If you haven’t heard it, Regional At Best is the second CD by Twenty One Pilots, and includes songs such as -



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There really are so many reasons why the FBR crowd (and MCR) are my favourite but one of the most blindingly obvious reasons is that they really don’t give a fuck. All the guys will just kiss the fuck out of each other and not give a fuck about whether people call them gay for it. It’s just so refreshing to see men that are not constrained by the traditional confides of masculinity but aren’t all really camp or feminine guys. They are just individuals that have realised how fucked up gender roles are and have a fuck load of love.

I realise that bandom is so often criticised due to the fact that there is an absence of female role models and this is largely true but I am so grateful that these men exist to help tear down the idea of masculinity. They show the next generation of men that ‘being a man’ (and, indeed, being a women) is a really flawed concept and that everything is secondary to being a human being with an individual identity.

William Beckett or Ryan Ross are extremely feminine whereas Travie McCoy or Patrick Stump aren’t BUT none of them are any less in alignment with their gender identity.

This isn’t me hating on ‘manly’ men or really feminine women because if you, as an individual, are happy like that then good for you but I feel like there are still too many people that feel obligated to act in accordance with the gender expectations forced upon them. I’m just so grateful to have successful people in the media that are so far removed from the recognised actions and beliefs of ‘gender’.


FLASHBACK: Paramore - “That’s What You Get”


Less Than Jake - The Rest of My Life