Best veggie soup you’ll ever taste!


3 cups nonfat vegetable broth

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon tomato paste

2 cups chopped cabbage

½ yellow onion

½ cup chopped carrot

½ cup green beans

½ cup chopped zucchini

½ teaspoon basil

½ teaspoon oregano




Add broth, Tomato paste, cabbage, green beans, basil, oregano and Pepper to taste.

Simmer for a about 5-10 minutes until all vegetables are tender then add the zucchini and simmer for another 5 or so minutes.




Person: “If you’re a vegan, why are you fat?”

- Vegan General Tsos Mock Chicken and Buffalo Bites.
- Pink Sugar Rush Cake, Vegan Cream Eggs, 2 Twinkies, a Raspberry Poptart and Captain Crunch Fruity Berries Cake. 

Fig, Kiwi & Berry Bliss
Just when I thought fig season was officially over, I spotted the juiciest brown turkey figs I had ever laid my eyes on last night. Needless to say, getting out of bed was extra easy when I had a luscious fruit bowl to look forward to!

Hoping to get lots of work done on the blog this weekend. Don’t forget to check it out for recipes and updates if you haven’t yet! May your weekend be full of healthy choices!

30% of the earths mass is dedicated to raising animals for food consumption. That is approximately the size of Asia. If everyone in the world was vegan, we would have more of the land to grow crops. In which the same amount of land growing crops can feed 30 vegans, whilst only feeding 1 meat eater. This could drastically effect the average population of world hunger. We could feed more people who are starving by simply eating less meat.