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Ashley Huynh: 6th February 2016

Had the greatest pleasure in photographing Ashley Huynh for Grayfloors’ first official photo spread simply titled, Ash

Feel free to click here for the full photo spread that includes several poses with three outfit changes. 

For inquires about photography please contact: grayfloors@gmail.com




30.1.16 - Officially my first post as a studyblr! This week has been incredibly slow. After finishing such a stressful week of finals last week, I figured I could use seven days of rest! Highlight of the week was visiting the glass houses of Crathes Castle with my mother, who came to stay at the start of the week. I’m also pretty pleased with my first full spread of my 2016 bullet journal! I definitely use @studyrose and @studytildawn as my bullet journal inspiration, they’re just so gorgeous!


2/1/16 [5:04pm] my full spread for the month of february!!!! tbh i lov how it turned out and ill probs do this every month!!!!!! if u wanna see how i made the calendar spread in the top pic watch this video! 🍉 taken from my instagram: @studyign_com !!!! [ 66-67/100 days of productivity]

Show obeisance to the God-Emperor with TODAY’S CASSIOPEIA QUINN.

Cassiopeia Quinn continues its onslaught of sci-fi cuteness with another update! No break just because we finished a storyline! Atomic batteries to power! Maximum warp! Jump to lightspeed! Other transparently attention-grabbing references!



Michelle Williams’ FULL SPREAD in Michigan Avenue magazine. Interview by fellow singer Deborah Cox.

Lunar Tarot Spread

I found this via The Pagan’s Path and thought it might be appropriate to share for tonight’s full moon! (check out the link for other spreads!)

1. The Dark side of the moon. Represents your unconscious feelings surrounding the issue and your fears or anxieties about it.
2. The Light side of the moon. Provides insight into your conscious feelings surrounding the issue and your hopes or desires about it.
3. The Waning Moon. This card relates to the waning influences of the situation. What occurs in the beginning stages and how they impact the situation.
4. The Full Moon. How the influences of growth impact this situation as things begin to be put into action and evolve.
5. The Waning Moon. This relates to the influences of manifestation, what can be learned or achieved as action moves the issue into reality.
6. The New Moon. Associated with death or transition, this represents the outcome of an issue, what needs to be learned in order to ensure a positive event.


… and no way to get any more torpedoes…


1/28/2016// First page of my first full bullet journal spread!! This week has been a lot, but it’s been so nice feeling organized through it all. Also, discovered a lovely new room in the library that coincidentally color coordinates with my bullet journal!

(1/100 Days of Productivity)

I based this spread off of Nicole’s ( @queenofchalices ) personality and dedicate to her. She’s always so positive and as far as i can remember, kind, caring, helpful, wise, and one hell of a diviner. Its an honor to be on the same website as you Queenie, keep being yourself! -Indigo Moon

The Glass

1) Where does the problem originate?

2) How have you contributed to it?

3) How have others contributed to it?

4) How will it affect your life?

5) How will it affect the lives of other?

6) How will it help you?

7) How will it help others?

8) What was the situation like, right before the problem?

9) What was the situation like, right after the problem?

The Bourbon

10) What can you ease your hurt?

11) How can you make a difference?

12) How can you ease someone else’s  hurt?

The Ice

13) What could get in the way of solving the problem?

14) What could help you solve the problem?

Perfect Mix of Both of Us

Oliver was walking past the home office from putting Tommy down for his nap, when he heard the faint clicking of keys from the room. Through the crack in the door he could just see Mona, sitting in front of Felicity’s computer, as her toy phone was pressed to her ear.

He chuckled to himself before he pulled out his own phone and turned the camera on. He gently pushed the door open wider, focusing on the little girl.

“Hey Mona whatcha doing?”

His daughter looked away from the computer sending him a smile. “I’m workin’ daddy.”

“Oh really? What are you working on?”

Mona sighed, as she set the plastic phone on the desk. “Breadsheets.”

Oliver couldn’t help the full blown smile that spread across his face, though he did reign in the laugh that bubble at his lips. He’d learned quickly that three year olds must be taken very serious. “Breadsheets?”

“Yeah, for the quarter kale meeting,” she explained, leaning her head on her hand. “But it’s not going well.”

“Oh it’s not,” he came further into the room, and sat next to her chair. “And why not?”

“Cause the computer freezed and I can’t fix it by myself.”

Oliver nodded, looking up at the screen. He was sure Mona knew better than to actually turn on her mother’s computer, but he wanted to make sure the pretend play hadn’t escalated all the same. Once he was sure she hadn’t actually turned the thing on, he smiled at her.

“Maybe I can help.”

But Mona shook her head. “Daddy I love you, but Mommy says you know next to nothing about computers.”

He gave her a gasp, and she giggled. “That wasn’t very nice of Mommy.”

“Sometimes the truth hurts.”

“Okay, little genius,” he shook his head, still making sure she was in frame on his camera. “What are you going to do about fixing things then?”

Mona tapped her chin for a moment as she pondered. Oliver couldn’t believe just how much she looked like Felicity in those moments. And it made him smile even more.

“I think we need Mommy, she’s better at this stuff,” she replied with a nod of certainty.

“Smart move, good business is knowing when to ask for help,” he replied as he ended the video. He clicked a few more buttons, sending it to Felicity.

“Should we call her?” Mona asked, reaching out to wrap her arms around Oliver’s neck.

“Oh I think she’ll get the message,” he replied kissing her cheek. “Wanna go play in the living room until she gets home?”

She nodded, letting Oliver pick her up from the computer chair. “Can we play superheroes next?”

He smiled. “You are so our kid.”



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FF49-Elk’s Antler (Series Item)

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Enspire Covers: beautiful covers, inspired books, empowered authors. Starting from only $10.

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The Rogue Magazine Issue #2 Preview: Matthew Gray Gubler

January 28, 2016

Check out Matthew Gray Gubler on the cover of Rogue Issue 2, out now! Along with the 10 page in-depth cover story, Matthew shared an exclusive new painting he made for the feature. He opens up about his passions, his latest projects and why comedy is so important to him. Here’s a sneak peek! To see the full spread, go to our Shop and order a print copy or digital download.

“I have always been an outsider and my favorite people are outsiders. Being ostracized a lot as a kid taught me early on that it doesn’t matter what people think about you. My favorite people aren’t in the ‘popular scene’. A little kid painting a picture is the true form of art because they’re just doing it, and it’s not to impress someone. They aren’t doing it for a gallery or for money, they’re doing it for their own life enrichment or to make someone else smile. With the risk of sounding pretentious, all I strive for in everything I do is sincerity.”

“I had this incredible realization recently that the only thing that will always have your back in life is comedy.”

Photography by John Michael Fulton
Written by Heather Seidler
Styled by Sarah Kinsumba
Hair by Lauren Nicole @ Wilhelmina
Makeup by Alexa Hernandez