【Information】Portrait Photoshoot
How in commemoration of the journey?

●Location : Osaka,Kyoto (Japan)
●Equipment : Canon “EOS 6D” with “EF35mm F1.4L”
                     FUJIFILM “X-T10” with “XF35mm F1.4”
●Charge : Ask
●Contact : yuji.photography@gmail.com

It took us a while to get adjusted to driving here. The combination of the tiny roads, driving on the left, and shifting with my left hand has made it quite the adventure. After a few hours of nervous driving we made it to Northern Ireland where we found Dark Hedges, one of the most beautiful sights we’ve come across. It was a little busy at first, but we hung out for a while and before we knew it we had it all to ourselves.
Peter Schweitzer

 この日の夜の懇親会は楽しかったんだよな。で,アップし損ねたとか (^_^;)

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“Central”. Currently holidaying, but I’ve got my trusty X-T1 with me so I’ll post when I can. Staying in Newcastle at the moment, and I’m stoked with all of the opportunities I’m seeing for photographing night and urban scenes. Here we have a train, which we took from Sydney to Newcastle. I love the nuanced differences when you travel, like the novelty of a train that looks slightly different to the ones you see at home.