the first 30 seconds, check 0:14 ish and 0:24-0:25, 0:26-0:32 general gist and 0:33-0:35 ish. im swooning ok ngl but yea haha ok enjoy

As far as anime characters go though I can’t think of that many off the top of my head… like… I can name you the Bleach crew, Hirako Shinji, Ichimaru Gin… Sarugaki Hiyori… Yadomaru Lisa… oh and if you watch the Lovely Complex anime, iirc that was as Kansai as it gets lol. Might be a bit hard to tell if you aren’t familiar with the base language ;p Also stuff like this might be exaggerated a bit in shows/anime/other media, like irl people with accents generally vary on a spectrum of how heavy they make it, and it can vary based on who they’re speaking to or what occasion etc. : )

Oh!! I forgot to talk about Kageyama. He is in it quite a bit!! : ) I think this arc is setting up for his development to come, so we will get it for sure.