Fun by buckets


Matt Smith doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

a-bucketful-of-smiles said:How about Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy/Mario Kart/Super Smash Bros) in 58 or Princess Zelda in 29?

Here’s my first ever attempt at Rosalina (in requested palette #58), just in time for her Amiibo release tomorrow! Enjoy. :)

Thought #1

In the Alternian Empire, “kick the bucket” could still mean the same thing, except a lot cruder.  Everybody winces because it means “the drone was there and everything was going according to plan but you knocked over your pail before it could collect the slurry and now you’re messily eviscerated”.

So kind of like the human phrase but with the extra connotations of “wow, you buggered that up in a truly egregious way.”