Since the announcement of Gen VII means that my Sailor Moon x Pokemon team post will need updating, Pokemon Go has inspired me to come up with Gen I-only headcanon teams for the Sailor Guardians. It was very fun and challenging! Hopefully they make sense enough just looking at them, but you can also read my reasoning below.

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If Ron Weasley was the main character.

1. Ron Weasley and the Boy Who Lived.

2. Ron Weasley and the Spiders and Slugs.

3. Ron Weasley and the Rat That Wasn’t Really A Rat.

4. Ron Weasley and the Stupid Goblet That Ruined His Friendship.

5. Ron Weasley and the Dumbledore’s Army.

6. Ron Weasley and the Girl That Ruined His Life.

7. Ron Weasley and the Year He Didn’t Return To Hogwarts To Help His Friend.

7.2 Ron Weasley and the Year He Saved The Wizarding World And Got The Girl.

What do you think guys?! I was just messing with it. My favourite is the third one.
You can reblog this and add yours. I was planning on making edits of it.