Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

Merelsa AU: “I never knew what I was capable of… what we’re capable of. Together.”

In which Merida follows Elsa after the young Queen runs away, but instead of trying to make her come home, the two travel the mountains and valleys together until Elsa makes the decision on her own to return to Arendelle.

Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

PunzelAnna AU: Anna Meets The Big FourRapunzel brings Anna to meet the rest of The Big Four,
all most of whom have been trying to find ways to undo
the storm caused by Elsa’s magic.

Anna and Elsa in chemise de la reine as suggested by karis-the-fangirl.
Here is the whole thing as it is now. This got a little (a LOT) more involved than I originally planned. It’s watercolor and gouache on fabriano paper (you can kind of see the watermark to the left). When I read Karis’ suggestion I immediately picture the two sitting in a field or someplace green. Anna’s flower crown is supposed to be made of ice and snow (I don’t know that I fully made that come across) and Elsa is getting some little pink flower accents woven in to her hair.

I like how their faces came out and the technique I used seemed to work alright.

Okay, for now I am going to move on to posting other things. I do want to work a bit more on this, but it will mostly be background stuff that I need to fix so it doesn’t bother me as much. There are still a few more days of AU week left and I have a few more suggestions to get through!

But before that! I have heard there is interest for some prints of this. I have two that have asked so far, but just want to check if there are any more? I don’t know how much I will have to charge for them since it depends how and where I print them. The original is 11 x 14 inches, if you want it the same size of the original (or bigger) that will be the key factor in deciding the price of the prints. If you are interested please message me or comment on here.

Thank you and enjoy!

Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

Punzelanna AU: “If we’re going to do this, we have to do it together, and that means, you know, roughin’ it, living off the land… eating carrots.”

In which Punz and Anna hunt for the missing Merida and Elsa, and Anna discovers that Rapunzel hates carrots.

Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

PunzelAnna AU: “If she’s here, it’s crystal clear…”
After helping Anna on her quest to find the Queen of Arendelle and bring back summer, Rapunzel and Anna grow closer than ever as they finally travel to Corona and see the floating lanterns together.

Flatmates - 6

Rated MA for FURTHER FILTH (I’m not saying this AU is an excuse to write smut, I’m just saying it’s not NOT an excuse to write smut). Also for language. And I hope jessica988 doesn’t mind

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Frozen AUs Week for Frozen Fandom Month

PunzelAnna AU: “I was always told that the world is dangerous, and it’d be better if I just stayed in…”Anna finally has someone she can talk to about Elsa,
and Rapunzel knows all too well what it’s like
to be isolated in your room for years.

Forever By Your Side

Frozen AU Week, Day 1

Prompt - Age!AU 

The day Elsa got the call that her parents had been killed in a car accident was worst day of her life. She vaguely remembered dropping the phone before her knees gave out and she fell to the floor. Later, she would thank every deity there was that her little sister had not been home at the time. Hadn’t been there to see the person who she idolized so much fall apart completely, hadn’t been there to see Elsa scream until her lungs burned, and weep until there were no tears left, and turn the house into an arctic wasteland.

Having spent most of her life hiding her mysterious winter magic from her sister until she was old enough, Elsa would never have forgiven herself if she had found out that way. Especially since her powers tended to grow unpredictable and even downright frightening when Elsa was upset. It had taken four hours before Elsa had regained control enough to banish the menacing spines of ice and thick layer of frost that coated the room, her sorrow had been that great.

However, Elsa’s grief was briefly overpowered by the dread of having to be the one to turn a six-year old’s world upside down. She had to fight the urge to vomit when she heard the bus pull up next to their house announcing the little girl had finished school.

“Hullo! I’m home! Mama, is Elsa still here?”

Elsa forced herself to stop wringing her gloved hands together and swallowed her fear. “I’m still here, Anna.”

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Frozen Fandom Month: Age AU

First shot at something for FFM.  I love the Big/Little Ice Bros, so thought I would give it a try.  A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short…well, it is kinda short.


Rating: K

“Department of Comparative Literature, may I help you?”  I know it’s here somewhere…I really need to clean up my desk.

“Yes, this is Anna.” I gotta quit writing stuff on sticky notes, they’re friggin’ everywhere.

“I’m her sister.”

“Yeah, I’m her guardian, our parents are dead.”


“Having ice magic does NOT make her a ‘special needs’ child!”

“She did what?”

“Froze a lollipop to his tongue?”

“Well yeah, I think it’s funny.  He probably deserved it, that Hans kid has been bullying her since the first day of school, and no one there has done anything about it.”

“I told her she can’t start fights, but she CAN finish them.”

“Chipped his tooth?  So what?  He’s what, six?  That tooth is probably gonna fall out soon anyway.  Believe me, it could be a lot worse.”

“Oh?  How is it worse?”

“Who there likes warm hugs?  That doesn’t sound like Elsa’s voice.”

“Miss Gerda, what’s that noise?”

“Miss Gerda, I’m sure there’s no need to scream. Miss Gerda?  Are you there?”

“Miss Gerda?  What happened?”

“I see.  Miss Gerda, could you put Elsa on the phone please?”

“Hi, sweetie.  Why don’t you tell me what’s happening?”

“Elsa, honey, when I said you should make some friends, I didn’t really mean make some friends.”

“Yes, it’s nice that he likes warm hugs.  I think he scared Miss Gerda, though.”

“I’m sure he’s wonderful, sweetie.  But not everyone likes – Elsa, what is that noise?”

“I see.  And you named him Marshmallow?”

“Honey, you should tell Marshmallow to put Hans down. I’m sure he’s sorry for being mean to you.”

“You’re right, I bet he won’t pick on you anymore. Honey, can I talk to Miss Gerda again?”

“Oh?  No, I’m sure she’ll be fine when she wakes up.  Is your other teacher there?”

“No, that’s all right, just let her take care of Miss Gerda.  I’m on my way, okay?”

“Love you too, sweetie.  Bye.”

Frozen Fandom Month Duo Week: Kristoff and...

Day 3: Kristoff and the other ice harvesters

1. Once Kristoff and Anna marry, he becomes one of only about three men who are married. She is also the only one to visit on expeditions, so he gets some good natured teasing from the bachelors of the team.

2. They really are happy for him, thought there is a certain amount of envy from the other in regards to how happy Anna makes him. Ice harvesting is a lonely life and he’s one of the few that have something to look forward to when he comes home.

3. When Kristoff first starts letting Anna tag along on trips, the boys offer to let her help cut ice as a joke, only to eat their words when she ends up being really good at it.

4. As the only girl on trips and with only three of the men married (Kristoff included), most of the men will playfully flirt with Anna at times. Anna and Kristoff play along for a while, but when it gets too much he’ll say: “Just remember she’s still my wife, go find your own girl”

5. Anna has a habit of playing matchmaker for the ice harvesters, as a challenge from Kristoff: “No one can be as lucky as I am”
Much to his amusement she actually find matches for them that, surpassingly, succeed wonderfully. The men come up to him afterwards to ask him to thank Anna for everything and that he truly has someone special. Kristoff smiles and says “I know”