But whatever I did for you last year, I cannot do again
It’s getting harder and harder and harder and harder for me to call you friend
No matter how many times I say I won’t, I defend you if I can
But whatever I did for you last year
I cannot do again

The Front Bottoms - Cough It Out

Things I do in my free time
  • listen to bands
  • look at pictures of bands
  • watch band interviews
  • read about bands
  • cry over bands
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The last three weeks, I’ve been working with Nike around the buildup to 8.12, a day they appropriately chose for the world to celebrate sport and make the most active day in Nike+ history. They’ve run a campaign the last few weeks called Find Your Greatness, which opens the idea that greatness is reachable, available to everyone. It inspired me to find a way to take part on 8.12, and in my own way, to find greatness.

Music:  Rad Omen - Search, Party and Destroy