Hey you. Yeah I’m talkin’ to you.
Do you wanna be the very best? Like no-one ever was?

Then look right here and prepare yourself because your pokemon journey is about to begin.


At 7pm GMT on 29th March the Full Restore Team will be playing Pokémon for 100 hours straight. 

Now I’ll bet you’re thinking “Just another gaming livestream, raising money for charity. Not very interesting, I mean it’s not like I get to do anything, I could just go donate something to the charity myself and play the game.” WELL, THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG GOOD SIR AND/OR MADAM! Full Restore is completely interactive, each one of your donations comes with a comment box where you request things. You want us to have Squirtle as the Starter? You want us to play Pokémon Emerald? You want to catch a legendary Pokémon while singing Make a Man Out of You from the Mulan soundtrack? Donate, comment, and we will get it done. Essentially you are playing the game through us and raising money for a brilliant cause at the same time. 

A few examples of how far we have been willing to go in past livestreams both in and out of the game: 

  1. A member of our team took the cinnamon challenge.
  2. We have spent a torturous amount of time searching for several Pokémon that only have 1% chance of spawning.
  3. We caught and raised a Magikarp (Named Zeus God of Splash, Zeus G.O.S for short) to level 40, refusing to let him evolve before going on to capture all 3 legendary birds and Mewtwo. We captured all 3 legendaries and Mewtwo with a MAGIKARP.

Perhaps you have doubts on the cause, is it something that only benefits a tiny amount of people? Are we scamming you and keeping all the money for ourselves? 

No and no. We are raising money for the British Red Cross Disaster Fund, a charity fund that benefits those all over the world regardless of who they are, if there is a disaster, you can bet that they will be there helping people get back on their feet. And the money never once touches our hands, the donate button leads directly to a Virgin Money Giving page that sends it directly to the Red Cross.

We started with humble beginnings, spurred on by a desire to help people after the natural disasters that happened in Japan in 2011, first holding a 96 hour livestream stuffed into a tiny room and cobbled together with string and 2 week’s planning. We managed to raise £4000 (And a second £4000 the next year) and from that event we have grown to become an annual livestream that is both to raise money for a fantastic cause, helping those across the world but is also incredibly fun, interactive and one of the highlights of our year.

For more information go to:


We’d love for you to join us and we hope to see you in the stream.


It’s back!

Full Restore are a group of video creating, gaming enthusiasts who run an annual livestream; fundraising for the British Red Cross. Our aim is to use our nerdy brand of creativity to provide Pokéfun, whilst also doing some good in the World.
Our first event was Pokémon4Japan, a 96 hour live stream which was broadcast from 11th - 15th April 2011. This four day marathon of pure Pokémon happiness and absolute stupidity was for the Japanese Tsunami relief. We raised £4000!
In 2012 we returned with our new Full Restore stream and beat our previous donation record meaning our total funds raised are over £8000!

Nerd Fighters - “The idea was simple and genius. After checking out their project, I loved it.”

Bulbapedia - “One donor requested that one of the players draw a moustache on his face. He complied.”

Escapist Magazine - “…hours of self-inflicted, non-stop Pokémon insanity.”

Dorkly - “When you play Pokemon, are you doing it to support the Red Cross? These guys are. Bet you feel a little selfish now, huh?”

Amanda Palmer - “Oh no.”

Be there (and please spread the word)!