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More Than Friends - Harry Styles Imagine

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“Harry what are you doing with that?” I asked my psycho best friend.

“Havin’ a little fun.” Harry gestured toward the bucket of water. We were currently in my room studying, well, at least I was studying.

“Harry I swear to god if you dump that on me I’ll-“

“You’ll what?” He pushed. I gave him a stern look. All he did was laugh. I tried so hard not to laugh with him, his smile was too contagious. He saw me trying to hide it with a ridiculous face I was putting on. 

“You need to study.” I said, trying to change the subject. 

“And you need to loosen up.” Harry gave in putting the bucket down. He tried being playful, but I just brushed it off. “Why have you been so serious recently? You okay?”

“Well, I mean, I’ve been thinking a lot lately. And.. I mean stuff has been happening.” I lingered on.

“Liiiiiike.” He insisted.

“You need to study.” I repeated, ignoring the topic. Harry pouted and put his attention back on his bucket of water.

Lately things have been different with me, he was right about that. My feelings towards Harry were changing, I wasn’t viewing him as just a friend anymore. My feelings for him were getting stronger every day, so I always tried hiding them when I was around him. I could not tell him. No way. It would ruin our friendship that’s been lasting for so long.

“Are you sure there’s nothing on the up and up?” He asked once again.

“Didn’t we just establish this?” I asked.

“Answer the question.”

“I’m positive.” I said simply. He raised his eyebrows at me. “You know if you raise those eyebrows of yours too high they might fall off. I’d be careful.”

“(Y/N)” He stretched out my name, whining. He closed my textbook and turned my chair so I was looking directly at him. He fixed the curls in his beanie that matched his oversized sweater. His legs were covered in the same damn skinny jeans as always.

Fuck, he’s so pretty.” I thought. He placed both his hands on my legs, leaning forward.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“No, but I can help you if you tell me what’s going on.” He paused. “Is it a boy?” My eyes widened. “It is a boy!” He shouted as I shushed him. 

Shit. He cannot find out.” I thought.

“Do I know him?” I nodded.

“Wait Harry-”

“Louis?! Is it Louis? Niall! I knew you had a thing for blondes!”

“No! No!” I laughed. “And Harry, it’s not a boy. Lots of stuff is going on in the world of (Y/N).” I lied, trying to move on from the whole “boy” topic. “I’ve just been worried about this big test. That’s all.” I tried to make it seem as convincing as possible.

Harry didn’t look like he was buying any of it. I tried so hard to not look worried while making eye contact with him. He wasn’t buying it.

“You know you can tell me anything right?” He insisted.

Yes, but I can’t tell you this. Ever.” I thought.

“Yeah I know that.” My voice sounding a bit shaky. Harry gave me a sad look, almost looking like he was giving up.

“I’m gonna give you some space. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll pick you up for school.” He said, grabbing his stuff.

“Harry, you don’t have to leave.” I said, immediately feeling bad.

“No, no, it’s okay. I can tell you’re upset and I’m just making it worse.” He didn’t look at me once, and walked out the door.

It’s not like I could tell him anyway.” I thought. Me being me, I took out my phone and sent Harry a text, apologizing and saying that I’d explain everything eventually. While I was at it, I called the only other person who knew my feelings for Harry. The person I know I could always count on, besides the curly-haired boy himself.


“Hey Louis.”

“(Y/N), are you okay?”

“Well, Harry left my place all upset because I wouldn’t tell him about the thing.” I rambled.

That thing?” He asked.

“Yes. That thing.”

“You know you’ve gotta tell him at some point or this same thing is just gonna keep happening.” My heart sank. It feels like either way I’m going to lose him. If I don’t tell him, he’ll always be upset that I’m not being open with him. And if I do tell him, he might not feel the same and that could ruin our friendship entirely.. and we’d never speak again. “(Y/N), I want you to tell him.” My heart sped up.

“Louis I-”

“You might be surprised with the outcome.” He said, and then the line went dead.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I asked, still talking into the phone. I dropped my phone and put my head in my hands in frustration. “What am I gonna do?”


“You ready to go?” Harry asked as I finished getting ready.

“Yeah let’s boogie.” I replied, trying to seem a bit happier than I was the day before.

“Boogie?” He laughed.

“Yeah. Dontcha know how to boogie?” I said, putting in a few dance moves.

“Well I know I can boogie better than that.” He gestured to my terrible dance moves. I laughed in reply, getting in Harry’s car and making our way to school.
While we were on our way I thought about my phone call with Louis the night before. He said that I’d be surprised with the outcome. Did he tell Harry? Does he know stuff I don’t? Well I guess I’ll never know because the little shit decided to hang up on me.

“We’re here!” Harry yelled. I winced at his choice of volume.

“Well someone sounds excited to learn.” We got out of his car, entered the building, and headed down the hall to our lockers.

“Hey, I’ll be right back.” He said over his shoulder. I nodded and went about, putting my stuff away and grabbing my new things for my first class. After a few minutes, I heard yet another loud voice.

“(Y/N)!” I turned around to see Louis jogging over to me. “Did you tell Harry yet?” He asked, nearly out of breath.

“Did she tell me what?” I heard Harry from behind me. I mouthed the words “I hate you” to Louis, all he did was grimace. I turned around to face him, and he didn’t look too happy. Louis patted my back and walked away. “I knew you were hiding something.” He went on, his tone getting angrier.

“Harry, I’m not hiding anything.”

“Then why the hell does Louis know and I don’t?” He asked, even angrier.

“Because it’s about you.” I said. “Goddamn why did I say that?” I thought.

“Oh now you really have to tell me.” He seemed fed up.

“Harry, it’s nothing bad. It’s just between you and me, and I’m worried how you’ll react.” I admitted. I wasn’t going to tell him here at school.

“Wow,” Harry paused, “You’re still not going to tell me.” He seemed surprised and just done, he walked right past me, brushing my arm. It was even more humiliating since we were at school.

The day didn’t do me any good after that. I couldn’t focus in any of my classes, one of my teachers even had to talk with my after class. All I could think about was Harry, and how I let him down. I need to tell him. But how could I? It could completely throw away all those years of our friendship.

More and more days passed. Harry would still give me rides to school, but we’d never say anything to each other. Once we got to school every morning, we would just part ways. We always made eye contact in the halls and, every single time, I would look away and feel the heat rise up to my cheeks. I couldn’t even look at him, that’s how bad this was. Man, the things this boy does to me. I wanted things to change, I didn’t want to keep being afraid to talk to my best friend.

It was the end of another school day, and Harry was still my ride home. I waited for Harry at his locker. He always comes down he to grab his final things for the day. I looked up and saw him coming, immediately looking down again. He didn’t say a word to me, didn’t even look at me. While we walked to his car in the rain, I tried speaking up.

“Harry, do you wanna come to my place later?” I asked, trying to sound as nice as possible. All he did was shrug in response. I sighed, feeling a bit irritated with his mood lately. This is not going to make telling him any easier.

We got into his car and drove off to my house in complete silence. I wanted to break the ice, but I did’t know what to say. 

Once we were in my driveway, we kinda just sat there. I finally got out of his car and back into the rain again, but I heard a car door close behind me. I turned and saw Harry getting out and making his way towards me.

“You love me don’t you?” I was taken back by his sudden question. I stared at him, but eventually, 

I nodded.

“You have no idea how hard it was to keep it from you. It was even harder thinking of how I would tell you. I was so worried you wouldn’t feel the same way and that our whole friendship would be ruined all because of my stupid feelings. But yes, I love you. That’s why I’ve been acting like a fool around you, that’s why I always blush whenever I see you, and that’s why I act like a complete idiot whenever you’re near me. All because I love you.” 

My heart was racing. I put my heart out on the line after all this time. Harry was just staring at me, not saying a word. All of a sudden, he placed both of his hands on my cheeks and crashed his lips onto mine. His kiss was passionate, yet simple. Before I could process that he was actually kissing me, he pulled away. My breathing was quick, my heart was racing. His hands were still placed on either side of my face.

“You love me don’t you?” I asked him the same question he asked me.

He nodded.



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  • my-oppas-tears Kpop bucket list:
  • -Meet my biases.
  • -Go to a Kpop concert.
  • -Buy Kpop merchandise (albums, posters, handbags,clothing,light-sticks,etc.)✅
  • -Attend a Kpop hangout session (After School Club)
  • -Eat at a Korean restaurant.✅
  • -Learn Korean(so I don't have to wait for eng subs)
  • -Upload/Post Kpop dances covers.
  • -Start a blog (tumblr,pintrest,asianfanficts) <--- follow me ✅
  • -Write fanfiction. ✅
  • -Watch Korean shows live-streaming. ✅
  • -Go to Korea.
  • -Go to a fanmeeting/high touch event.
  • -Run into my bias. (Who am I kidding, I live in America -.-')
  • -Become a Kpop idol and meet your biases.
  • -GO TO KCON!!!
  • -Do ageyo (even though I look like I am dying) ✅
  • -Get a job(mainly so I could fund my Kpop merchandise collection).
  • -Have an all-related Kpop themed birthday party.
  • -Have an all Gdragon or any group bed sheets or shower curtains.
  • -Join a Korean label or company. (YG all the way!)
  • -Audition for a Korean label or company.
  • -Sing songs in Korean. ✅
  • -Become favored bias group manager.
  • -Watch mvs and have nosebleeds and slight heart attacks. ✅✅✅
  • -Get through school without failing. <--- this is a tough one).
  • -Marry my Ultimate Bias or biases. ✅ <--- In my dreams.
  • -Have favorite group appear in you dream. ✅
  • -Support my groups. ✅✅✅✅
  • -Cry! (alot) ✅✅✅✅
  • -Scream! ✅✅✅✅
  • -Fangirl!✅✅✅✅
  • -Sleep. ✅✅✅✅
  • -Eat. ✅✅✅✅
  • -Get a life.
  • -Be Happy. ✅✅✅✅ Listen to Kpop, it feels good!-JRE quote
  • Comment have many you have checked off!

That anon from this morning who got all huffy about the anime being ~all about~ Inu / Kag romance has me scratching my head rn, because are we watching the same show? There’s so much happening here and the romance is honestly just garnish, it’s extra. There’s literally something new going on every episode and all you can focus on is a romantic subplot? Boring.

Of course I know being me, I’m going to remember way more in terms of depth, but if all you take away from this wildly successful show is a ship then that’s just sad! 

My Bucket List

Start Date: January 1, 2016
End Date: June 4, 2017

1.Play college soccer
2. Workout more often
3. Make someone less fortunate smile on Christmas
4. Go deep sea fishing
5. Get my license
6. Say yes to everything for a day
7. Feel confident in a bikini
8. Run a 5k with my brother or Dad
9. Visit all 50 states
10. Be able to say “I made it”
11. Move out on my own
12. Go to Key West
13. Donate gifts to children in need
14. Catch fireflies
15. Go on a road trip
16. Ride a jet ski
17. Get a rose on Valentine’s day
18. Spend less and save more
19. Participate in a color run with friends
20. Get a small tattoo that means a lot
21. Paddle board in the ocean
22. Dip dye my hair
23. Try Starbucks coffee
24. Tryout for a NWSL team
25. Watch the sunrise on the beach
26. Go on a roller coaster
27. Take a photo a day for a year
28. Build a gingerbread house
29. Paint balloon darting
30. Transfer to a University
31. Create an adventure book
32. Leave a note in a library book
33. Go to a midnight movie premier
34. Go to a NASCAR race
35. Get a sun tattoo
36. Stand in two states at once
37. Dance in the rain
38. Go to a college football game
39. Learn how to surf
40. Start a YouTube channel
41. Stop being so afraid and start living
42. Stay up for 36 hours
43. Go to a concert
44. Get an A in 3 of my college classes
45. Try 10 new foods
46. Travel out of the United States
47. Have a spa day
48. Make a memory jar
49. Throw a party
50. Meet a celebrity
51. Learn how to use chopsticks
52. Eat healthier
53. Go fishing
54. Read 50 books
55. Change my hair
56. Go to a Halloween party
57. Become fruitarian for a week
58. Give people a reason to remember me
59. Go to a chocolate factory
60. Make a homemade pizza
61. Take a dance class
62. Have a legit picnic
63. Find a bff who will never leave
64. Go to a Broadway show
65. Cook for my family
66. Go kayaking
67. Learn how to longboard
68. Complete a diy
69. Own a polaroid camera
70. Go to the zoo
71. Complete a scrapbook
72. Go to Dylan’s Candy Bar
73. Learn how to braid my hair
74. Be a vegetarian for a week
75. Have a paint war
76. Have nice nails for month
77. Receive a bouquet of roses
78. Get my Associate’s Degree
79. Learn how to cook
80. Buy a car
81. Decorate my room
82. Find true friends
83. Go to a pumpkin patch
84. Attend a professional tennis match
85. Go camping
86. Sleep under the stars
87. Learn how to penny board
88. Spend 150 hours volunteering
89. Go to Disney
90. Meet a professional athlete
91. Have a snow ball fight
92. Go to a Motorcycle race
93. Solve a Rubik’s cube
94. Go skating
95. Make a friend in a different country
96. Travel out of the United States
97. Go to Florida Georgia Line concert
98. Try yoga
99. Shop in Bath & Bodyworks
100. Build a snowman
101. Meet Ashlyn Harris
102. Go to the beach every day for a week
103. Make the workout playlist
104. Go to a NWSL game
105. Visit New York City, New York


//In which my passtime of designing houses and floorplans gets a little out of hand.
Here’s Chihiro’s cottage in Wonderland.

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43 Days Until Spring…

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“Leech-teeth? The slime covered worm I can handle, especially in the name of fun, but I draw the line at leech-teethed things. Especially if it’s a winged leech-teethed thing. It isn’t, is it?”

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I-I’m so glad I—-I didn’t st-stay inside today–.. 

    I have homework & an essay & work but 

hanging out with fr-friends is fun, nya~~..  

  ( Snuggles the bucket cause he’s filled with so much love ) ;