Full Moon

after the full moon, i’m now going through this ‘spiritual’ process of evaluating everything and everyone around me. why are they here? why have i attracted them into my life? what parts of me exist within these people? are they contributing to my growth? if so, how? do i share the same goals with these people?

asking these questions seemingly make my growth process easier because i am removing distractions, and removing draining energies from within my personal space.

and i hope asking these questions will bring clarity to some of you.

There is disagreement within the Astrological community about what constitutes a true Blue Moon.  Some believe it is the second Full Moon within the same month while others argue it is the 3rd Full Moon within a Season with 4 Full Moons (typically there are only 3).  Either way tonight’s Full Moon is a rare occurrence that brings us extra special positive and lucky energy.  It is especially good energy for the conception of something dear to your heart so if you want to give birth to something new this is the time to put some of your energy towards it!   And of course don’t forget to charge up your crystals!   Love & Light.  Tara