From tomorrow until Wednesday, Liz and I will be on vacation with my aunt!  We’re taking a road trip to New Mexico, to hang out in Taos and Santa Fe for a few days.

Twin Bro and I used to do this with Aunt when we were kids. 

I’m a little nervous.  I’ve been on vacation with Liz and Aunt before, when we went to Disneyland.  It was not terrible.  But we flew, and were at freakin’ Disneyland, so entertaining the Liz was not a problem.  This will be a 6-hour drive to do grown-up things.

On the plus side, most of the “grown-up things” involve art and food, which are two of Liz’s favorite things.

My goals for this trip are to find something to enjoy every day, to take and draw some good pictures, and to be patient when I don’t want to be (like, hour 4 of the drive when Liz is complaining of boredom and wants me to entertain her; or when Aunt is being smug and making snide comments; or  any time traffic is involved).


Bannock By Cuddly

Decided to take some pics of the Bannock making process.

4 cups (approx) flour
1 ½ heaping tablespoons Baking Powder (Make sure it’s active)
1 teaspoon salt (to taste) 
1 milk jug (I don’t measure) of LUKE warm water

Mix the flour and baking powder really well first. Then, add salt. 

Make a well in the centre and start adding the water slowly and start mixing. (see next image for consistency) 

Fry on medium/high heat until both side golden brown. 


anonymous asked:

Henny, what are some staple plants based vegan foods? I'm slowly easing myself into it and I wanna have some go-to foods. Mind helpin' a sis out?

ABSOLUTELY—I’m excited because I love food

I would love to help. Assuming you have no extra plant-based allergies, I really recommend:

A staple nut butter or make your own (peanut, almond, cashew, sunflower, coconut) with the whole nuts.

A staple, perhaps complementary, dairy free milk or make your own (almond, cashew, oat, soy, coconut, hemp).

A staple set of Vegetables that YOU like, because you don’t want something going to waste in your pantry or fridge just because you want to get into something you don’t like (unless you compost or make your own stock‚ which you should/could!!)—Like think what do you like ROASTING what do you like GRILLING or PANFRYING.

For me, I love potatoes because I love carbs, my food pyramid has food pyramids for just carbs—But I’ll get to that, trust me. I also love sweet peppers, I love them for their freshness and bite and nutrients but also they are so COLORFUL! And they come in different sizes, etc.  Cherry tomatoes are so good for frying or baking for like bursts of like “organic” ketchup.

Now you also need greens, how do you like eating greens is what you need to consider. I love eating them raw and sometimes like plain or just avocado mash and lemon juice so spinach works for me because I can also sautee it and blend it. But kale, bok choy, escarole are some other alternatives that go great with pasta and soups or grilled so switch it up. I also like arugula, for salads and sandwiches. 

So I love smoothies so I’m also about fruits like bananas, avocados, berries, mango, anything honestly—on sale the better. I love fruit because they freeze perfectly and then you can throw them in frozen and not use ice and it’s way better imo. I love avocados but I’m only into them when I feel like I wanna be thicker and so I just add fats to my diet. Really great carbs, too. Pasta, rice, grains, starches (beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, potatoes), flours (I love baking because it’s easier and like less work for me, so many flours to choose from or make, oat flour, farina, whole wheat, coconut flour, brown rice flour. The more you bake and use these ingredients the better your future judgment will be). BREAD, because sometimes you don’t wanna bake or bread+fry, and you just want to toast!!!!

And then essential because it’s all about baking, crafting, and cooking for plant-based food you need a handy oil, or a handful of oils (olive oil, sesame, sunflower, coconut (refined and unrefined)), and maybe an easy vegan butter even but honestly one oil is fine for all of it, I just use oils on my body lol. Spices like cocoa, cinnamon are really big to me, and turmeric, pepper, rock salt, smoked paprika, because I like it more than normal, onion, garlic, cumin, pepper flakescayenne, and any other spice or herb blend you fancy because like it’s up to your buds. 

I also like honey, like as an ingredient for food and skin care and for breakouts. It’s regarded really high in my book and bees love it so much they work together and make it for free and don’t even mind sharing if you don’t fuck with the hive dynamics and cause drama. Also, like dips and sauces!! always switch it up and have your constants. Hot sauces, BBQs, dips, hummuses, hummi?(idk?) or tahinis, like things that add instant flavor or textures. Like there is just so much variety, use one buy another, or scroll down how to make your own. 

Chia seeds are really good in a lot of ways so I think those are pretty important too because high in fiber, like beans and some veggies. I really recommend frozen veggies just as back up and like last minute plans and a quick and east meal, frozen fruits too (or if they’re cheap and in season—buy a lot and freeze). Also, think about soup stocks, make your own by saving vegetable scraps in a bag in your freezer and when it fills up use it to make a broth. I love making soups, chowders, curries, and a great base makes a great soup. 

Of course, random vegan snacks are fun (toasts are the quickest things I like). Drink lots of water and get into teas, herbs, and nutrition in general because it could help you in some cool of ways.

I’ll add things if they come to me later.

“Spc. Stacy R. Mull, a 20-year-old Okemah, Okla., native, and Creek Indian, kneads ingredients to make a Native American-style fried bread during a pow wow at Camp Taqaddum, Iraq, Sept. 18, 2004. The U.S. Army’s 120th Engineer Combat Battalion, a Okmulgee, Okla.,-based reserve unit currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, held the event to promote cultural understanding of Native American heritage with other servicemembers here, and to bring a piece of home to many of the Native Americans serving in Iraq. Nearly 20 percent of the 120th’s soldiers are of Native American descent. Highlights of the festivities included storytelling, dancing, music, a class on pow wow etiquette, and the chance to sample traditional food. Historically, a pow wow was a ceremony performed before hunts and battles. Today, pow wows are held to celebrate special occasions, such as the birth of a child, and to share songs and customs. Photo by: Sgt. Enrique S. Diaz”

I tried to get this pic of my Indian fry bread with honey in front of the Mission while it was still whole, but my husband tore off a piece for himself before I could. It IS irresistible! Tohono O'odham tribe members set up their cooking area under ocotillo-roofed ramadas and boil that flattened dough ball in a huge pot of lard. You can get your fry bread topped with a sweet choice of honey, cinnamon & sugar, powered sugar, plain, or with red or green chili, beans, cheese, or any combination. I’m craving some just writing about it…

At San Xavier Del Bac Mission (built 1783-1797), 9 miles South of Tucson Arizona on the Tohono O'odham Reservation.


“By your ingredients combined, I AM CAPTAIN FRY BREAD!!!”

Captain Fry Bread, he’s our hero.
Gonna take oppression down to zero.
Made in the mist of attempted genocide.
He’s fighting for the Native side.

Captain Fry Bread, he’s our hero.
Gonna take oppression down to zero.
Gonna help him eliminate
Assholes who like to appropriate.


“We’re the Pow Wow dancers, You should be one too!
Cause having native pride is the thing to do!
A colonized mindset is not the way!
Hear what Captain Fry Bread has to say!”


The stuff that pops up in my head while driving.