College Confession #6

My roommate is a dance major, and doesn’t quite understand boundaries. She came back to our dorm after dance one day, stripped completely naked, laid on the bed and spread her legs, telling me “I’ve been in spandex all day, I need to air out my vagina”. All the while I was sitting in bed reading a book. 

-Florida Southern College

And here lies the Winner of Supercon 2014. The Cabbage man. He received a standing ovation once he won an award in the Cosplay Runway. Wheeling his cart over, he accepted the award and the crowd started chanting and applauding rhythmically, “cabbage man. cabbage MAN. CABBAGE MAN. CABBAGE MAN!” He started to walk off, but after a few more chants, he walked up the stage with a cabbage in hand, then took the mic from one of the judges…

There was a moment of silence, but then he raised the cabbage in his hand, and majestically yelled, “My cabbages!!!” And we all cheered. It was great.

[ I then laughed at the thought of those 3 people who never watched ATLA or LOK, and were probably thinking wtf was wrong with our generation and why cabbages were awesome. ]

A print I did for Supercon! I was very happy with the results uwu~~

I actually did this print twice! The first time, my computer crashed just minutes from finishing, and I was a dumb butt who didn’t think to save it at all, so I had to restart the lineart and coloring again haha

But definitely like how it came out despite the circumstances!

Feel So Close  - Chapter 7

Hey guys – Thanks for being patient with us. Sorry this took us so long to get out, but life got crazy hectic with the holidays and all of us being home with our families, working, etc. This one is pretty long, as usual. Let us know what you think. 

Writers: @stolenkissesprettyliies/@tayvintrashcan, @boxesticked, & @ttayvinaf

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