“Good bye” is a promise to meet again some day,

don’t cry.

I won’t forget the time I spent,

nor the gentle people here.


I want to express my feelings to you, with all my voice,

in the words of “Thank you”

It would be nice if we could be together forever,

but such thought is not like me.

Let’s start walking, each onto our own path,

for the sake of fulfilling our dreams.


Some old icons I drew back when MSN was still a thing. I even got to share these with some friends, even if they weren’t into PoT like I was. *wipes tear*

I’m thinking of continuing this some day. I actually have a document saved with a list of teams/names that I was crossing out as I went along. Feel free to use the ones I have available!

Now I gotta tag this bitch. Ow.


30 Days of TeniPuri

Day 1: Your favorite team and/or character - Fuji Syuusuke       Animals, fantastical beasts, mythologies… Fuji, who gives his counters such rare names, belongs to the type that has a diverse variety of interests. Due to a persistent character, Fuji has the tendency to delve into matters until he reaches the bottom of them or he will not rest. Therefore he has a unique perspective on this world and the trait of being drawn by mysterious things easily. Some people think that such people naturally have strong spirituality, perhaps because they have had some kind of profound experience before. Although he does not show any unnecessary gesture, and adopts a distinctively cool yet grand form of mannerism, thus causing other people to have a hard time understanding him, in actuality, he is caring, empathetic, and easily moved..  


On the way back to my recollections

I recall that distant day

When we lay on our backs, and

In the twilight sky of the fading day,

Made a promise for tomorrow

Going to that place in that town

Those grazed wounds

Left behind scars

We chased, out of breath,

For the promise for tomorrow