Housewarming Party

What to wear, and what to bring. I’m getting to the age where a lot of my friends are buying houses, moving places, or settling down. So, what is the etiquette to celebrating their big success? Where to start… I love giving quirky statement gifts. Things that are not just neat, but functional as well.  

What to wear? I’ve been obsessed with finding a jumpsuit/coverall that would successfully make me look like something out of a Levi’s Vintage lookbook, and less like a kid playing in the snow. And those boots? I constantly have been searching for a pair of ultra feminine work boots, what better way then a pronounced heel? Put on a hat, and a leather clutch, cuff those pant legs and get gettin’.

The gifts…

  • Alcohol, if they drink, is always a good start. I love bourbon and have found that Bulleit Rye is a versatile and well loved staple. Along with a simple but unique flask? Bingo.

  • Plants. Granted, not everyone has a green thumb, which is why I usually go for something that’s a little less hassle like succulents. Maybe include the note card set maybe with a little crash course on watering, sunlight and care.

  • Getting them an Apolis Market bag with their nearest or favorite city would be a fantastic gift. I bought myself the Philadelphia version the fall before last and use it constantly. I actually threw in some of my cookware to use in Mike’s kitchen tonight, along with a couple essential ingredients.

  • Good Candle and shellfish matchbooks. I bought my sister a candle, and myself one and they are fantastic. We even burn them here at the shop.

  • Finally, the Holy Grail of gifts, at least in my mind is a Kilim Pillow, or rug. A splurge, but if you love someone what’s money at the end of the day, ya know?

Now, go on, have some fun.

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