Happy Birthday Fukuhime!!

I think I started to notice you in Renai Hunter, it was the eyes :P Plus I didn’t want to believe that, what Tsunku said, you had a sort of “sex appeal” but you do and it’s cray XD

Stay as the princess of the group and, with Haruna, become the best sub-leaders ever! Hopefully one day you will be able to lead the group as well.

“This phantom thief Masaking has taken Fukunura-san!! Ehehehe!!!”
Fukumura: “Riho-chaa~n!”
Sayashi: “Biceps~!!!”
Sleeping Sayashi: “Biceps… unn….”
Off screen: (Biceps?) “Eh? What kind of dream is Riho-chan having…”
Ishida: “Fukumura-san, Sayashi-san is calling out to you in her dreams!”