northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Exo singing beautifully in Chinese
  • Exo singing beautifully in Chinese
  • (non-exo songs)

1. Lay-Endless Love /新不了情
2. Kyungsoo-Missing you /想你的夜
3. Layhan-Just a Friend
4. Baekhyun-Kiss Goodbye
5. Layhan-In that Distant Place /在那遥远的地方
6. Luhan ft. Tao-The moon represents my Heart/月亮代表我的心 (the no.1 love song in china btw)
7. Kris-In the Night when I miss You/想你的夜
8. Luhan-I don’t know /不懂
9. Xiumin-Back To Back /背对背拥抱 (the audio sucks but hearing minseok sing is so rare)
10. Chen-Kiss Goodbye (that ‘bye’ at the end)

english ver (chansoo)

 "As for music, I feel like I’m having a good time. I produce music at my own time and pace and do what I like. If you don’t like music, I don’t think you can produce good music. The songs you sing, your own works - they all resonate a part of yourself.“