Fun by buckets

Hyacinth Bucket :-)))))))

abucketofprotons asked:

I intentionally pissed off Morrigan. And then Alistair (he is like a kicked puppy sheesh). And did some other bad decisions. And then went back to my previous save, because it would take forever to correct those awful rankings. 8D I am just going to sit with the guide in front of me whenever a long conversation happens, so I know which options I should REALLY avoid. I mean, me going "I am totally choosing that option" is probably enough warning, but, uh, just to be sure.

how could you be cruel to Alistair. he is an actual puppy. how dare you. 

yeah, you’d give them all of their gifts to get them back to neutral. but really, I think a fine guide for you is to ask yourself “what option did I immediately jump to wanting to pick” and then not pick that one.