There are no secrets from the Knowing Faery. She knows where all things hidden are; she can find all things that we have lost. But most of all, she knows what you have hidden in your heart.
— Good Faeries Bad Faeries, by Brian Froud.

[Artwork: The Knowing Faery, by Brian Froud.]

The Morning Faery is fond of appearing to housewives and househusbands in the sudden quiet moment when the rest of the family is out the door to school and work. Then, she whispers in your ear: “Don’t do your chores. Don’t worry about it. Leave the dishes, the dusting, the dog-walking, the dinner planning… Do something just for yourself right now.” She is the faery behind that irresistible desire to read a magazine or a book or maybe to watch a little television… but she is also just as likely to urge you to finally write that novel, pick up that oboe, or sign up for that course.
— Good Faeries Bad Faeries, by Brian Froud.

[Artwork: The Morning Faery, by Brian Froud.]


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