Escaping the strong-box of the Empire
The Maughan Library formerly the Public Record Office, built between 1847 and 1898 Sir James Pennethorne. New Street Square by Bennetts Associates in foreground.



Sorry that I sometimes forget to capture the everyday.  The moments in between.  The natural… when you’re just standing there doing your thing, playing, having fun (sometimes fighting).  It used to be the main way I photographed you but I’ve got a bit caught up in creating an image in a scene that I see in my head and in the right light.  

I realize that the “real” moments are the ones that make me feel the most and the ones that you two relate to the most when you browse through my flickr stream.  If anything, isn’t that why I do this?  To capture your memories, not contrive them in the perfect light and scene.

You have both become so well trained with your poker faces that you almost need to be untrained when the camera comes out.