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So, basically I’m super anxious when approaching people. It’s seriously bad, even if I’ve talked with you in the past. I’m even often incapable of giving little gifts to people sometimes because I’m anxious that they don’t want it SO HERE IS THE SOLUTION. This is for my RPING FOLLOWERS, so if you’re not following me or are a personal then please do not like this.

Please LIKE this (or comment with your sideblog name if you’re a sideblog) if you’re cool with me:

✔ Tagging you in things that make me think of you in some way.
✔ Maybe approaching you with the offer to make double promos.
✔ Throwing memes at you whenever I feel like it. Both inbox memes and random internet memes.
✔ Possibly randomly making you graphics/promo images/drawings/random sketches that I drew with your character(s) in mind.
✔ Sending your character/you cracky messages.
✔ Making random starters for you sometimes (I don’t often do this).
✔ Just generally popping in your inbox/IM to chat about a thing, rp related or otherwise.

And here lies the Winner of Supercon 2014. The Cabbage man. He received a standing ovation once he won an award in the Cosplay Runway. Wheeling his cart over, he accepted the award and the crowd started chanting and applauding rhythmically, “cabbage man. cabbage MAN. CABBAGE MAN. CABBAGE MAN!” He started to walk off, but after a few more chants, he walked up the stage with a cabbage in hand, then took the mic from one of the judges…

There was a moment of silence, but then he raised the cabbage in his hand, and majestically yelled, “My cabbages!!!” And we all cheered. It was great.

[ I then laughed at the thought of those 3 people who never watched ATLA or LOK, and were probably thinking wtf was wrong with our generation and why cabbages were awesome. ]

Feel So Close  - Chapter 7

Hey guys – Thanks for being patient with us. Sorry this took us so long to get out, but life got crazy hectic with the holidays and all of us being home with our families, working, etc. This one is pretty long, as usual. Let us know what you think. 

Writers: @stolenkissesprettyliies/@tayvintrashcan, @boxesticked, & @ttayvinaf

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Well I was at florida supercon today, and took a bunch of pics of the osomatu-san squad during their photoshoot. They were incredible man, look at that pyramid. Anyway if you want me to tag or credit you just ask, thanks for allowing me to take all these great pics of you guys, btw im just the random god-tier dave that happened to be there. The rest of the pics are under the cut

Here are some of the cosplayers to give them credit: @karamatsu , @todomatsu

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