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Stressed Out


Fairly Local

Tear In My Heart

Lane Boy

The Judge



We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Message Man


Not Today



This song’s a dedication to the people and places that made us who we are today; The ones we owe these stories to. Nice to know you!!
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Goner (empty arena + rain)
twenty one pilots
Goner (empty arena + rain)


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The Signs as Fueled By Ramen Bands
  • Aries: Fall Out Boy
  • Taurus: Gym Class Heroes
  • Gemini: Paramore
  • Cancer: Cute Is What We Aim For
  • Leo: The Academy Is...
  • Virgo: Panic! At The Disco
  • Libra: Cobra Starship
  • Scorpio: The Cab
  • Sagittarus: A Rocket to The Moon
  • Capricorn: Less Than Jake
  • Aquarius: The Hush Sound
  • Pisces: Phantom Planet

anonymous asked:

what concerts have you been too!!!?? and which was your favorite??

OH GODDDD LMAO i really can’t even say how many. it’s a lot. fall out boy alone i’ve seen…11 times i think. (the 10th anniversary of the first fob concert i ever went to just passed actually ;-; why am i a grandma) the super small shows have always been my favorite. the front bottoms i’ve seen like 6 times i think…i’ve seen halsey a few times, panic! at the disco as well, grimes, foals, say anything, blink-182, cage the elephant, chvrches, paramore, (i’ve probably literally seen like…every old school fueled by ramen band lol), lana del rey, the 1975, bleachers, ohh one time i saw roger waters perform ‘the wall’ which was super rad. i’ve seen all my faves EXCEPT the beastie boys which will probably never happen. :{ 

and i’ve seen a lotttttt more at festivals HOO boy i can’t even remember them all…but here’s a good anecdote i’ll leave you with: i went to riotfest 2015 and snoop dogg was 30 minutes late to his own set and when he played the iconic hit ‘the next episode’, it came to That Part and he paused for legit like a minute straight of silence building anticipation before he asked us, “and what do we do everyday?” and the crowd screamed “SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY”

one of the most memorable moments of my life