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Would you rec some of your favorite NSN fics? :)

I can, but unfortunately most are smut I think, haha. I don’t really read fics these days aside from searching for specific things tbh. But here are still a few of my favorites, some from FF and some from AO3! :) 

Post Me Nots by raiTonight29! (Rating: T)

Inappropriate by Fifi McFu! (Rating: M)

Dare To Hope by StarkBlack! (Rating: M, but there’s no sex, just language!)

Half Time by fuelled by ramen! (Rating: M)

Gym Class by OokamiHime567! (Rating: M, and it’s somewhat aggressive) 

YaoiKitty-Chan  (I put her account down because I can’t choose just one of her fics, but they’re all NaruSasu!)

Silence by Kantayra! (Rating: M) 

Take It Off by Corseted!  (Rating: M)

Enough by IvvyMoon! (Rating: M)

Only the ring finger knows by Haganemaru! (Rating: M)


If you haven’t heard it, Regional At Best is the second CD by Twenty One Pilots, and includes songs such as -




My favourite Panic! At The Disco lyrics on each album

Dashboard Confessional have finally announced their new album Crooked Shadows

Crooked Shadows will be the first new Dashboard album in eight years.

The album will hit stores on February 9th 2018 via Fuelled By Ramen.

I’m so looking forward to this new album.

If only they’d re-release their back catalogue on vinyl already!

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Hello awesome human! I was wondering if you could tell me your fav narusasu fics? Thank you!

Yes, I would love to share a few of my favorites. 

Amatores by VioletWylde

An Accidental Marriage by fangirlandiknowit

An Awkward Moment by calciseptine

Delicious by fangirlandiknowit

Hard to Explain by CloudNineKitty

Leaning Towards the Sun by shherie

Let me sleep by KoriC

Objects in a Rearview Mirror by Daughter.of.Despair

Post Me Nots by raiTonight29

Results of a shitty day by fangirlandiknowit

Sasuke’s Magazine by Tanuki-Mara

SlackxHacker by VioletWylde

Strangers by Day, Lover by Night by fuelled by ramen

The Demon and the Vampire by shherie

Wiggle Those Hips: You’re a School Girl Now by bevino

And some of my favorite authors to look out for: 

fangirlandiknowit101, shherie, and narusasunaruheadcanons

Also, you can find my complete rec this here

Request: Dan confessing his feelings

Request: “Can you do an imagine based off the song If I Could Fly by One Direction pls??” -Anon 

(This song made me feel very emotional and reminded me of when I was younger with all the little crushes and feelings i used to have oh man. Anyhow, hope you enjoy and that it reminded you of the song!) 

Dan and I had that type of friendship that either irritated the heck out of people out of envy or made them completely fall in love and develop an obsession how a boy and a girl could act the way we did without dating. We had developed this type of routine in that Sunday afternoons consisted of scrolling through Netflix and finding the most poorly rated movies we could and just binge watch as many as we could with witty critique as the hours went on. It had always been the highlight of the week for both of us when we could just lounge around without having to feel guilty that we had piles and piles of work to do. So I had the damn right to feel a little bit worried that when I left myself in and  I wasn’t met with some sarcastic comment or even Dan at all.


There was no sound or any evidence of him from the living room as I plopped my bag down on the couch.

“Dan, are you upstairs? It’s y/n!”, I called out but then hearing numerous cuss words from Dan’s room I knew that I wouldn’t have to make the climb up to their little gaming cubby.

As I pushed the door open only slightly, the ‘Ugh Becky’ sign swung against my leg just scraping beneath the hem of my shorts causing my skin to prick slightly.


At first that may have been in response to getting a little scrape on my thigh, but rapidly it changed into a word representing all my messy thoughts seeing Dan massaging his lower palms over his eyes trying to rid the redness that boiled around his eyes and ruining the cuffs of his jumper while doing so.

“Hey bud what’s wrong” I mumbled into his shoulders as I pulled his crunched body into my chest as I reached over as he still sat on his desk in front of his desktop.

He turned around causing me to break away from what hug I could give him and stood up. Soon though I was met with a hug better than I could ever give. Dan gripped onto me so tightly, almost with an element of terror as if I was about to never see him again after today.

“This morning I was scrolling through uh some Facebook photos you tagged me in and just seeing those pictures from last week-“, he was starting to become teary again and had to break away from whatever sentimental ramble he was letting out.

“Sorry y/n I jus-just haven’t felt like this in so long, I almost forgot hey? But yeah seeing a photo of us just being stupid made me so happy and made me think that besides Phil, acting that way around anyone else is so rare for me. Oh god this is so fucking cheesy, but when you’re not with me and I do something whether that be ironically watching some shit movie, I feel as if the whole scenario is not complete wit-without you”

He was almost silently sobbing right now into my t-shirt, leaving sure a mark, but I didn’t really care in all honesty. Here was a 6ft3 teddy bear completely defenceless and vulnerable needing someone to love him and that was me and that’s what I wanted too.

“Bud, why are you crying then? I’m here and going to be here as long as you want me too.  We could stay up to 5am if you want fuelled on Ramen and Energy drinks and we ca-“

Then he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. He pulled me in closer as we both deepened the kiss. It was the most bliss and loved I had ever felt as his remaining tears still trickled their way down his cheeks and onto both of our lips. He eventually pulled away to wipe then away and sat down on the edge of his bed and signalling me to do the same. Wrapping his arm around my shoulders he brought me into a half hug and I could see from the edge of my eye a small little smile painting itself onto his face again.

“I was and I guess am still crying because I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you to come to me saying you’ve got a date that isn’t me. You cheer me up when I’m feeling like shit and you don’t even know it half of the time. You’ve healed so much resentment out of me to people in my life and you’ve taught me it’s not worth expending energy on negativity, even if it may be tempting. I was just worried in thinking that one day you’d just run away from me because of the downer I can be”  

I looked up properly at him now and now I realised how fixated he was on me. I had not realised how much I had meant to him. Yeah sure I had been there for him for difficult times like he had for me but while looking at me I could feel this almost urge inside of me to just pull him as close to me so I could feel his pulse even to tell myself that he was mine like I was his.

“I would never run away from you Dan. We all have our moments and you should know that I will always be there for yours. I’ll force you to go to those meetings and to make a video if I have to, you know that. Please don’t ever think otherwise Bear”

His smile was full now and he looked gorgeous. Although still puffy and emotional, he was Dan. He leaned down in for another kiss, letting it be much more delicate and lingering on my lips. It was almost as if he had exasperated all the words that big head of his contained and was saying thank you through such a small movement.

Whispering slightly, “this is for your eyes only y/n; you’re the only one who can see me this cheesy and corny”

I laughed and ruffled my head into the cress between his neck and shoulder and smiled big just like him. Boy were we both happy.