Sirius takes Muggle Studies starting in third year to annoy his family. At first he plans on only taking it the one year before switching, but it grips his attention and won’t let go. Learning about muggle medical science, electricity, airplanes, the space race… every new topic felt like a new discovery.

It’s at the end of fifth year that the professor offers an extra credit project. Find something muggle that interests you and document your findings. Sirius feels stuck until halfway through summer holiday when he spots the bare bones of a motorcycle about to be hauled off.

At first his focus is figuring out what kind of bike it is (a 1946 Triumph 3T) and how to identify parts, but it quickly turns into a full restoration. The summer was spent mostly with James as they searched junkyards for missing parts, several times one repair leading to something else breaking and Sirius swearing up a storm. By the time school starts again he has 3.5 feet of parchment written front and back.

Two weeks before seventh year starts Sirius finally has it fully restored, crowing with joy as he rides down long stretches of empty road, already planning on what charms he could add to make it run better or make parts last longer.

It’s when Gryffindor wins the quidditch cup that year that sirius begins wondering what it would take to make the thing fly.

About Cas’ Wings

So we all noticed how Cas got his old coat and tie back.

So I have a theory that along with Cas’ old clothes we also get old Cas in a way. I don’t mean the warrior-of-god-Cas, I mean the able-to-fly-Cas.

This is the first time since all the angels fell that Cas has died. Yes, there was that one time back in season nine but he didn’t have his grace then and that’s the big difference. I’m thinking that since angel grace Cas was resurrected he will have the ability to fly, unlike human Cas.

Whenever someone is resurrected they are restored to full health basically. When Dean came back in 4x01 Lazarus Rising, he was completely clear of marks. The only difference was the handprint but that was there because Cas had to grip him tight enough to lift him out. All of his old scars were gone. His physical being was a clean slate.

I think that since Cas died with his grace, resurrecting him will restore his grace and body, giving him a physically clean slate which includes his wings.

A Lunar Eclipse Spell For Making A Change That Scares You

You will need:

  • A silver candle
  • Two pieces of white paper and a black pen
  • A dark-colored candle


From just before a lunar eclipse until the moon reappears in the sky (if you have time, watch the moon disk gradually disappear until full moonlight returns)

The spell:

Light the silver candle as the moon starts to disappear and write a list of all the things that are holding you back from success or happiness.

When the moon is gone, light the dark candle from the silver one, saying, “Problems, obstacles flow from me, eclipsed in darkness may you be.”

One by one, cross out the obstacles on your list, saying, “Eclipsed in darkness may you be.”

When the moon starts to reappear, write on the second paper solutions ro make change possible.

Cut up and dispose of the first paper, saying, “Once more shine bright, you glorious light. I will succeed as darkness turns to white.”

When full moonlight is restored, extinguish the dark candle, saying, “Eclipsed in darkness, obstacles shall be.”

Leave the second paper where you can read it first thing next morning.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

Here is Moonlight (AKA Mr. Moonfloof), who is somehow Moonshadow’s opposite. His spoiled highness expects presents at the dinner table his humans eat at. He has even claimed his own seat with them, and attempts to eat treats with his paws. He was very blind as a kitten due to malnourishment. When we adopted him, we made sure that he would be restored to full health. Now he spends his days unsuccessfully attempting to befriend our other cat, being besties with our dog, and convincing himself he’s human.

(I swear I have never seen Moonshadow before. I saw your most recent post and thought, “Hey! That cat sounds/looks like the opposite of Mr. Moonfloof!”)


     Meet SA-500D, the first Saturn V rocket. Wernher von Braun designed her as the dynamic test article for the program. She was assembled stage by stage inside the Dynamic Test Stand at NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center, then subjected to lateral, longitudinal, and torsional vibrations equal of that of launch for a total of 450 hours.

     The first time I visited SA-500D in 1999, she was outside on the US Space and Rocket Center property. Her paint was faded and worn, having sat there since 1969. In 2005, full restoration began, and she was moved inside her new facility, the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in Huntsville, Alabama. I’m happy to report that as of Sunday, April 27, 2014, she looks great. Viewing the newly restored rocket is magnitudes more impactful. The difference is incredible.

Airworthy B-24 Liberators, 2017

A quick guide to the survivors and how to distinguish them.

B-24J, Witchcraft, 44-44052, The Collings Foundation

The only “true” B-24 still airworthy.  Painted to resemble the original Witchcraft of the 467th Bomb Group, she wears an overall olive-drab paint scheme with red stabilizers.  Extensive nose art marks the port-side nose, showing 130 combat missions.  Previously flew as All American from 1989-1998 and The Dragon and His Tail from 1998-2005 before the current paint scheme.  This aircraft served with the USAF, RAF, and Indian Air Force before finally passing into civilian hands for restoration.

LB-30A/B-24A/C-87, Diamond Lil, 40-2366. CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron

The only surviving B-24A model in existence, originally one of the LB-30 order bound for England.  The aircraft is painted in a two-tone camouflage pattern overall, with original US roundels on the fuselage and wings.  Port side nose is painted with the Diamond Lil nose art, starboard side is a massive 48 star US flag.

Diamond Lil flew in the colors of the 98th Bomb Group for many years before the current paint scheme.

PB4Y-2, 66300, Yanks Air Museum

Overall silver finish with red bands around the ends of the fin and horizontal stabilizers, “124″ painted in black on both sides of the nose.  The aircraft was flown to the museum in 2006 and has not flown since, although she is under restoration to military condition and likely airworthiness once more.

PB4Y-2, 66302, GossHawk Unlimited

Overall polished aluminum finish, post-war national insignia on fuselage sides behind cockpit, 6302 painted in black along the nose.  Of the airworthy Privateers, she appears closest to a Coast Guard aircraft would have in service.  She is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

PB4Y-2, 59882, Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting

Overall silver finish with red bands around the stabilizers and cowlings, black 126 marked on both sides of the nose.  Heavily faired nose with a smaller window than greenhouse noses.  She was registered as airworthy in 2013.

B-24J, Joe, 44-44272, Fantasy of Flight

Overall silver finish, black fins with white vertical flash.  The aircraft was last flown in 1997 and still technically listed as airworthy by the FAA and the museum, but it will likely need a full restoration before it flies again.

Despite its high production numbers, there are few remaining B-24s in museums and under restoration.  Hopefully more wrecks can be recovered from their resting places in the South Pacific and restored in the coming decades.

Merck as Pokemon Gym Leaders

Submitted by PyroGothNerd

(There are magically 9 gyms)

  1. Medic: Flying type. All his birds know Roost, hold berries, and keep healing themselves. Uses a full restore.
  2. Spy: Dark Types. Lurks in the shadows. Has a Zoroark. Loves it.
  3. Scout: Normal types. Picks small, fast Pokemon.
  4. Engie: Steel Types. Has Klinklang
  5. Heavy: Ice Types or Rock Types. If Ice, has a Beartic. If Rock, has a Tyrannitar.
  6. Pyro: Fire type. No doubt. Has a Rapidash and a Ponyta. Loves them both. They look like rainbow ponies and unicorns through Pyrovision.
  7. Sniper: Either Fairy or Grass. If Fairy, he literally only picked this type to have an advantage over Spy. If Grass, Bullet Seed. Also, wilderness and stuff.
  8. Demo: Electric Type, has an Electrode that knows self-destruct.
  9. Soldier: Fighting Types.

Elite Four

  1. Merasmus: Ghost Type. Has a Spiritomb.
  2. Ms. Pauling: Water Type. I don’t know why, I just felt drawn to it while deciding.
  3. Grey Mann: Electric Types. Has a Magnezone. Was also the leader of the villain team.
  4. The Administrator: Poison types. Has a Rosarade


Saxton Hale.

I just realized…perhaps when Elite four use the Full Restores we hate them so much for..they’re trying to care for the Pokemon they raised and love. Just like when we use Full Restores on our Pokemon. I GAVE MYSELF FEELS GAAAH. It’s even worse with Wikstrom and his Probopass. You have to bring it down to 1 hp about three times as Wikstrom desperately keeps using the full restores to try to help his partner get through it. Imagine the look on his face if you use a particularly painful move to bring it down to 1 HP, like Scald or Seismic Toss. Think about that.

FIC: kiss kiss fall in love [request]

kiribaku : chest, stomach, along the hips kisses for @turtleangel94​ (wc: 2369) [prompt link]

Mutual teenage pining actually having an outlet, ft. guest appearance Ashido Mina and coke lip smackers


Lately, they had taken to kissing.

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Back to the Future: Part 12

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: mention of injuries, pregnancy, fluffity floof, smutty smut, cliffhanger (BUT A GOOD ONE, ITS NOT ANGSTY), NSFW GIFS AHEAD


A/N: I realize nobody really cares about this series anymore haha but I’m finishing it anyway. 

ALSO a word about the NSFW gifs: I realize that the women in those gifs don’t represent a lot of my followers, and I apologize. the reason I use these gifs is bc the guy looks like Cas and is doing the action that I’m describing in the fic. but I am going to look for more diversity in nsfw gifs in the future!

AND ALSO. it’s hard to find porn gifs with a pregnant woman so…just pretend you see a bump. hahaha.

Back to the Future Masterlist

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You woke up to the slow beeping of a heart monitor, your whole body in so much pain that you felt like you were dying. You opened your eyes and realized you had a neck brace on, along with your right arm resting in a sling. Your left arm, however, was free, and you looked down to see your hand entwined in another’s.


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Naked Prosthetics, a company started by disabled veteran Colin Macduff and his wife, has turned to 3D printing technology in order to restore full finger function for both himself and others with similar injuries to the knuckle area of the hand. After previously developing a 3D printed finger replacement called the Bio-Mechanical Prosthetic Finger (BPF) […] #mecha – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/527132331374805998/