Texas mom who fatally shot both of her daughters killed by police near Houston

Calls of a disturbance in the city of Fulshear, a suburb outside of Houston, prompted police to kill Christy Sheats who had already shot her two daughters, 22-year-old Taylor Sheats and 17-year-old Madison Sheats when they arrived. An investigation of Christy Sheat’s social media has now revealed disturbing posts regarding her gun advocacy.

Pleas e help me my mom said i habe to be out of the house by friday bc i had a panic attack over my phone not working and idk if she was serious or if shes just saying it bc shes tired but i need to get out either way especially if shes serious i cannot live on the streets i will die i cant afford to live on my own i barel y make 400 a month and apartments out here run in the thousands please please please help me do something i need someplace to stay please i live in fulshear texas just a few minutes from katy its nearby houston please help me

important!! especially for texans!!

ok is anyone who lives on the border of katy and fulshear about an hour away from houston, texas, able to help my friend miles bpdgat??

its living in an abusive home and it isnt safe at its home now. it is trans and neurodivergent so if you can house it or know somewhere it can go please make sure the place will be safe for it!!

also please signal boost this post even if you dont live in texas because you might have followers that live in texas that will be able to help!!