interior bauhaus, dessau

for a photographers who is interested in architecture and design the dessau bauhaus is a dream place, because you are allowed to go by yourself almost everywhere. you can take a tour, of course, but to breathe the real bauhaus spirit you should walk through the floors and rooms, climb the stairs, open the doors, look through the windows, focus on little details by yourself. take you time and don’t forget to look up and consider the ceilings and lightening. i spend hours and hours and could never get enough. i even spend one night in the studio house (prellerhaus), which gave me the feeling to be a design student in the 20′s who hadn’t left the school in semester break. i was the only guest this night in winter and it was exciting … and a bit spooky.

Escaping the strong-box of the Empire
The Maughan Library formerly the Public Record Office, built between 1847 and 1898 Sir James Pennethorne. New Street Square by Bennetts Associates in foreground.