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UF and MafiaTale Grillby's reactions to the "S/o's apartment going up in flames, and they think their dead, only to find it s/o was somewhere else?" Ask?

Underfell Grillby

When he sees the news, he instantly shuts down his bar for the day. He goes around the crowd of you apartment building, shoving everyone out of his way angrily. Smoke is literally fuming from his mouth as he rushes inside to save you. He knocks down your door and once he can’t find you, he actually makes the fire worst because he’s explodes in anger and worry. He’s forced out of there by the water hoses. When he sees you running up to him, he rejects your hug and yells at you for making him worry. You flinch at this tone, but he wraps you in his jacket and carries you to the bar. 

MafiaTale Grillby

He calls every good friend he has, Sans, Papyrus, some of his regular patrons, and they all rush through to the apartment building. He orders the skeleton brothers to search anywhere but here, since you might be somewhere else, while he asks the others to gather information from the crowd. Meanwhile, he goes inside and looks for you, but finds out you’re not there. He’s a rational mosnter, but he can’t help but feel a twinge of concern and anxiety. He searches the rest of the building with no luck. Finally, Sans calls him and tells him that you’re okay. Grillby lets out a breath that he didn’t know that he was holding and meets you outside. When you’re reunited with him, he showers you with kisses and tells you that you can live with him. 

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Jeff@Birdbrain: Ello' ya lil feathered shit! Must be your lucky day today, as you've just been selected to join me as one of my wonderful minions. If you'd like to declare your unyielding loyalty today, I WON'T take all your shit and it WON'T burn your house down. Consider my kindness and think about your response carefully, unless you'd like to be turned into a pancake!

 It was safe to presume by sheer terror spewed across his face, that the bird was more than utterly appalled.

 Yet, their towering form wasn’t the subject of his terror, in-fact he was fairly certain he stumbled cross things way larger than that dragon ever was. That is; if the phrase “fairly certain” carried any weight after the millionth time he’s sputtered it to the passing stranger. Rather what bored against the bird’s bristling feathers, was the sheer audacity of the words fuming from their rambling mouth. A myriad of foulness only the most vile and villainous of tongues could spit, their meaning becoming lost to a bird whom adhered everything with a bulbous gawk.

 Terrible, rude, just about every unsavory synonym his haze could fathom was befitting of the beast. But he wasn’t going to say a single one of ‘em to the big fellow, nope. Why on this bright ‘n green globe would shriveling lout like him would even want to incur anymore of their wrath? Standing on wavering knees, Tobias’ darting eyes caught what glimpses they could of their horned and scaly visage. They said something about stealing shi- things, more specifically, burning said things to the ground. Of he tales he could will himself to recall in that very moment, the tell of a dragon’s scathing breath spurred something in the bird’s cowardly form.

 “Now I ain’t ‘bout to question your might or anythin’, I-I’m pretty sure we can both agree y'all looks to me like a real strong type of fella!” His abiding praise was plagued by his own pitiful stammering. “Before you’s go spittin’ even more fire than the sayin’s you’ve already chucked – promise me you won’t be burning my shirt or anything! Unless you plan on stealin’ my crummy 'lil badge, the only pretty things I’ve got on me are the raggedy clothes on my age-old back!”

“So please Mister…uh Scales.” Was that even their name? “I’ll be your pal in crime if that means y'all won’t be roasting me over a house and servin’ your folks my only wing.”

 - Tobias pledges himself?


I Wasn’t Stood Up | I.M x Reader

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  • characters: reader (gender neutral), im changkyun
  • genre: comedy, fluff
  • word count: 1800

Refusing to accept the fact that you’ve been stood up by your date, you dial their number to question why they have yet to meet up with you at the cafe you agreed to meet at. However, in your hasty attempt to make the phone call, you fail to notice the one mistake you make with the combination of digits you input.

You only come to realize the mistake you made when a certain boy named Changkyun picks up the phone instead.

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Voltron Season 2 Deep Analysis: Season Structure and Pairings

It has so far been a good few days or so since Season 2 was released, and it has not only grabbed attention from fans who have been waiting for so long, but it has also caught controversy in regards to the story and it made the shipping wars a little more toxic than it already was.

Well, I was talking to one of my friends on Discord about the season, and not only did we make valid points, but we also talked about the shipping issues that’s been causing heavy discourse.

So, I may as well explain what sort of understanding I have gotten from Season 2.

Okay. So first, we will discuss about Season 2.

A lot of people are really really bitter about it all, and it’s mostly because those expectations that the writers have given us were not fulfilled (such as showing Lance’s insecurities, showing everyone’s backstories, development, leadership skills, etc). Not only that, but the season felt a little disconnecting and was even butchering certain characters of the show (*cough cough* Hunk and Lance *cough cough*). Well, I’m here to tell you that:

They were not giving those expectations on purpose.

Now, some of you might not see that, but that’s really what they’re doing. They’re opening holes of unanswered questions as a way to keep you interested and yearning for those questions to get their answers. However, Season 2 was sort of like a part 2 of Season 1, which was basically the introduction of the whole team and how they slowly began to build up to an easy bond with each other.

From what I’ve heard, the season as a whole was once planned to be 24 episodes. However, because of financial reasons, they could only do 11 in the first season, and then finish off the last 13 in the next season.

What I’m trying to say, is that they haven’t exactly gotten the whole ball rolling yet. So to anyone who is currently fuming at the mouth about how horrible the season was, please keep in mind that they were only finishing out what they originally planned in 2 separate seasons. Even though they butchered a couple characters, and brought back the same ol jokes that got old and irritating, they basically did that on purpose to keep it vague and leave you wanting more.

I’m sure that our waiting will be worth it once the next season comes out. Cause characters pushed to the side, and open pot holes full of questions are always done for a reason.

Next thing I’m going to be pointing out is the big ass shipping toxicity that’s been happening around tumblr recently.

Lots of fans are practically at each other’s throats about what’s going to be canon and what’s not going to be canon. At this point, nobody’s really paying much attention to the story and is more worried about which couple the writers plan on making canon and shoving ‘proof’ in people’s faces.

While I am hoping Klance will become canon, I would still be happy with the show regardless if it became canon or not.

However, I’d like to speak out my personal thoughts of these ships that’s been becoming big lately:

  • Kallura (Keith x Allura)
  • Klance (Keith x Lance)
  • Sheith (Shiro x Keith)

So, I’ll just get right to it.


I’m gonna be straight up honest, I seriously doubt this ship will actually happen. While it is a nice thought, to me, the ship is a big:

Like, I completely understand why some people would want to ship them. The relationship between a galra and an altean is pretty complex and almost a little forbidden considering (I’m personally a big sucker for forbidden love stuff), not only that, but it’s because this whole show is a reboot of the original series. In the original series, Keith and Allura did get together.

However, in a panel, the writers said they were going to stray away from the original story and make their own story. I mean, who would want to watch a reboot of the same thing? Now, I’m not saying this ship is impossible (I did say that I doubt the ship will happen, but that’s not what I meant), what I’m saying is, if it were possible, it would seem pretty forced.

I mean, Allura and her treatment towards Keith was a little brutal and she was having a very difficult time wrapping her head around the fact that Keith is apart of galran blood. The very race that destroyed and took everything from her.

Now, if the writers were to take that route, the whole relationship would, like I said, be pretty forced, and it’s like trying to censor LGBT to which they mentioned multiple times (I’m not saying they are, but I’m not saying they promised LGBT content either). For all we know, they could be changing their mind about making one of the gay ships canon and making a hetero ship canon instead which is perfectly fine with me. Like I said before, I’ll enjoy the show regardless, but I’ll be questioning what the writers are thinking if they are making this ship canon.

I’m not bashing this ship or anything. If you ship them together, then great. Good for you. I’ll support that for you, but please don’t expect me to be on the same boat because in all honesty, I don’t like the thought of them together cause it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Also, please keep in mind that I’m only speaking out my opinion, I am in no way putting hate on this ship, I’m just confused on why this would be considered a possibility.


This is the ship that almost the entire fandom is rooting for. Almost everyone is hoping for this ship to actually happen, and while I do agree that I want this ship to happen with a fiery passion, I’d still be happy with the show even they didn’t get together, kissed, or held hands on screen. I’d still ship them if that were the case.

Here’s the thing, I’m really neutral with ships. I’m okay with people shipping whatever. Everyone has their reasons for thinking a certain couple will become canon or whatever they enjoy seeing together. However, I personally think Klance is the couple most likely to happen.

I’m not going to compare this to Kora cause that’s what’s most people have been doing, nor am I bringing up the whole:

‘If it’s red and blue it’s canon’ bullshit cause sometimes that’s not true.

However, I personally feel Klance will happen because their relationship as a whole is dynamic and though they may not realize it, they are very beneficial to each other (take that however you wish).

They are polar opposites, but they still somehow manage to work together in important situations. And even though they tend to have petty arguments, they still find ways to work together despite what they just argued about like 5 seconds ago.

For example, they pretty much had a petty little quarrel with their little fighter drones:

And yet, a bit afterwards with the whole pool incident and Zarkon’s attack, they begin working together.

Somehow they have a level of tolerance with each other in certain situations. While it may just be the adrenaline forcing them to work together, I think it’s something more. There are many examples I’d point out, but I’m not gonna get into full detail because that’d be glorifying.


Now, again, I can see why this ship would be the topic of the fandom, along with why it’s frowned upon. However, while this is a ship I’d honestly like to see happen, I just know it’s not going to happen because of this:

That was like, a huge jump to the sun with this ship. And while some are celebrating the fact that Sheith has gone to a 0% chance of becoming canon, I still feel like I should keep shipping because ‘ey, it could actually happen despite those words.

While I’m not saying it is gonna happen, I’m also not saying it’s not going to happen either.

Basically, it depends on how the writers wanna go about with their relationship. Because their relationship is pretty dynamic next to Klance. They work together amazingly, Keith has  big respect to Shiro and vice versa with Shiro. However, it would be pretty interesting to see them get together despite the whole age gap situation.

The thing I’d like to bring up about that is this question I have right here:

“How did Keith come to be despite the time gap of 10,000 years?”

We don’t know the exact life span of a galra nor do we know the life span of an altean. So maybe take this into consideration. While it is said that Keith is around the age of 17-18, it could also be very very lowkey likely that he’s a lot older than he looks.

Again, this is just opinion.

All we can do for now, is wait and see.

     :: kharla m. brillo

you hold hands the way you hold people’s hurt –
               like a secondhand tragedy, that tunnel mouth,
               smoke fumes and fog wrapping and lost. if someone asks
               (if someone ever did) for your name,
you run your submarine heart for a test drive and it docks
on shorelines giving free rides to a dozen lonely pair of ribs
(with a beating so loud even the moon can’t pull tides back
to become the view stale hotel rooms ache for – a kiss, a lie,
a form of sadness). this blotch,
                 this blotch, right here, 
                 is a reservoir of salt skins.
                 some displacement planar for loneliness to stay in, shrinking
                 things into tadpole-sized messes of memory.
                 an altitude of mist and you.
a question: where is all this heavy coming from? that summer, the clouds
held rain when it could have been papier-mâché whole and painted
into a sun of sorts: a galactic view of bedroom sheets
with every single one of your soft pulses turning into
                  andromeda after. maybe, this ruptured spleen is healing,
                  your backbone heart is learning trapeze,
                  and its turning, dizzy and drunk on the gravity
                  of your atoms because you are no longer,
lightweight, you are floating, you are not ceasing, not quiet, maybe
you are louder than riots held in the middle of traffic. darling, 
if you were love, you would be cotton and teeth.
if you were love, you would be first aid and nuclear.

Mother and Father.

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REQUEST: Hi this just came to me. Can you maybe do one where Newt is like yelling at a glader for something and I come up and defend him. Then like 3 other gladers come up to to see what’s happening and someone says “Mother and father are fighting again!” And it makes us all flustered? We like each other but never said anything so ya along those lines of you can. I’m sorry you’re not getting the recognition you deserve. ❤️

FANDOM: Newt [The Maze Runner]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, fighting, fluff, 3rd person

Newt was yelling and no never heard him raise his voice ever. Y/N knew one thing- it wasn’t good. Greatest of all Gladers who never lost their cool was Newt himself, whose strength was carried with his English-born accent. 

It was from today, where the greenie once worked as a Slopper now working as a track hoe with Newt himself, accidentally tripped on a root, sending a basket of fertilizer everywhere on the ground alongside the vines that were once tied on the branches were not ripped and cut loose, flying with the fertilizer. 

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50 Last Dates

Title: 50 Last Dates

Last day of the cas-one-week-writers-challenge

Prompt: I would assume those would be one of the times you would want me to lie?

Warnings: Teen and up

Characters: Dean, Charlie, Castiel, Ephraim

Tags: coffee shop AU, fluff, pining Dean, clueless Cas

Word count: 1300

Thank you for all your work this week @deanwinchester-af and @sis-tafics , and thank you for letting me take part in this :)

Dean let the wet rag swirl over the counter, inching closer to the far left corner with each swipe. His eyes were trained on the two tall men sitting 15 feet away from his position, at one of the small tables. He could see both their profiles and from the look of it, the brown haired, younger man didn’t seem to be all too happy.

The dark haired, scruffy guy leaned forward and tried to take the other man’s hands, but he pulled them away in a rather over dramatic gesture. Dean rolled his eyes and sighed, it was one of those guys.

“Is it the fifth dude he’s dumping or the sixth? In what, five months? Your crush is a heartbreaker.”

Dean jumped a little and threw his towel at the small redhead behind him.

“For the love of…Stop sneaking up on me, Charlie!” He resumed his cleaning and ignored her pouting face completely, trying hard to focus on the personal drama unfolding in front of him. A sharp pain shot through his shin.

“Did you just kick me? Ouch! What was that for, woman?”

Charlie turned his head with a surprisingly strong, one handed grip to his cheeks.

“Listen, loverboy, I know blue eyes there is kind of dreamy, but he only ever shows up here to get rid of his latest boyfriend.”

It was hard to talk with squished together lips, but Dean didn’t dare to remove her fingers.

“He does not! He gets a coffee to go now and then, in between, you know, relationships.”

Charlie dropped her hand and Dean massaged his aching face.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt, okay? You are like the big brother I never wanted and that man smells like trouble.”

Dean wanted to object, he smelled like cinnamon and watermelon, not that he’d sniffed the guy, that would be creepy, ahaha, but he kept that info to himself.

“Listen, Charlie, it’s not like I wanna date him, I’ve had opportunities to ask him out, let that old Winchester charme work its magic.” He winked but Charlie seemed utterly unimpressed.

“I just don’t wanna be the rebound guy or a feel good hook up. Dude comes in for more than a month without a new conquest,” he pointed his thumbs at his chest and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, “it’s gonna be on like donkey kong.”

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Fuckboii ! Jaebum

•says “thats gay” a lot

•this the type to take a thirst trap with a emotional caption and post it on social media

•plays soccer every lunch time

•knows every porn stars name by heart

•makes drama 24/7

•petty af

•knows everyone business

•calls his homeroom teacher hot

•puts balls in his shirts to makes them look like boobs

•pushes them in his jackson’s face

•doesn’t like to be called cute

•always hiding behind the school during games when he’s one of the best athlete in school


•has a lips piercing

•toys with it in front of girls to makes them scream

•finds being called a pervert a complement

•is one of the kings of the high school with Jackson and jungkook

•always wears his broken down boots

•tweets about pussic and has like 10.5k followers

•makes famous memes

•is a famous meme

•how you two met was on Twitter

•he was tweeting at 4 am in morning about what’s was on his mind

•"the world is filled with illusion of live which is too much for the human eyes to accept .“

•you retweeting it cause like yes

•you sliding in the dms

•you two talking about his tweet

•one thing is that he doesn’t know, is that you go to his school

•him talking you during his ep class and before school and after school and before he goes to sleep

•he would ask to call you cause like he wants to hear your voice

•him being an nervous mess and fixing his bed hair even tho you can’t see him

•"hello ? Is this jaesexmedown ? ”

•jaebum getting embarrassed and nodding but soon realizing you can’t see him before stuttering a slow yes

•you laughing soft making jaebum’s heart shake so hard

•becoming sweaty when he talks to you even tho it’s winter

•he always liking your pictures before anyone

•calling you in the middle of class just to tell you he liked the way you looked that day or he liked the way the sky looked.

•FaceTiming after school to “walk” together home

•is always asking about your bra size

•hanging up on him when he calls you his tiny baby kitty CAUSE THATS GROSS (I’m crying)

•him calling back pouting

•"don’t hang up on me, my tiny baby kitty.“


•having special FaceTime days where you two watch the same movie and eat food and just talk until both of you fall asleep

•you would wake up early to watch him sleep on the screen

•you two passing each other cause like y'all always on you’re phones (I read that in my mom’s voice)

•one day you two knocking into each other and jaebum decide to look up and you two were so shocked like he screamed your name loudly



•you two talking all the time

•walking together and holding hands

• taking ugly photographs and keeping them and just smiling whenever you look at them

•him taking you to his special hiding spot where he goes to skip gym to smoke

•you would watch him drag the fumes from the end of the stick before he exhales it from his nostrils or blows it away while he talks

•you thinking he looks like art when he does that

• one day he was smoking and something came over you so you grabbed his ears and pressed your soft lips against his slightly rougher ones, feeling the fumes burn into your mouth giving you this exciting thrill. Causing your heart beat harder with each second, tangling your short fingers with his thick black hair, pulling away and blowing the smoke from your mouth into his faces

•he would be speechless

•" W-why did you do that ?.“

•” I wanted to look like art.“

• and that’s you two official dated even tho we both knew you two were already dating

• he would praise you a lot when you cook him food

• he would press his cold lip ring against your skin just give you goosebumps

• you two would walk around naked a lot

•causally having sex every time you give him a boner ( which is everyday)

• dressing him as a girl so you two can cosplay lesbian porno

• a lot “your vagina looks gay.”

• and “ your penis is smaller then an ant”

•you two Netflix and chilling each other

•you two have switch roles day and he acts like you and you act like him

• people saying you two are perfect for each other

• he loves it when grab his collar to pull him forward and go on your tip toes to kiss him

• you two taking trips into the forest near your parents house

•finding a hiding spot and claiming it yours

•tree heart thingy

• watching it get chopped the next day

• fighting a lot but it always ends up in making out or not seeing each other for two weeks

• he gets all cute

•He would squish his cheeks between his hands as he sighs “ I’m drunk, my beautiful girlfriend~” And giggle.

• finding his playboy magazines and burning them

•him crying and not leave his room for a week

•he’s a total baby

• you two like to show off in public cause like he’s a rat and he wants to show he has a girlfriend

•but behind doors you two seem like enemies who fuck a lot

•you two have a hate - love relationship and it’s beautiful


Politics Jefferson x Reader

“I help you with most of your drafts, what do you mean I can’t join politics? I’m great at it and I don’t even have a seat yet!” You argued, staring your husband in the face as he sighed and ran a hand down his face.

“You help some of my drafts, darling.” His eyes still closed, he leaned back against his desk. “It’s just not…I don’t think someone…I can’t exactly see the people of congress or the president appointing you.” Crossing your arms, you huffed.

“I’m a plenty charming person, I don’t think I like your implication there.” Sucking in a breath, Jefferson let it out slowly through his nose.

“You know that’s not what I meant.”

“I don’t know what you mean anymore, darling.” You hissed at him, gritting your teeth. With that, his eyes shot open as he glared down at you.

“You know why you can’t be in politics, dear.” 

“NO, I DON’T!”


Reeling back, you stared in shock as you husband fumed. Your mouth hung open, horrified at that statement. Your clenched your jaw back in place and your glare became more deadly than ever. 

“I didn’t say it because I knew you wouldn’t like it, but you know it’s true!”

“If that’s the case, perhaps you would prefer living without a woman, sir.” You turned, ignoring Jefferson throwing his hands up into the air at your statement. 

“Don’t throw a hissy-fit, I’m not the only one who thinks women aren’t as good at leading a country as men!” Spinning around, you fix him with a glare before responding. 

“Well, you’re the one saying it now, aren’t you!” With that said, you spun back around and left the room. Soon, you heard feet chasing after you. Immediately you picked up your pace, only to stop as Thomas grabbed your wrist, spinning you around to face him. Instantly you were struggling to get out of his tight grip.

“Don’t do this. You know I love you, don’t leave me because of something other people think.” Fighting down your frustrated tears, you ignored Jefferson’s expression, frustration mixed with concern.

“You just said you thought that!”

“Women, yes, but you’re different!” He dropped his voice, becoming more pleading. “I told you when I started courting you, that you were different from every other woman I’ve met. You’re different from anyone else, and that’s why I love you.” You stopped struggling, instead, breaking down, not even sure why. Instantly, you were pulled into your husband’s chest in a tight and comforting embrace. “Shh, it’s alright.” Running a hand through your hair, you choked up, sniffling.

“I know, I’m sorry for snapping at you, Thomas.” Shaking his head, Jefferson somehow managed to pull you closer to him. 

“Don’t worry, I love you. I’m sorry as well.” He placed a gentle kiss to the top of your head as you squeezed him back, trembling still. 

Feverish Fear

 Takumi really hated the feeling of losing someone he loved.

 Left and right he paced, steps rough and scraping against the soft ground. His head had been shaking for Gods know how many times. Nausea and headaches had been pounding inside his brain, yet the prince ignored it completely; all focus and mind were placed on one and one person only: Hana.

 He still remembered seeing her face, so flushed and pink as if the sun itself had rained colours onto her skin.

 He still remembered her voice, so croaked and hoarse with a few wheezy coughs breaking out in between.

 He still remembered her lips, so pale and shaken once he caught her in his arms after she suddenly fainted.

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spark -- chapter two: dust

// zippo // dust // love’s light wings // silver heart // forever hold your peace //

hey guys!

another chapter of spark for you :)

special thanks to @professorlaytonmerchandise for informing me on what british people have for required reading, haha.

and also obviously amu ( @sagemeryllisbanks) for edit help 

tw: homophobia

He hadn’t recognized the kid when he returned his zippo, but now he saw him everywhere. In the hallways. At lunch. In homeroom.

The kid wasn’t in any of his classes, though.

He was a little bit shorter than Baz. His eyes were an ordinary blue. Nothing particularly special about them. But his hair was like coils of spun gold, flashing vibrantly – even his skin sparkled in the sunlight. He was… pretty.

“Pretty, am I?” Mocking laughter. “What a freak. You’re an ugly, scarred, fucking freak–”

No. Don’t think about that.

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Today I read this article about an 11 year old girl who has been raped regularly (from March to June) by her teacher. The foul rapist was questioned and, as cited in the newspaper, he admitted committing such thing by saying: “Yes, I raped the girl, blackmailed her so she would keep her mouth shut.”

 Fuming, I went on and told my friend about all this. And all he said was: “It’s a shame, really. It’s a shame how now days 11 year olds know how to be teasing and provocative.” 

Needless to say, he is not my friend anymore.

anonymous asked:

Send you a ship 10/ROSE Bloody... I just forgot the number but it's meet on a train ride AU

#14 The One With All The Hormones

3300~words, Teen, #23 - Meeting On A Train Ride AU; a loose interpretation of the prompt which also serves as sequel to The One Where Rose Is Pregnant and The One With Zorro.

I suspect the same anon sent me another prompt which I already filled, so consider this one an extra treat for everyone who asked for more pregnancy!fic :)

“Have you lost your mind?” he demanded, as soon as she stepped off the train, even as his heart lurched at the sight of her.

Immediately he regretted his choice of first words.

Rose’s expression went stiff - as did her shoulders - and she said, coolly, “Hello to you, too.”

He hadn’t been able to breathe, not properly, until now. Not since he’d come back to his cousin’s house several hours ago and found he had twenty missed calls from Rose on his mobile. When the call finally connected, her fuzzy voice had told him over the line that she was arriving in Edinburgh on the next train, and would he come to meet her at the station?

He’d been absolutely livid.

Now, relief coursed through him, but so still did anger. “I can’t believe you took a five hour train to Scotland by yourself! Rose, what were you thinking? What if something happened?”

“I’m pregnant,” she retorted, glaring back at him, “Not useless.”

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