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Attention Frozen Fandom: Are you ready?

Calling shippers and non-shippers of all kinds!

Whether you be into Elsanna or Helsa, Kristelsa, Kristanna, Jelsa, Hanna, or none at all, come celebrate the wonderful character that is Queen Elsa of Arendelle. 

When: July 1 - July 8

Who can participate: ANYONE WHO LOVES ELSA
Elsa Week is part of Frozen Month, a July-long celebration for the entire fandom linked by week-long themes, go check it out!

How can people see what I post?: the tag is FrozenElsaWeek

What to post: Fics! Fanmixes! Art! Headcanons! Anything you can think of! We want it and we want it all!

There are prompts to guide you through the week, but we only have a few so far so please submit more ideas to counterpunches!
1. Young Elsa
2. Alone and free
3. Facing the future
4. Queen Elsa of Arendelle
5. Big sister Elsa
6. Learning to handle her powers

You do not have to stick to the prompts! They’re only ideas to help get things flowing. Content does not have to relate to the prompts or other themes. 

There is no deadline!
Don’t feel pressured that the only opportunity you can post things is only for the prompts or week. The dates are just a guideline, if its late, thats no problem! Better late than never. Just remember to use the #FrozenElsaWeek tag so other people can find your content!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact counterpunches or searlait for info. We absolutely would love to hear from you!

Keep your eyes peeled on the the moderators or tag for further updates and information.

Now go and start creating!

 Sonata Pathétique   —[Frozen Fanart, Young Elsa]


… Hands down the most uncooperative drawing I’ve ever done since trying my hand at digital art (sorry, Elsa)– and as a result I’m not entirely happy with it: I wanted that empty half of the seat to be the focal point of the drawing, the scrolls and books look weird, it’s not geometry but calculus (because the last time I touched on that was probably in junior high), the empty sheets of music (no, I ain’t copying the music down)…well, you get the idea. Meh. But yeah, new drawing (after an almost-two-week hiatus…)

Reblog /comment/ like if you like this (humor me; I appreciate every bit of reassurance that it’s not as imperfect as i think XD)–and right-click-open from your dash in a new screen and enlarge if you like details (maybe that was common sense, but I’ve been on tumblr only a couple of months and was MIND-BLOWN by this… ) 8DD

The return of that…knight…ish…design…thing I drew some time ago. (x , x)

set theory

Rating: general
Fandom: Frozen
Word count: 6880
Summary: Rules are made to find creative ways around them.
Notes: Written for Elsa!Week on Tumblr. I swear to god, this thing probably could have ended up a novel if I wasn’t careful. Special thanks to counterpunches and rowanwould for being sounding boards, and especially to neworleansladyjane and theseerasures for the beta work; if anything sucks, it’s my fault.

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Three Times Elsa Wore Armour to Hide, and One Time She Didn't [Frozen one-shot]

Rating: PG-13
Words: ~2,300
Summary:  Elsa Week oneshot- Three times Elsa wore armour to hide, and one time she didn’t
Note: Inspired by this fanart

Well, its only one fic, but I think it hits about six of the prompts. Thanks to clickingshut, midnightbokeh, and arendellesfirstwinter for their amazing, wonderful help in beta’ing.

Happy Elsa Week!!!


The first time came about mostly by accident.

She had been reading in the library, desperately trying to escape the various sounds of Anna.

It was nearly impossible, of course, because Anna was everywhere: climbing trees in the courtyard, riding her bike through the hallways, challenging suits of armor to duels, talking to the paintings, and perhaps worst of all, playing right outside of Elsa’s door.

Anna was everywhere; she always was. The problem is that Elsa used to be everywhere, too. It’s hard to find a place in the castle that Anna isn’t.

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Dancing and Dreaming

Product of the fact that I cannot get this dang song out of my head.

A couple of days late, but here’s the “Young Elsa” prompt for day six of Elsa Week!

Rating: K

Pairing(s): Snow Sisters

Summary: When Elsa is little, she learns of a song that she may someday sing to a very important someone. (Luckily, she doesn’t have to wait long for this person.)

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"Why Prank Wars are a Bad Idea in Arendelle"

Rating: T

Words: 5,500

Pairing(s): Kristanna

Summary: When Kristoff gets caught up in a prank war between Anna and Elsa, he is not amused. Then things start to get out of hand … 

Notes: This started out as my response to the Elsa Week prompt “Mischievous Elsa” and it was going to be just a silly little story, but then it sort of got away from me and turned into something serious and kinda dark at the end. Wheeeee, first real Frozen fanfic!

I’m going to complete all the Elsa Week prompts, even though Elsa Week is over. Elsa is just too awesome to skip a single prompt.


It began with tea.

Kristoff had never liked the stuff. It was just hot water to him, not enough flavor, too many little bits floating in it to be appetizing. Hot, dark coffee was more his style. But he knew Anna liked tea - the sweeter the better - and Elsa drank at least a pot a day. That was where the trouble arose.

The three of them were seated at the small, round table in the servants’ kitchen, eating buttered toast and eggs. Nothing strange there - unless important guests had stayed the night, they always ate together in the warm, food-smelling room. Kristoff was blearily sipping his coffee. Anna was her usual peppy self, happily scarfing down multiple helpings of eggs. Elsa was already occupied with the stack of papers she had next to her plate, scanning them quickly as she finished her first cup of tea.

Then, in Kristoff’s opinion, disaster struck. As Elsa got up to get more water from the kettle, Anna grabbed a handful of sugar cubes from the bowl and stealthily tipped them into the teapot.

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Some various Frozen Elsa/Snow Sisters prompts that were sent in but didn’t quite fit into the theme posts: 

  • Elsa rediscovers her love of receiving - and giving – warm hugs with Olaf, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven
  • Elsa tells Anna “I love you” for the first time in 13 years
  • Anna tells Elsa about Hans’ “If there was only somebody who loved you” line - and how it finally made her believe no one did
  • Elsa is able to kiss the spot where Anna’s white streak used to be in an emotional hug
  • Elsa is suspicious when Anna starts being well-behaved
  • Helping each other through panic attacks
  • Anna catches Elsa sleeping with her old Anna doll.
  • Anna jokingly puts herself down one too many times for Elsa to stand.
  • Elsa finds the childhood Elsa and Anna dolls, then gets the sudden inspiration to make them look like the grownup Elsa/Anna and give them to Anna as a gift - but in the meantime, Anna just thinks she lost them.

These are free for the taking!

Take one and write a fic or draw some fanart, but to help keep track of things, please either post it via a reblog of this post or reblog this post with a link to your fic or fanart.

Happy creating! 

In Scarf and Cowl

Just barely getting this in on time, but it’s not midnight just yet, so this totally counts.

I have no idea what happened with this thing, because it took a way different direction than I was intending. (I was going to do something with animals, and you’ll see as you read it that there’s not a single animal in this fic.)

First Elsa Week Prompt, “Elsa and Children”. Absolutely no idea how this turned out.

Rating: K

Pairing(s): None

Summary: In scarf and cowl, Elsa realizes on a disguised excursion into town that there are some things a queen can never realize until she sees them from another’s eyes.

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I debated myself whether I should post this for a while. I finally decided I will. 

After the incident Elsa shut herself in her room. She completely refused any human contact and rejected any suggestion that involved her leaving her self-made prison. The King and Queen decided that the current situation can’t continue as it is. They feared for Elsa’s wellbeing. Their solution was the piano.

Elsa was reluctant at first, but after a lot of persuasion she decided to give it a try. She wouldn’t take off the gloves, she’d never dare take off her gloves, but she’ll try. She was happy she did. In the piano she found something she didn’t realize how badly she needed- a safe place. While playing she poured all of her fears and emotions into the piano. The piano wasn’t afraid of her- it accepted all of those raw ugly feelings and translated them into something beautiful. There was never any sign of her powers anywhere. Playing was the closest Elsa ever felt to being in control.

Anna was never allowed to watch Elsa play. There was yet another door that separated them. But she’d sit outside the room, lean against the door and listen to the melodies that poured from it. These times were the closest she ever felt to her older sister. 

Forgetful Snow--an Elsa/Snow Sisters Week st

Rating: G

Words: 682

I intended to write this for Elsa Week, but that didn’t happen because of life, so instead I’m posting it as a late Elsa story/a sad Snow Sisters story. Thanks to punzelanna, reillyjade, and extra-button-on-a-coat for beta reading!

Forgetful Snow

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.

(excerpt from The Wasteland, by T.S. Eliot)

April was the cruelest month.

Elsa wanted to hate the winter, to hate the reminder of what she was all around her, as the snow gathered on both sides of her window sill, as frost painted both sides of the panes, but she couldn’t. In the winter, no one questioned the unnatural chill that surrounded her room. In the winter, she never found herself frantically scraping frost from the window before someone noticed it, or sweeping snow into the fireplace until the grate was a mess of wet ash. And in the winter, her sister was trapped indoors after the early sunset, and lingered in the hallway, playing with her dolls, crashing up and down on her bike (their bike—but Elsa had never touched it).

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