ADPS: Kristoff/Anna

Fandom: Frozen

“Kristoff…” A soft voice stirred him from his slumber.

“What?” Kristoff groggily replied.

“Come on, the sky’s awake! We should be too!” Anna grinned. “Big day today, with the ball and everything.”

Kristoff groaned. “We have plenty of time.”

“Come on, I can’t sleep, too excited!” Anna bounced on the bed.

Kristoff threw the blankets over his head.

Anna glared at him before smiling wide as an idea struck her. She climbed to the foot of the bed, pulling back the blankets to reveal Kristoff’s feet.

She sat over his shins.

“What are you doing?” Kristoff mumbled through the blankets when he felt her weight shift over his legs.

“Time to get up…” Anna sing-songed. Her finger drew a gentle path up Kristoff’s foot.

He jolted.

“Don’t you dare.” He called from under the blankets, sounding much more alert already.

“What’s that? Can’t hear you through all those blankets!” Anna giggled. She suddenly scribbled all ten fingers over Kristoff’s soles.

He jumped, trying to pull his feet in as he rolled side to side on the bed. The blankets disoriented him. It seemed like Anna was unnaturally strong for her stature, being able to keep his feet easily in her reach and away from the safety of being tucked back against his body.

Kristoff finally got the blanket off of his head, but not before laughter caught up with him. He was giggling when he reached forward and wrapped his arms around Anna, tickling her sides and making her shriek in surprise.

She spun in his hold to face him, both of them tickling and laughing as they rolled around in the bed.

“…Okay maybe we can rest for a few more minutes.” Anna conceded, both of them lying back against the mattress breathing heavy from laughter and wrestling.

“Sounds good to me.” Kristoff leaned over and kissed her forehead. “Compromises are the key to a successful relationship.”

Anna laughed. “The trolls teach you that?”

“They taught me everything I know.”

“Sounds like they know a lot about the world…” Anna shrugged, leaning into Kristoff before resting a few more minutes with him.
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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome back - I really appreciate all the messages of support on ao3 and tumblr. It genuinely makes me feel hopeful that things can turn out differently this time around. Anyway, a couple more chapters for you today, so please enjoy!

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“Don’t come back!”
“We won’t.”
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holy dick you guys

You know how Anna from Frozen has braids?

And when we saw her with them taken out, her hair looked wild af

Now I was about to say that’s bullshit, crap like that don’t happen when you take braids out….

…but then…after having my hair like this…

…I undid them…

I genuinely didn’t know shit could get this wild- I mean holy fuck