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At first it had been a game, as everything seem to be with Loki. It was like the cat chasing the mouse. The mad mechanic and the mad god, so similar in certain aspects and so different in others.

If Tony Stark had been told that he would eventually be sharing the bed of Loki, the pretentious god who had tried to invade Earth and that had been, in one way or another, the cause of so many problems in Tony’s mental health, he would have laughed, and then punched whoever had dared to say that. And still, there they were. In that exact situation. With his chest pressed against Loki’s back and breathing his scent in.

“You’re thinking very loudly,” the god informed him.

Tony frowned, “you can’t listen to my thoughts, don’t try to make me believe you can,” he said. He was sure that Loki did not posses that power but… Was there really something to be sure off when dealing with a god of lies and mischief?

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Ok but soulmate au

Where person B has ‘Fuck you!’ As their soulmark and their entire life they’ve been made fun of for it so when they walk into someone while texting and the person says 'Fuck you!’ B just says, ’ OH! SO YOU’RE THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO GAVE ME THE WORST FUCKING SOULMARK EVER! WELL GUESS WHAT I WILL NEVER LET THIS GO THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN HAVING THE WORDS “Fuck you!” PERMINATLY MARKED ON YOUR SKIN!’ And A just looks at them and says 'Well imagine having that fucking essay written on you in caps-lock…’

Fandom Loki: super powerful (often implied more powerful than Odin himself) and clever. Can literally do anything with his magic. Elegant and deadly. Ignores Thor, doesn’t actually care about Asgard or ruling anything really. Is a melodrama queen.

Canon MCU Loki: super clumsy, gets his ass handled by literally everyone. Can only handle NPCs. Knows like 3 magic tricks. Is outsmarted by Thor. Probably has the lowest death toll of marvel’s major villains. Craves Thor’s attention and only wants Asgard to love him (also: eat grapes). Is a sassy drama queen.

Office Shenanigans

Person C: I heard you hired Person A as your secretary.

Person B: I did.

Person C: Were they good at making coffee?

Person B: Very good.

Person C: Were they effiecient at filing?

Person B: Very effiecient.

Person C: Were they fast at putting on clothes?

Person B: Very fast

Person C:

Santa Claus:



Person B: I can explain.

Your OTP as these two boys in my Spanish class (first day??)

A: What. Are. You. Staring. At?!?!

B: You *wink*


A: Hola, my name is __

B: Hellooooo~


(Introducing ourselves)

A: Who am I? Well, I ask myself that everyday…

B: Well I can tell you who I am *wink*


A: takes off his jacket

B: Woah! At least let me take you to dinner first!

When your finger slips and the single chapter, 100,000+ word fic that you’re halfway through scrolls to the top

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