If you haven’t heard it, Regional At Best is the second CD by Twenty One Pilots, and includes songs such as -




[the academy is… - slow down]

shakespeareandpunk and i were talking about tai this morning and I’ve been thinking about them since. here are some of the thoughts i’ve had:

1. the thing is, i think that almost here is probably actually the strongest debut album put out by the mid-to-late 00’s fbr scene, in terms of a record as a whole?

2. it is also a little more timeless in sound. you can place fob and mcr, especially their earlier albums, pretty easily when it comes to sound and musical era (less so gch and even cobra. panic! is so over the map in sound that charting them is mostly a headache). but tai could put this out today or they could’ve put it out in 2001 and i don’t think it would be incongruous. their sound settles into something a bit more influenced by the scene as their albums progress, but i think, especially on santi, that that may be more due to a lack of coherence than anything purposeful.

3. this is probably part of the reason they (this album) were/was my favourite for a good long time, in a different way than fob were my favourite, because i moved into the scene from the early ‘00s garage rock movement, and i was also still a libs fanatic at the time. tai meshes a lot better with julian casablancas and carl barat than panic or pete wentz

4. i had not forgotten that william beckett is a fae-as-fuck sex nymph, but i had forgotten just how long he is, probably because recently i’ve only seen pics of him next to gabe saporta or travie mccoy

5. i HAD forgotten the level to which mike carden My Type, don’t look at me, i’m sorry, oh god (bill is still The Most Beautiful ofc)

6. this video predates the sriracha craze, but does it predict it?

7. thinks about bill beckett and my feelings regarding him. thinks about harry styles and my feelings regarding him. covers my face with my hands.

8. remember tiny acoustic william beckett and remember maine? REMEMBER NICK SCIMECA????

9. the fucking knee-scarf, why did the knee-scarf ever leave us


Plot twist: They mixed up the music videos for ride and stressed out


Less Than Jake - The Rest of My Life

ALBUM: Twenty One Pilots - 'Blurryface'

It’s always pleasing when a band comes along that manages to completely defy genre parameters, even if the resulting product is a bit too obtuse to be enjoyable. Unbeknownst to many Twenty One Pilots have been doing this since 2009. Fuelled by Ramen debut Vessel was their first point of exposure for many, and won…

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ALBUM: Twenty One Pilots – ‘Blurryface’ on CaliberTV


Me hearing Tyler’s scream in ride


Like we used to. 

this will forever be amazing, no matter how many times i replay it.

Review: Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface.

I don’t even know what this duo’s genre is, but they seem to do whatever they do well, and Blurryface is no exception, as it’s finally released this week through Fuelled By Ramen. Twenty One Pilots mix rap, rock and pop into their records plus other styles to make a particularly unique record.

The band are known for writing songs about big ideas, and where on Vessel it seems it was more about the…

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Just finished a new arrangement of VersaEmerge’s ‘You’ll Never Know’! Enjoy :) 


FLASHBACK: Paramore - “That’s What You Get”


I'm absolutely blown away by the support on my piano arrangement ofParamore’s ‘Now’, absolutely insane, thank you all so, so much! Would love to keep this going, spreading the word :) 

This is why I do what I do, I just love sharing my passion with others, and knowing that they enjoy it really makes me strive forward and carry on making music for you guys :)

Those on Twitter, it would be awesome if you could use this 'Click to Tweet’ button to tweet the video to Paramore. Maybe if enough of you guys do it, they might get to hear it :) We did it before with my arrangement of 'Hello Cold World’, we can certainly try again :)http://clicktotweet.com/vS13f

This weeks solo assignment for Vocal Music is Musical Theatre. I’m wondering if Mr.Bekking would let me sing a Razia’s Shadow song. >:) I mean, it is musical theatre, after all.

Of course, most of my favourite songs from it require more than one person and I know nobody in my class would be willing to sing with me :( If people would sing with me I would kill to sing any part of The Exit though, I effing love that song. Maybe I’ll sing Life Is Looking Up…