If you’re a traitor and you know it, clap your Hans:

Traitorous renegade Prince Hans and his evil scheme to usurp the throne of Arendelle have never stopped devastating us like an ice punch to the heart, even after all the (hundred plus) times we’ve watched Frozen. In fact, knowing how the Hans cookie will inevitably crumble and still having to watch helplessly as he dupes everyone with his boyish charms and princely wiles gets more excruciating each and every time.

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How 'Frozen' fandom changed Disney's stance on copyright infringement
There's a reason Frozen was the highest-grossing animated film ever.

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“Basically, Disney has figured out that online engagement only advances their brand.”

The OTW believes that fan vids are transformative works, and that transformative works are fair use. However, not all copyright holders agree with that. The fact that Disney took this attitude towards Frozen fan vids is an excellent example of how fandom is making changes for the better.


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