Blood mage Backfire

So my shadow monk air Genesai, Ink, has snuck upon the blood mage out party has been tracking. I deal about 25 damage with a poison dart and then the blood mage manages to take control of me and attempts to throw another poison dart at our Ursine cleric Urquuk.

DM: roll attack against the bear with disadvantage.

Ink: *2*

Urquuk: doesn’t hit.

Ink: can I roll for crit fail, just for shits?

DM: sure why not?

Ink: *nat 1*

Party roars laughing

DM: so you miss Urquuk completely and manage to hit the blood mage doing 35 more damage. She is now very confused.
Most effective crit fail ever.

Urquuk: I attack with guided bolt.

Urquuk: *Nat 20* 32 damage.

Party is now stunned.

DM: she is now Swiss cheese.


@gibslythe look what you’ve made me do

My (WIP) dreamcast for a stage musical Prince of Egypt

I’m still making my mind up in some places, but this based off of the two casts I’ve seen from @finelythreadedsky and @stagesofbrown, as well as some of my own ideas!

Moses - Adam Jacobs/George Abud

Rameses - Leslie Odom Jr.

Miriam - Arielle Jacobs/Lindsay Mendez

Aaron - Daveed Diggs

Tzipporah - Cynthia Erivo/Patina Miller

Jethro - Brian Stokes Mitchell/J. C. Montgomery

Pharaoh Seti - Norm Lewis

Queen Tuya - Audra McDonald

Yocheved - Mandy Gonzalez/Lea Michele

Hotep - James Monroe Iglehart

Huy - Aziz Ansari