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Loki uses magic for everything, from cleaning to sex and oh! gods norns or whatever does Tony like Loki's magic fingers in bed! Tony is unaware but he slowly becomes a magic addict, begging Loki for more. Loki is not as unaware as him.

hnnnnng, yes, he takes magic fingers to a whole new level.

Thanks for the prompt, anon!

The Broken God & The Man of Iron

Months had passed since he had been seen. Loki, God of Mischief, was in hiding. All because of Nick Fury. He had been thrown into SHIELDS prison after being forcefully taken away. He had been there for months before he finally managed to escape. Now here he was, in an old apartment building. Hiding like a mouse from the cat. He had become deathly pale and thin. He looked so sickly all the time that his elderly neighbor constantly brought him soups and broths do eat. 

Today, like most days, he sat in his dark apartment staring at his out dated phone. He would pick it up, dial a number…only to hang up once he had heard the voice on the other end. 

He couldn’t talk to him, no, he knew that Fury kept taps on Stark. But he wanted to hear some familiar voice. Even if only for a few seconds.


You are not worthy.

Anthony of Asgard - Chapter 24 has posted

Since Loki made no attempt to move on to the social part of the gathering yet, Tony was content to sit there while the royal family and most of the diners filed into the other room. 

Idly wondering how long they would have to mingle before they could go back to Tony’s room, negotiate this evening’s boundaries, and then hopefully fuck like bunnies, Tony watched the dispersing crowd. There were quite a few puzzled looks aimed at them, a good number of derisive glances and a sprinkling of flat out vicious stares. One of which was coming from that Xena chick who hung with Thor’s posse. Just to piss her off, Tony gave her a toothy grin and a big thumbs up. Her outraged expression amused him to no end until she spun on her heel and went into the next hall. Tony decided he would have to look her up before the evening was over and wind her up a bit more. Glancing over, he noticed the big smile on Loki’s face and felt a thrill of enjoyment racing down his spine. Double teaming the High Priestess of PMS? Hell yeah, Tony could get into that. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He asked reaching over to curl his hand into Loki’s. *Snip*

Commissioned picture by the wonderful Artmetica! Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?!