“GET ON THE FUCKING BUS” the bus driver shouts. I was on my way London to see a guy I found on chat roulette. I gave the driver my money and searched for a seat. The place was so crowded that I couldn’t find a seat to myself, so I sat next to this sexy curly haired boy.

I sat there very awkwardly, fighting with myself to make conversation for the long ride ahead. Luckily, he made the first move.

“HAY GURL HAY” he yelled in my ear.

“WOAH THERE MAN” I yelled back. 

“WHAT?” Harry asked, he obviously didn’t hear me.

It sounded like an old people conversation and we were starting to draw attention. 

“HOW’S YOUR DAY?” he said, trying to keep this conversation going.

“Oh it was great” i replied a lot quieter.

“AYE WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON BACK THERE?” the bus driver yelped.

I think he was catching on. He stopped the bus, which ended up crashing into a building, and walked to the back where this guy and I were sitting. 

“GET OFF MAH DAMN BUS” he ordered.

“MY NAME IS HARRY” Harry blurted out of the blue.

I grabbed Harry’s hand *le fangirl* and dragged him out of the bus with me. 

“SO WHATS YOUR NAME?” Harry asked.

“My name is Maria..” I replied. 

I started to blush on how embarrassed I was about the people staring at us, since Harry was still yelling up a storm.

I told him I had to leave to meet my chat roulette friend, but he wouldn’t go away. 

Finally, I just bought a motorboat, drove out into the ocean, threw harry into the water, and boated off.