Thom Yorke.  New Video.  Choreographed.  Dance off.  I think that’s about all you need to know.

Directed by Garth Jennings & featuring Fukiko Takase


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Thom Yorke demonstrates that, when your suit fits perfectly, you should be able to perform modern dance in it with comfort and ease.


Atoms for Peace - Ingenue
Dancers: Thom Yorke and Fukiko Takase
Director: Garth Jennings
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor

#1 it’s good to see Bey isn’t the only one who can borrow from legit Contemporary dance.

#2 I would like a 3 piece suit this flexible to bust out with some srs grands battements when necessary in a business setting.

#3 I love this song.


Atoms for Peace: Ingenue

Everything Fukiko Takase does in this video is graceful & gorgeous.

I just saw a pic from the David Bowie video with Tilda Swinton (haven’t actually seen the video). Her hair’s done to look vaguely like his, and they’re wearing identical suits.

So, David Bowie and Thom Yorke just happened to release music videos featuring themselves and a woman wearing identical suits and hairstyles, a mere couple of weeks or so apart?