Cathy's Super Easy Guide to Moon Rituals For Witches Who are Equally Useless at Observing Moon Cycles as she is

Can’t stick to making use of the new and full moons?

Loose track of where you are and when the next moon phase is?

Want a ridiculously easy ritual that you and I both are going to stick to?

Want to join me in finally utilising the moon phases?

Okay! Here we go! 3 simple stages to moon witchy goodness!

This post may look long but that all depends on whether you need to read the explanations and the optional extras- for the most simple advice read only the basic ritual bullet points 😌



First of all download the free Moon app

this will send you alerts on the new and full moon and you can also set it as a widget if you’re on iPhone (maybe on android too, I haven’t got one so couldn’t tell you for sure) so you can just draw down the notifications on your phone and go to ‘today’ and it will tell you the moon’s current state and what percentage there is to go until the next phase.

iPhone peeps here is your link (maybe some lovely person can please reblog with the android link? Thank you muchly!!)

MOON - Current Moon Phase by Charlie Deets



NEW MOON rituals


🌑 spiritually cleanse yourself

(perhaps enchant a glass of water and drink it, enchant your bath or shower water, cleanse yourself with incense, mix some salt and water and put into a spray bottle- spritz it over yourself, meditate and envision bright cleansing light flowing through your body… Whatever works best for you!)

🌑 cleanse your equipment

(Use a clear Quartz crystal or pendulum to cleanse your other crystals, tarot cards, whatever equipment you use on a regular basis. Use incense smoke, water if appropriate- check the stones you want to clean are water safe- some become toxic in water!! Use salt… Blow on them… Whatever your chosen method is- research cleansing methods if you’re not inspired by my suggestions!)


🌑 write a short list of goals for the month ahead and write how you can go about achieving them

(be easy on yourself! Less goals means more chance of achieving them!!)

🌑 do a tarot card reading

My favourite one for the new moon as it’s the beginning of a new lunar cycle and therefore a fresh start, is this one:

Divide your tarot cards into 5 piles- one pile for wands, one for swords, one for pentacles, one for cups and one for the major arcana.

Place each pile face down around you in a star shape, as they would be on the pentagram- imagine you’re in the middle. Pentacles, symbolising Earth would be to the left behind you, to the left to the side of you would be Swords, symbolising Air, to the right behind you will be Wands, symbolising Fire, to the right beside you will be Cups symbolising Water, and infront will be the major arcana symbolising spirit.

Shuffle each pile and go around the piles in turn asking each element to give you wisdom about the month ahead of you. Draw whichever card feels right from each pile- whichever way you usually use to choose which card to draw.

Earth will give advice from a material side of things, Air from an intellectual side, Fire will be to do with your passions and goals, Water to do with your emotions, and spirit will give you a generalised message.



FULL MOON rituals


🌕 recharge any spells you’ve made during the month if they are ongoing spells

For example if you’ve cast a spell to help you save money, recharge it to renew it’s energy and help it work to it’s optimum level! Methods of doing that include recasting the spell if you feel it necessary, if it’s a physical object like a charm you can hold it in your hands and channel new energy into it, say some sort of recharging spell, or leave it in the light of the full moon over night.


🌕 review your goals you set on the new moon

I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.
—  Roald Dahl

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