Cosplay - Fruity Oaty Bars Spokesgirl

Dragon*Con 2013

The idea behind this costume was be as obnoxious as possible. Seriously. I had a little speaker system that played the “Fruity Oaty Bars” theme on repeat. (Which I turned off for small walkways, elevators, lines and panels. I’m not a monster.) I bounced around the convention offering people free granola bars and telling them that “The Blue Sun Corporation denies all claims of subliminal messaging in their advertisements.” all the while whispering “Miranda" to every River cosplayer I saw. 

I painted/designed the shirt, shoes and box of granola bars myself. Everything else was found at party stores and thrift stores. Nearly everything glowed or blinked in the dark…most everything made noise. You can’t see here the speaker playing the theme, the bells sewn into the underside of the skirt, the bicycle horn I was carrying around…yeah. It was obnoxious. 

Pictured above are three action shots: The first is with a random River cosplayer I found who was willing to pose. The second is with author Lev Grossman (AWESOME guy…if you haven’t read "The Magicians” you are totally missing out. Imagine an adult book made up of the best parts of Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia and Full Metal Alchemist. It’s about a kid at a magic university where you can really only perform magic if you are a genius with unhealthy study habits because you genuinely have to understand physics laws to break them. I mean…seriously. It’s awesome. And he was awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.) Third pic is just me at a restaurant…but I’d put on my glowstick jewelry for night and it’s the best picture of it. 


Fruity Oaty Bars —- So good they’ll make you want to murder everyone around you!