Fun by buckets

and it begins...

with tomorrow being my twentieth birthday, i thought this would be the perfect post to start off “uncensored twenties”. without getting all emotional and sentimental, i’ve built a list of twenty things i want to achieve during my twenties. i’ve decided to share this list on my blog as a promise to myself to get them done - if i tell someone i’m doing something, i have to get it done.

rosie’s troublesome twenties: 

  1. go on a contiki trip. 
  2. move to australia for at least 6 months. 
  3. do the christchurch bungee jump. 
  4. go ice-skating. 
  5. take a boxing class 
  6. take a cooking class 
  7. attend a music festival. 
  8. go on a cruise. 
  9. fall hopelessly in love. 
  10. jump on a water trampoline. 
  11. plant a tree. 
  12. take up yoga. 
  13. host a guy fawkes party. 
  14. ride horses on the beach. 
  15. go snorkelling. 
  16. go to a night-time theme park. 
  17. walk under a waterfall. 
  18. visit a glow-worm cave. 
  19. stargaze on a roof. 
  20. spend a day wine-tasting & learning archery on waiheke island. 

i’m looking forward to all of the adventures that i come across during my twenties and i’m very excited to share them on this blog as a diary for me to look back on and something for you to hopefully relate to. let’s see what the next ten years will bring us.

It’ll barley be 2 years in December with my boyfriend and sometimes I wish time would slow down because we haven’t had the dates I’ve dreamed of with a man like him during our “early stages of dating”.

He gained a son almost immediately after we began dating and at 6 months of dating, we conceived Mya so obviously it’s impossible to have a regular dating life, but there’s some things I’d like to do together before we turn 30.

•Museums (at least the Getty center AND the Getty Villa)
•Aquarium of the Pacific
•SD and/or LA Zoo
•Wine Tasting
•Beer Tasting
•Hiking to the Hollywood sign
•Get massages together (Glen Ivy)
•Kiss on the Ferris wheel at the Fair
•Concerts galore!

Of course we do have two kids, and honestly I would love bringing the kiddos to museums, aquariums, zoos, hiking, and the fair, because it’ll definitely enrich their lives too,but really hoping we can do the date night for the wine/beer tastings and massages alone. ❤️

There’s so much stuff I’d like to do, but I either need to find a job that isn’t only weekends and figure out daycare or be a SAHM and find a way to make money for theses activities or somehow squeeze in this stuff on week nights (zoo is cheaper from 4-6pm on weekdays!) or weekend mornings, which is all do-able.

Now to try and convince the BF to get out the house. 😂

TIE pilot HCs
I’ve seen such beautiful headcanons for the Star Wars fandom over the last few days that I’ve built up my own little set. Not perfect.

— having inside names that only your squad can use
— clean up duty? It’s more fun to use the mop bucket like a mini fighter and…maybe that made a bigger mess but they’ll get it
— hair braiding sessions (for those with long hair or wish to participate) before missions, where every one is pretty quiet because they’re all too busy thinking about what might happen
— ‘celebrating’ every successful mission - usual just consist of gathering around the fighters for a while and making SURE they actually returned
— writing little codes inside the mission report for your squad leader - most just say 'have a good day’ but some get more personal
— is one TIE in the squad really messed up? screw the other repairs for ours, the squad will help as best as possible
— mandatory holovid nights once a month - only excuse acceptable is from a higher-up


  • Trad the Voidcaller:Also did you know that Dahl wanted to write another book called Charlie in the White House
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:In the second book?
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:Oh yeah
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:I know ^^
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:He wanted to write a third book
  • Trad the Voidcaller:"Presumably Willy Wonka would’ve mindfucked Gilligrass a little more in Charlie in the White House but Dahl only wrote one chapter, which is apparently on display in the Roald Dahl Museum in England."
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:Aw
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:I wanted to see Willy Wonka take over America
  • Trad the Voidcaller:#VoteWonka2k16
  • Trad the Voidcaller:#MakeAmericaFunAgain
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:GOOOOD
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:A better president than Trump
  • Batter-SkeletonSempai:And this is a man who doesn't bother when kids are in possible dangerous situations
akouos replied to your post:kidliz? :3

“actual family” ME, CRYING

NOTHING IS SWEETER TO ME THAN KID BEING PATTY’S BROTHER, OKAY. it’s important to me. she’s quirky and fun and probably dumps a bucket of water on him at a cookout but u know he’d do anything for her.


1957 Ford F-100 (MN) - $6,000

Hot rod black paint with Red Bed lined Box. Truck shows well, has rust Front Fenders and front body mount area, and small spots on rear of box. Cab corners are excellent. All around the body is a solid 7. Just installed 15" Red Powder coated Wheels and New tires. With a small bit of body work this will be an excellent truck body wise its straight. Rebuilt Drum Brakes on all 4 corners rebuilt master cylinder. Brakes work very well. Original leaf spring suspension. Gas shocks have been added on all four corners. 5.4L Ford Triton Engine and Overdrive trans from a 2000 E150 Van, Truck has loads of power and runs smooth as a new truck and gets excellent mileage. Has New 2.25" Dual Exhaust into Glass Packs, sounds great. Has a Ford 9" Rear end with 3.70 Rear Gear. Fun and Fast. Newer bucket seats; New Black Carpet; New door glass. Pioneer CD player and speakers; sound system works great. Turn signals and all lights work. Factory dash is still installed, no working gauges.

All in all, the truck is an excellent driver. Would make a fun ride to take to roll-ins or cruise anywhere.

For an additional $4500.00 we will swap a Crown Vic Front end under the truck adding Power Disc Brakes and Power rack and pinion steering, as well as a 4 Link to the rear effectively lowering the truck 4-5" in the Process.

Schwanke Engines is a custom fabrication shop and engine performance experts. If you would like the car but would like any modifications to the vehicle just give us a call and we can talk about what it would take to get the car looking the way you want.

This vehicle is located in Springfield MN 56087.
Please call Tim or Alicia @ 507-723-4121 to see this car.

I never knew how much fun making a bucket list was.

Things I’ve done:
Traveled to Japan (my dream destination for years)
Traveled to Europe
Done tai chi on a mountain
Helped send my mom to holland
Got accepted into a dream job in Korea
Gone horse back riding up the Rockies
Get a tattoo sleeve

Things I want to do:
Travel and live in Korea
Live in Europe
Stand on the equator
Step foot on every continent
Sky dive over the mouth of hell in Belize
Swim with sea turtles
Visit Pompeii and stand next to mount Vesuvius