anonymous asked:

ok artists, am i the only one who feels like Christmas whenever they draw frostiron?! i mean all these reds and greens.... maybe im the only one who draws them clothed xD

Ahaha! They’re the perfect Christmas coloured combo (as well as Thor and Loki). Very festive and very flashy, just as they should be. ;)

melanippos asked:

I am trying to find a specific ffic that beings in with the tower scene from the Avengers in which Tony brings up Loki's and his shared father issues, points out that what Loki is doing isn't going to solve it and that there are better ways to prove oneself. The epiphany makes Loki switch off the tesseract and averts a lot of city damage. Any chance it sounds familiar? Ive been looking for a week now and can't remember title or location :P

Sorry, doesn’t sound familiar to me. Can anyone else help out?