If Blizzard kills Jaina then I don’t even care, we’re going the Zalazane route of her severed head being a coconut in disguise and saying that she actually just retired to Pandaria to live out her life in peaceful quiet, knitting sweaters until the end of her days.

Angellina and Lil with old timey dresses, requested by @daiseedraws! The colors are really to dark and bright but these were the palest markers I had.

Lillian hates the corset. And the cage. And the dress in general. Meanwhile, Angellina’s kinda used to them, since she’s from that time, kinda. She’s also ready to murder with that parasol, that’s her whole plan.

okay so here’s what’s going the fuck on in puerto rico.

monica puig, puerto rican, 22, ranked #34 in the world, got to fucking olympic finals in single women’s tennis. meaning she indirectly beat serena mcfucking williams. tonight, she went against #2 worldwide, angelique kerber, playing for germany.

and our amazing athlete and person, monica puig, beat that and just won us our first gold medal.

now, compare puerto rico and germany as countries. germany is a world power. puerto rico is a little island in the caribbean no one gives a fuck about. germany is rich. puerto rico is drowning in a $70billion debt no one in the world will talk about (which frankly surprises and disgusts me).

and we just beat the best of the best in worldwide women’s tennis.

we heard our anthem blaring in the speakers of the rio olympics.

we saw our flag, that for some time in the 1950′s we were forbidden to even own, fly on top of the rest.

and i have never been prouder.


louis gets politically active in the name of one of his most beloved cereals, frosties, probably in response to articles like this one that reported frosties sales down due to concerns about poppycock like HEALTH and THE FUTURE.  listen, louis seems to say: what’s the goddamn point of a future where you live forever but there’s no cereal?  what’s the point of an endless life if you spend it in endless misery, doomed to remember the ghosts of cereals past but never again to consume them?  LIVE LIFE FOR THE MOMENT BECAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE IS UNCERTAIN.  EAT, DRINK, AND BE FROSTIES.