My Three Favorite Smoothie Recipes! ♥


Person: “If you’re a vegan, why are you fat?”

- Vegan General Tsos Mock Chicken and Buffalo Bites.
- Pink Sugar Rush Cake, Vegan Cream Eggs, 2 Twinkies, a Raspberry Poptart and Captain Crunch Fruity Berries Cake. 

30% of the earths mass is dedicated to raising animals for food consumption. That is approximately the size of Asia. If everyone in the world was vegan, we would have more of the land to grow crops. In which the same amount of land growing crops can feed 30 vegans, whilst only feeding 1 meat eater. This could drastically effect the average population of world hunger. We could feed more people who are starving by simply eating less meat.

anonymous asked:

So I can eat as many dates as I want without gaining fat? It's so hard to let myself eat unlimited calories from fruit!

This concept took me a long time to believe too! 

I actually believe that dates, since they dont have as much water content, are much easier to eat too much of that other fruits. I experienced gaining weight eating tons of dates, but then again I was also eating cooked food as well and I consumed like 20 pounds of dates in 3 weeks or so, so I gained like 7ish pounds. But i was really just supplementing them into my diet of vegan cooked food that was relatively high in fat. 

So for dates, I would suggest blending them up with water or banana so you are not going through pounds of dates per day. 

But this thought helps me to justify my unlimited calories from fruit: “if I eat plenty and plenty of fruit, then I will no longer have cravings and binge. It will be easy for me to control everything I eat because I have had enough fruit each day.“  and that is the honest truth! I haven’t had any cravings if I eat enough fruit, and I haven’t binged in… i cant even remember how long! 

It may take some time (like for me) for your body to mend itself from your past eating by either holding onto the weight or even adding some on. But I promise, it falls right off once you really start hydrating, eating tons of fruit, and having less salt. 

I literally would never eat fruit because I wanted to “save” those calories for something better like a chocolate bar. But now I have a foll blown love affair with fruit and I wouldn’t want it any other way!! 

Even my boyfriend can be horrified by the amount of fruit I can eat at once! But my body is better than ever! 

Fig, Kiwi & Berry Bliss
Just when I thought fig season was officially over, I spotted the juiciest brown turkey figs I had ever laid my eyes on last night. Needless to say, getting out of bed was extra easy when I had a luscious fruit bowl to look forward to!

Hoping to get lots of work done on the blog this weekend. Don’t forget to check it out for recipes and updates if you haven’t yet! May your weekend be full of healthy choices!