twinkle twinkle otp

you will be the death of me

always keeping me up late

reading bout your stupid dates

twinkle twinkle otp


You know when you have found the perfect Fanfiction; when you have to put down your phone or look away from your computer at one part of the story, just to stop reading it for a few seconds so you can react to it…because oh my gods did that really just happen? Then when you have done all the reacting you go back to reading it like nothing happened.

Christmas AU Prompts
  • i’m really tall but i work as one of santa’s elves in the mall and a kid asked me if i was a giraffe and you heard and now you’re cracking up au
  • i love rollerblading so i figured that i’d try ice skating and its really easy but you suck at it and ended up crashing into me and i got a concussion au
  • we’re two grown people fighting over the last box of cherry flavored candy canes in cvs au
  • every year the library sells trees to raise money and i work at the library and you just asked me out but i won’t say yes unless you buy a tree au
  • christmas caroling is so stupid and annoying and oh you’re a caroler whoops au
  • i’m working at sears on black friday and this asshole is being a lil bitch and you just scared them off just so that you could ask me out au
  • i hate christmas but hold up who is this delicious mofo playing santa in the community play whats good hot stuff au
  • the roads are covered in ice and i decided to try to sled down the hill but i ended up crashing into your neighbors snowman and you recorded the whole thing and now i’m youtube famous thanks a lot dick au
  • i’m at this lame ass party and i’m drunk off my ass and i accidentally told my boss how much i hate them and you heard me and decided to have some fun with the fact that i can’t lie when i’m drunk au