RAPPERS’ Days Off.

A short list of a few things rappers have done, besides music, that you might not have heard about

1)RZA of the Wu Tang Clan with his Sifu in Shaolin and spiritual guide in Buddhism one of the original Shaolin Temples, the birthplace of Kung-fu. There, he was told by the monks “he is home”

2)Danny Brown, currently taking a hiatus from music to write a Dr. Seuss inspired children’s book for his daughter.

3)David Banner and Percy(Master P) Miller, testifying the integrity and importance of hip hop at a congressional hearing (2007)

4)Jay-Z and Beyonce, helped post bail for the protesters arrested in Ferguson. Something, they never spoke on, or sought praise for, but blew up in popularity once third party sources posted about it.

5)Killer Mike owns a barbershop for black youth in Atlanta, not just any barbershop, but it also doubles as a community center and safe haven for black members of the community,especially the youth, to have a place to gather and congregate. This place often holds live performances. And even the creators of the Boondocks held their season premier party there. It also has a partnership with the Atlanta police department where local cops come and visit and get formally acquainted with the civilians to form a better bond of trust between the police and the black civilians.

6)Dr. Dre’s recent album “Compton.” He donated 100% of his artist royalties from that album to building an art center for youth. A place where children can come and learn about all forms of art and it’s history and possibly gain a new perspective/appreciation of it.

Fun fact: the Italian words uccidere “to kill” and occidente “West” are cognate and share the same kad-/ked- Indo-European root, one meaning to “to cut into pieces, to kill” and the other “to fall, to plummet, to die”. 

While uccidere (from occīdere) refers to the literal act of killing something or someone, occidente (from occĭdere) “West” refers figuratively to the death, namely the fall, of the sun that’s dying at the horizon.