Who should play Adrian Ivashkov in Frostbite?

Who will be the Adrian Ivashkov ? That’s the question that every fan is . Who interpreted the charming Moroi spirit user ? Well, here I brought the dear candidates from fans (and mine ) to suit the physical characteristics of our beloved Adrian . Let’s start .
1 - Max Irons - is a favorite among girls. Unfortunately you have to be a bit serious and noted that the boy is bigger than Danila and that can be a problem. Not to mention that after The Host, not knowing he guy like juvenile adaptations.

2 - Daniel Sharman -The Lovely Issac on Teen Wolf series . Is high, as a Moroi , and has beautiful eyes . Although there is a defect . Adrian is supposed to have 21 , more than boys at St. Vladimir and Daniel looks the same age as Dominic . It is a problem . Although we need to know . If Daniel joins , we would have great support from the girls of Teen Wolf ( Big Fandom )

3 -Douglas Booth - Our beloved Romeo was a candidate newly entered , but many girls say it is the perfect Adrian . In addition he has 21 and looks older than Dominic , without having British accent. Point to Douglas.

4 - Chace Crawford - Another of the most loved by the fans. I admit, it has the charm boy Ivashkov . Unfortunately , the time of youth Chace step and maybe have the same prejudices that Max when juveniles make adjustments .

5 - Grey Damon - The boy has that striking face, just worries me that looks too old to be Adrian . What do you think ?

6-Adam Gregory - Our boy 90210. The boy also goes into the perfect physical characteristics of Adrian, but Adrian You will have the personality?

Now I’ll bring some of that I think would fit the role perfectly .
6 - Torrance Coombs - Bash at Reign series . This big boy thing , but when you see it in the series, at least I see Adrian . In addition , they saw his eyes.  Ivashkov’s Eyes.

7- Michael Fjordbak - The boy is all that Moroi should be . The guy for some reason it does not work in pictures, but if it is my view the act perpendicular changes and see Adrian (though also see Christian )

Well, there are many candidates, but these are the favorites in social networks. What do you think? Are they? Or maybe, our Adrian Ivashkov is waiting to be discovered?


OMG!!!! Is our Dimirti/Danila!!! You heard that, let’s do this, team Romirti!!!!

People knowing Vampire Academy ( Little Ones Spoiler)

First Book 
“ Vampire Academy? Let horrendous name , let’s see what all the drama. Sure is silly and bad. ”

Finishing Vampire Academy
“ Well , it was … interesting , but how were things between Rose and Dimitri? Let’s read Frosbite  ”

finishing Frosbite
That end was cute, but Mason? Really? My poor Mason. * sad and happy at the same time “

Finishing Shadow Kiss 


” Why? * Screaming and crying * Why Dimitri Why ? Can not be true . He did not please him no. I need to read Blood Promise “

Finishing Blood Promise
” Oh god, Richelle Why leave it so Why ? Hell , where’s my wallet? Need to buy Spirit Bound"

Finishing Spirit Bound

who is dead? and Who is the only suspect ? * Says with eyes open *

And Dimitri said What? “Loves fades , mine has” Ugh , this can not continue. I Need Last Sacrifice .

Ending Last Sacrifice.
“OMG , I end up with happiness * crying * It was so beautiful , the best series ever" 

A minute of silence

"Wait a second”

“what happens with Adrian , Jill , Eddie and Sydney? ”

I need to read Bloodlines Saga

The life of a fan of Vampire Academy.


thatblueboxsuggested someone draw a Tooth/Jack coffeeshop au so I decided to do it! In this, Tooth works at her mom’s organic coffeeshop (she prefers the tea they serve though) and her father is a dentist. I didn’t see Tooth working at a place with stuff that could damage your teeth so I decided family owned would work best. Jack starts to come in for a random coffee but comes in more frequently when he meets Tooth. Sometimes his sister comes, too!

A few people wanted Jack as the barista but turns out I just had to draw barista!Tooth. Oh, and there’s a random somewhat irritable coworker. But perhaps she’s getting tired of Tooth getting distracted by Jack and pouring coffee everywhere. I might draw more of this au sometime. :D


I was startled when the door opened a few minutes later. When I looked back I was even more startled still to see Dimitri emerge. My heart gave a small flutter, and I turned away, unsure what to think. His boots crunched in the snow as he walked over to where I was sitting. A moment later, he took off his long coat and draped it over my shoulders.
He sat down beside me. “You must be freezing.”
I was, but I didn’t want to admit it. “The sun’s out.”
He tipped his head back, looking up at the perfect blue sky. I knew he missed the sun as much as I did sometimes. “It is. But we’re still on a mountain in the middle of winter.”
I didn’t answer. We sat there in a comfortable silence for a while. Occasionally, a light wind blew clouds of snow around. It was night for Moroi, and most would be going to bed soon, so the ski runs were quiet.
“My life is a disaster,” I finally said.
“It’s not a disaster,” he said automatically.
“Did you follow me from the party?”
“I didn’t even know you were there.” His dark clothes indicated he must have been on guardian duty at the party. “So you saw the illustrious Janine cause a commotion by dragging me out.”
“It wasn’t a commotion. Hardly anyone noticed. I saw because I was watching you.”
I refused to let myself get excited over that. “That’s not what she said,” I told him. “I might as well have been working a corner as far as she was concerned.”

“You should take it.”
He flinched. “What?”
“Tasha’s offer. You should take her up on it. It’s a really great chance.”
I remembered my mom’s words about being ready for children. I wasn’t. Maybe she hadn’t been. But Tasha was. And I knew Dimitri was too. They got along really well. He could go be her guardian, have some kids with her … it would be a good deal for both of them.
“I never expected to hear you say anything like that,” he told me, voice tight. “Especially after-”
“What a bitch I’ve been? Yeah.” I tugged his coat tighter against the cold. It smelled like him. It was intoxicating, and I could half-imagine being wrapped in his embrace. Adrian might have been onto something about the power of scent. “Well. Like I said, I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want us to hate each other. And…well …” I squeezed my eyes shut and then opened them. “No matter how I feel about us … I want you to be happy.”
Silence yet again. I noticed then that my chest hurt.
Dimitri reached out and put his arm around me. He pulled me to him, and I rested my head on his chest. “Roza,” was all he said.
It was the first time he’d really touched me since the night of the lust charm. The practice room had been something different … more animal. This wasn’t even about sex. It was just about being close to someone you cared about, about the emotion that kind of connection flooded you with.
Frostbite, Chapter 17


The Mighy Boosh Tundra Rap.

Ice floe, nowhere to go,
Ice floe, nowhere to go,
Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundra-
check him out.
They call him the shrew,
Arm’s in short, In with the claw-

I’m little Johnny Frosbite,
Moving around,
Freezing you up, freezing you down,
Like an icicle,
Comin’ in your tent in the pink light scissor-bite,
Arctic death, Infinite night,

They call me Tundra Boy
because I move like an Arctic Lizard,
When the blizzard strikes I disappear
Like a pipe dream,
All that’s left is a gleam,
On a tent peg

Boosh, Boosh, stronger than a moose,
don’t lock your door or we’ll come through your roof top,
Stop look around, take your mind off the floor
because the Boosh is loose and we’re a little bit raw,

Ice floe, nowhere to go,
Ice floe, nowhere to go,
Lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundra