Frying Pan

Frying pans?!

This came to me after an amazing anon came and told me about a dream involving Lucifer, Castiel, Chuck and frying pans. I literally got this idea in my head straight away and had to write it. Tags are from the tag lists from SPN Fanfic pond and @mrswhozeewhatsis

Summary: Lucifer is annoying you and demands a duel from Cas for your honor.

Warnings: Fluff.

Pairing: Reader x Lucifer? Reader X Castiel? Reader X Chuck? Gotta read to find out :D

Word count: 793.

Originally posted by lucifer-is-pretty

“Get away from me you weirdo.” You shouted at Lucifer. He had been following you around the Bunker for days. Just yesterday, he popped into your room as you were in the middle of a Disney marathon and he hadn’t stopped going on about it since.

“Really Y/N? I’m the weirdo.” Lucifer scoffed. “You’re a grown woman who watched Disney crap.”

You spun on your heel, jabbing your finger into his face. “Listen here you hell spawn. I enjoy the films. Lots of people watch them at all ages. Besides do you really have a leg to stand on? You go strop into your room like a teenager whenever you throw a tantrum and you are one of the oldest beings in creation.” You were panting by the end of your rant but you were furious with him. The sooner your brothers came back the better.

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