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A Lesson in Love (The Aftermath)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,817

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. This part is small snippets of how the reader is feeling after the events of the last chapter. I hope you enjoy it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

@avengerstories - you dedicate so much time to editing all of my fics and I am forever grateful to you for that

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Forty Minutes Later

You read an article a few weeks ago about something called ‘dry drowning’. At the time, the prognosis seemed so strange. Whenever you heard the word 'drowning’, you associated it with water. That’s why you couldn’t comprehend how it could happen on land. It took a quick Google search to inform you that dry drowning was the lungs’ inability to extract oxygen from the air; it could happen just as easily on land as it could in the water.

As you sit on the floor with your arms still wrapped tightly around your body and your legs fast asleep, you realize that you’re drowning. The world is blurring into shapes you can’t make out and bright colors that make your eyes hurt. Your head is spinning. And your heart, oh your heart, it’s aching with loss. Abandonment. Rejection.

Rejection is a feeling you don’t know very well and one that is quite literally making you sick to your stomach. By avoiding relationships, you’ve avoided this. But there was only so long you could last before it found you. You might be biased or inexperienced, but you’re almost certain that it has sensed your vulnerability like a dog sniffs out fear and is using that to its advantage. It sees you trapped out in the ocean trying to keep yourself afloat and it’s like a merciless wave that refuses to let you get your bearings before knocking you under the surface again.

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Little things Harry would do to make Valentine’s Day special

Spend hours thinking of just the right words to put in your card, crafting the perfect way to explain how much you mean to him.

Insist on taking photos as you open your gifts. And when you protest, saying you’re still in your pajamas, he replies, “Gotta have summat to show our future children, love.”

Buy you a dress in the same shade of baby pink made of the same silky material as your favorite shirt of his. Not so that you’ll stop wearing his, god no; he loves coming home and finding you draped in his shirt, soft legs peaking out from the hem. He loves you in it so much he wants to see all the ways a dress of the same kind would flatter you.

Follow you around, gyrating and singing, as you get ready for the day, pleading with you to sing along. And when you finally let him take your hand, he spins you in a circle, crooning, “Girl, you know I want your love. Your love was handmade for somebody like me.”

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Patater Week - Day 6

Feb. 11 - Cuddling/Snuggling – Marty finds Alexei shopping for condoms at 1 AM with Kent. It kind of goes from there, 1.2K

“For water balloons,” Tater says dumbly, looking like he wants to put the pack of Magnums back but can’t because he’s lost all motion in his arm. “Prank on Poots.”

“Hm. Alright,” Marty says, still holding the Little Colds Multi-symptom Cold Formula meant for his son, who’d started sniffling at 8 PM and have not stopped since. “Why not just use real balloons?” he asks, pointing at the balloon packs hanging not far behind Tater.

Tater seems to be strangled by an unseen force. “Penis is more funny,” he says very slowly, then he visibly winces, like he wants to pitch himself into a ditch.

(Marty’s no fool. Everyone on the team knows that Tater has a boyfriend whom he has yet to refer to by name, which is peculiar especially when the latter refuses to shut up about him. At this point, between the two of them, Marty and Thirdy can probably recite the Boyfriend’s failed recipe for chicken salad by heart and how exactly he managed to conduct a mini-explosion in Tater’s kitchen. He just hadn’t expected the nameless significant other to be visiting Providence this week, or that he’d catch Tater buying…supplies.) 

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The Unspoken Game

A/N: So like said before I wasn’t ever going to post this because this was orginally for Chloe who’s been a little ran down lately. So no judgements ! This is a Thomas fic WHO I’VE NEVER WRITTEN ABOUT EVER ! BE PROUD OF ME LOL ! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I know that Chloe did !

Dedicated to: @writing-obrien

Warning: God, the smut tho. I’m just be warned.

Word count: 2714

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Watch Me Babygirl [ pt.6 ]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language and smut (pretty vanilla smut tbh)

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [previous part] [next part] [pt.8] [pt.9]

“Switch partners.”

You sighed, placing your hands on the kitchen counter. Jimin had been pestering you for the last hour about being assigned to a project with Jungkook.

“For the last time Jimin, I can’t. The teacher won’t let us,” you replied calmly.

It was half true you supposed. The teacher had paired you and Jungkook up because the two of you sat by each other but it was a total lie that she wouldn’t let you switch partners.

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Request: Where bucky ignores y/n or responds to her with one word or something like that? and when she confronts him he randomly blurts out that he likes her all along 

 A/N: Kinda changed it up a bit but it’s still around the same concept. Hope you don’t mind 

She knew she was fucked the moment she realized she fell for him.


Because Bucky Barnes hates her. Even more after their recent mission. Y/N wasn’t able to dodge the bullet targeted on her thigh, incapable of finishing her assigned task which according to Bucky, messed up the whole mission.

But god, she was too tired to fight back, staying seated on the couch and choosing to listen to Steve and Bucky’s bickering instead, constantly rolling her eyes on every remark. Steve just had to defend her to avoid another 30 minutes of yelling probably every curse word possible in the dictionary. Telling Bucky that it could’ve been you. It wasn’t her fault.

“But I didn’t get shot, didn’t I? She’s too weak to even be assigned on a mission!” Bucky fought back, jaw clenched while running a hand through his hair.

“You’re being an unreasonable ass, Bucky.” Steve shot back. Despite being his best friend, he was being too shallow right now that he would do anything to avoid another migraine from coming.


“Shut the fuck up, Tony.” Steve spoke sternly, eyes still set on Bucky’s face.

“You know what, Barnes?” Y/N said, wincing as she stood up from her seat. She was fuming now, range consuming her. Fuck, it hurt that he felt nothing for her. Not even a bit of sympathy.

But that was all a lie. An act.

“If you want me out, just say the goddamn words and I’ll start packing up my shit for your sake.”

Tears prickled in her eyes but she didn’t want to break down in front of him because crying wouldn’t change the fact that Bucky already saw her as someone weak.

He never hated you. Not even close. But the truth? He hated himself for not being there to save her. He was never angry at her, more to himself. And the thought of losing you terrified him, unable to breathe as if his lungs were taken out of his body.

Before anyone could say anything, she turned on the balls of her feet to exit the room. Nat immediately rushing to her side to help her out, only for Y/N to tell her that she was fine through gritted teeth but Bucky beat her to it, blocking out the elevator before she could leave.

“Y/N?” He whispered.

He’s never felt this guilty. It was his fault. He did this to you. 

 “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry.” 

 She laughed and it wasn’t filled with any humor at all. And with those bloodshot eyes, a bandaged thigh, scars and bruises all over her body, Bucky couldn’t help but wonder- 

 How was she still so beautiful? 

“Get out of the way. I don’t need your pity, Barnes.” 

 Bucky almost winced at the tone of her voice. 

 What have I done? What have I done? What have I done? 

“Please just listen to me, Y/N.” He almost begged. Bucky just wanted fix the mess he’s made. But after what he did? It was impossible. 

“Listen to you? After underestimating me in front of the whole team, you want me to listen to you?” She scoffed. 

“I’m angry at myself. Angry that I wasn’t there to protect you when I could’ve lost you then and there. I should’ve protected you but I didn’t. It should’ve been me. You don’t deserve this.” He was breathless now, eyes wide in realization that he admitted everything to you. To himself. 

“You screwed me over, Bucky. All these months, you treated me like–" 

 "I’m in love with you, Y/N.“ 


 She almost missed it. 


The next thing she knew, he was in front her, lips a few inches apart, able to feel his breath on her face and wow his eyes were blue. So fucking blue that she wouldn’t mind getting lost in them for days.  He slowly pressed his lips against hers, Y/N laying her hand on the nape of his neck, fingers intertwining in the soft locks of his hair. Bucky felt butterflies in his stomach and for the first time in years he’s never felt this much love. For the first time in years, he’s never felt so alive.

bad | 01

 he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 01

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 506

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon

A/N: if people like this, I’ll make another part. it won’t be a long series, though. this will probably be cliché af. but please, pretty pretty pretty please tell me what you think. THANKS.


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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader, Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut + Punk!Junghope + Gang!AU

Word Count: ~8K

Description: Ride along, so worry can’t get us, so nobody can recognize you. Speed put at the maximum. A Rolling Stones song, play on. But no matter what song I play, already in your heart, the crying has already killed it, no song can save you. I’ll hold you, even when the whole world turns its back on you.

PT1. | PT.2

This is not what you imagined months ago while daydreaming of what you would be doing today. Sitting in class all day or leaning against the counter at work, visualizing hundreds of scenarios where you and your knight in shining armor are having the time of your life on the one day in the whole year set aside just for love. He would be wearing a black suit and tie, his hair brushed and looking at you as if you fished out all the stars in the universe and put them in your eyes. And you would be wearing a dress made of silk that took weeks of extra shifts but it would be all worth it when he’d see you, hair made up and a lovesick smile on your lips.

February 14th is supposed to be a night you’d never forget in your entire life, a night you’d look back on while holding your children and looking at your husband, saying wow, where did the time go? It’s not supposed to end up with you looking at racks and racks of cards for every possible occasion at nine in the evening with a frown as deep. You’re probably the only person in the small 24 hour store beside the clerk himself, who frankly looks like he doesn’t want to be here more than you.

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“Your wife is hot” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Here’s for you :), and I thank you very much ^^

Part two


The league discovered that Batman made files on all of them. Files in which were their secret identities, the way they could be defeated, and a all lot of personal details. And so they were…pretty mad at him. They felt like he betrayed their trust, while all he wanted to do was to make sure the World was safe. So the bat had to amend himself. He told all of them he was Bruce Wayne. And that’s the story of how a bunch of superheroes invaded your home. 

They first went to see the Batcave, which left you enough time to try and relax. It wasn’t everyday that you met the biggest superheroes of the World. You already encountered Superman, who was in real life Clark Kent, your husband’s best friend. You also were friend with Wonder Woman, having actually quite a lot in common with Diana Price. And your eldest son was friend with The Flash sidekick, Kid Flash, even though you never actually met Barry Allen, you felt like Wally told you enough things about him that you knew you’d probably get along. But the rest…Well, you were just super stressed. 

Of course, you knew all of them, extensively actually. You knew what they liked and didn’t like, their personality…Hum, you might have, MIGHT, read Bruce’s files on them. Curiosity. It was your biggest flaw. 

You heard them before you saw them. Granted, they were making quite a raucous. First entered Bruce, closely followed by The Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz. Then came in Hal Jordan, one of the Green Lantern. Clark and Diana, who smiled warmly at you. The Flash who was…talking. So much babbling about everything he saw in the bat cave. There was so many things in the bat cave…After him was Arthur Curry, the dude who was speaking to fish, Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, another power couple. Green Arrow and Black Canary. Finally came in the very stoic Hawkman and Hawkwoman. You knew a huge part of the league didn’t come, busy with their own things, and you were so thankful for it, as you were already freaking out quite a bit. 

You were sitting on a high chair around the kitchen counter with Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian when they finally noticed you guys’ presence. 

-Oh, and here are the robins. So they are yours after all. 

-Yes, they are. 

This three words made your three eldest very happy, as Bruce rarely stated like that that he considered them his sons. They knew he loved them, but he only showed it when they were almost head or emotionally in distress…

Flash came very quickly to shake their hands. And then he looked at you. You knew the spark in his eyes. Most men had it when they looked at you. It’s not that you were particularly beautiful, but there was an aura around you that just made you irresistible. You were rather charming, without even trying to be. 

-Wow…and who do we have here ?

Bruce approached you and went around the kitchen counter to sit next to you. He looked coldly at Flash, having recognize as well the spark in his eyes. He would never admit it, but Bruce was a very jealous man.

-My wife. 

Except for Diana and Clark, they all seemed stunned. What ? Batman had a wife ? How the…What ?! That guy ? But like, he smiled once every year and he was so…It was just crazy that he had a wife. It blew their minds. 

-You guys are going to catch flies if you keep your mouthes open like that. Y/N, you already know who they are, everyone, Y/N. My wife. 

Clark chuckled at his compatriots’ reaction, and Diana gave you a sorry look. You were slightly annoyed. Not because they all stared at you with curiosity, making you uncomfortable, but because it was clear that they didn’t know your Bruce at all. They were all surprised he had someone who loved him, because all they ever saw was his Batman side, and not even the good Batman side…You were actually kinda happy they came in your home, maybe they’d realize that there was more to the bat than met the eyes. 

-Hum, Alfred made fresh tea and coffee, and I baked cookies if…superheroes are interested in this kind of stuffs. 

You shyly said, trying to change the subject, and they all laughed frankly. Yes, superheroes were definitely interested in those kind of stuffs. They all sat around the counter and attacked what you and Alfred prepared for them.

You were bombarded by questions. Where did you met ? how the hell could you deal with him everyday ? Since how long where you together ? Blahblahblah. You tried to answer to everything, feeling Bruce’s loving and slightly amused gaze on you. 

You were kinda amused too, to be honest. Earth’s mightiest superheroes, interested in things as trivial as someone else’s relationship. 

-Hum…We met at a cafe, he tried to help me with a thief but I knocked the thief down with a chair… (happened in this fic thought it was fun to mix them a bit) 

-Which is what drawn me to her. 

The League was listening with attention. 

-I deal very well with him, thank you. I don’t appreciate what you implied there. He isn’t some kind of animal difficult to handle you know.

-Careful, she has a mean right hook. And our chairs here are very sturdy.  

Flash shifted in his seat awkwardly. You were looking at him coldly, knowing he was the one that asked the question, and damn he found you terrifying and sexy at the same time. He was very confused. 

-We’ll be having our ten years anniversary next months…And I’m sorry guys, I can’t remember any other questions you asked. 

Before any of the leaguers could say anything, J’onn talked. 

-We don’t have any more questions Mrs. Wayne. I’m sorry for my friends’…behavior. They’re usually more polite. 

He glared at the others, and they got the message. Batman was letting them in his personal life, trying to regain their trust, and they were being rude. After all, with his telepathic powers, he sometimes, not on purpose, caught glimpses of the real Bruce. A broken man, whom you mended carefully. A man that, if he didn’t had his full trust in them, would never have told them his identity. 

They apologized, suddenly understanding. Well, actually, J’onn told them with his telepathic powers, and they all felt a bit guilty. A bit, because they still remembered the files. 

-It’s alright really. I understand. After all, he knows a lot about you, and you didn’t even know he had a wife. So…Yeah. Hum. 

You smiled at them, and your natural aura all caught them. They instantly liked you. You just had that effect on people, and the one who couldn’t stand you were doing so just because they envied you. 

You all talked about light subject, avoiding League’s matter, and just talking about anything, like  friends. 

-Oh it’s already 4…Hum, I’m late. I’d gladly stay a bit longer, but I have work to do. Boring Wayne inc stuffs you know. Hope to see you all again. We could…like…have a big barbecue or something. 

You hugged Clark and Diana, and shaked a bit awkwardly everyone else’s hand. When it came to the Flash, you felt him shiver a bit under your touch, but had tact enough not to say anything. 

You gave a kiss on the cheek to your boys, and as you went to say goodbye to Bruce, he surprised you by kissing you passionately on the lips, in front of everyone. When he pulled away, your breath was quick, and you saw him giving Flash “the bat glare”. You smiled softly, and with a last peck on his lips, left. 

A silence installed itself, a silence that Flash broke. 

-Well, one thing is sure Bruce…Your wife is damn hot.

-I’m gonna kick you in the face. 

-Don’t talk about our mother like that. 

And that’s the story of how the Justice League started to really bond…and of how Barry Allen got that he shouldn’t say anything about the Batman’s wife, as his black eye reminded him the next day. 

The Girl from Around the Block-Lip Gallagher Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: some sensuality and language (Shameless imagine, don’t be surprised)

Originally posted by adventuresofjulia

  Lip didn’t have many strictly platonic friendships with other girls. In fact, he never considered he was capable of having a relationship with a female that didn’t involve them screwing into oblivion. But Y/N Y/L/N was different. For one thing, they’ve known each other since they were two years old, when Fiona and Hailey, Y/N’s older sister, arranged a play date for the two of them. They bonded over a love of Legos and had been friends ever since. He helped her with homework and she helped him get out of trouble when trying to persuade him from getting into it failed. He taught her how to smoke and she taught him how to play the piano. They were perfect for each other but neither of them would admit it.

  “Come on, Lip, you’re telling me that you’ve never thought of asking Y/N out?” Ian asked.

  They were smoking on their porch in the hot Chicago summer. Ian had the day off from work and Lip was still thinking up his latest scheme to make money fast.

   “Y/N’s like a sister to me, you know. You don’t f—k your sister,” Lip said. “We aren’t royalty or anything.”

   Ian laughed. “Well, I’m pretty sure Y/N’s thought of f—cking you, you can see it in her eyes.”

   “Shut up.” Lip smacked Ian in the chest, making the ginger laugh.

   “Oh, that hurt so bad. Can’t you hit harder, pussy?”

   And that led to them wrestling jokingly, making Debbie roll her eyes inside and Carl begin cheering them on. Once they stopped (ie: when Ian pinned Lip down in their front yard), Lip sighed.

   “For the record, I let you win.”

   “Yeah, whatever.” Ian’s smile disappeared and he looked serious. “So, you’d really never consider getting with Y/N?”

   Lip rolled his eyes and shoved Ian off of him. “If you’re so into her, why don’t you date her?”
  “Because I’m gay.”

   “Oh yeah, use that excuse.” Lip took another long drag of his cigarette as he stood. “Look, Y/N’s a cool girl and stuff but I can’t see us being serious. I mean, we used to take baths together and I had the pleasure of being the only person with her when she first got her period. There’s too much history.”

   As the words left his mouth, Lip knew he was lying to himself. He knew that he was madly in love with his best friend who somehow managed to be sweet but scrappy when it came to defending herself or any of the Gallaghers. Plus, there was the way she threw her head back when she laughed really hard, making her gorgeous y/h/c locks flow around her. Then, there was the way she’d scrunch up her nose whenever she was confused about a homework question. Plus, she was the one who first confronted him about Karen, telling him that he shouldn’t take her kind of bullsh-t anymore. Also, her y/e/c eyes would light up whenever she was staring out at Lake Michigan and she would jump whenever someone/something freaked her out.

   Ian glanced behind Lip. “Too much history, huh?”


   “Then you wouldn’t be too upset at the view behind you right now.”

   Lip turned around and what he saw nearly made him drop his cigarette. Across the street, standing on the corner, was none other than Y/N smiling widely as she kissed Will Brooks. 

    “What’s she doing with him?” Lip asked.

    “Well, Lip, it appears as though they’re making out. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s had a crush on him since second semester,” Ian said.

   “How the f–k do you know all that?”

   “Because I’m the gay friend she tells all this to,” Ian said. “And I can’t blame her. Will is the star of the basketball team, has muscles for days, and is the literal definition of tall, dark, and handsome.”

   “He’s an idiot. He thought that a square should count as a rhombus in geometry,” Lip muttered.

   “Someone sounds jealous,” Ian sang.

   “Shut up,” he hissed.

   But the green monster was making his blood boil as he watched Y/N laugh at something Will said before hitting his arm playfully. Her smile was beautiful and genuine, if only she was smiling that way for Lip. She kissed Will one last time before circling around him and heading down the street. However, Will didn’t let her get by before swatting her butt and making her jump. Lip could’ve strangled him right then and there.

   “Lip, Ian, you are not going to believe what just happened!” Y/N said when she got up to them.

   “You got syphilis from that idiot?” Lip asked.

   Y/N frowned. “No, but Will did just take me out.”

   “Where?” Ian smiled widely and crossed his arms just to spite Lip.

   “He took me to lunch and then we walked along Navy Pier, just talking. Your advice worked, Ian!” Y/N squealed as she hugged him.

    “Wait, you gave her advice on this?” Lip asked.

    “It’s what the gay best friend does,” Ian said.

    Y/N turned to Lip and frowned. “Why are you getting so upset about this?”

    “Because you didn’t tell me about it.”

    “I didn’t think you’d care if I went out with Will. It’s nothing serious.”

    “But it might be. The Bulls are looking at Will to draft him. I hear he’s going to be Chicago’s Kobe Bryant.”

    “This is the Bulls were talking about, Ian,” Lip said. “Besides, Will get a new girl every week, you should probably just forget about him.”

   “For your information, Mr. Negative, we’re actually going out again tomorrow night. He got us Bulls tickets!”
   “Nosebleeds?” Lip asked.

   “Nope, near the floor, center court!” Y/N grinned. “I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that Will would ever notice me.”

    “How could he not? You’re gorgeous,” Ian said.

    “Just be careful, okay. I don’t like the guy.”

    “You don’t like many guys, Lip. Besides, you should be happy for me. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get you court-side seats to see the Bulls.”

   “No thanks, I’m good.” Lip threw his cigarette down and snuffed it out with his boot. “I’m gonna go take care of some business.”

    “What business?” Y/N asked as she began following him down the sidewalk.

    “My usual business with Kev,” Lip said.

    Y/N’s eyes widened. “Lip, you can’t do that. You’re already high up on the cop’s radar, right behind Carl.”

   “I’ve been doing this since we were fourteen, Y/N, I know what I’m doing.”

    “But you getting arrested could f—k up your chances with MIT or U of Chicago or any other fancy school,” Y/N argued.

   “Hey, why don’t you worry about what dress you’re gonna wear to see Will again and I’ll worry about my future, alright?” Lip snapped.

   Y/N flinched at his words. They had had arguments before, but he never got this mean with her. “What’s your problem, Lip? Are you on the rag?”

   “No, just leave me alone.”

   “Fine, come around the block when you decide to stop being such a jackass,” Y/N said.

   Though her words were sharp, she sounded hurt and it hurt Lip that he had hurt his best friend. As much as he wanted to admit why he was really angry with Y/N, he was too prideful and scared of her reaction to say anything.

   For two weeks, Y/N didn’t come by to see the Gallaghers nor did Lip try to go up around the block to see her. Fiona, Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kev, and V did their best not to mention her name whenever Lip was around. But ever since their fight, Lip had begun drinking and smoking more. He was miserable. However, everything came to a head when Fiona confronted him one day.

   “Alright, Lip, go talk to her,” Fiona said.


   Lip was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee while Fiona and Debbie were making breakfast.

   “You heard her, we’re sick of seeing you moping around all the time and drunk you is only so entertaining,” Debbie said.

   “I don’t want to talk to her. Besides, the only person she’s interested in talking to is Will.” Lip spat out the boy’s name.

   “That’s not true,” Ian said as he walked into the kitchen with Liam in his arms, “she talks to me all the time.”

   “If I want to talk to her, I’ll talk to her, alright? Can we stop f—king talking about her?” Lip snapped.

   Fiona set a plate of eggs and bacon in front of Lip and bent down to his level. “Lip, I know you’ve been in love with Y/N pretty much since the day you met and it must be killing you that you fought and that she’s with Will—”

   “Will Brooks? He’s a babe,” Debbie said.

   Fiona, Ian, and Lip collectively shot her a look that made her instantly regret her words.


   Fiona sighed. “But you need to man up and talk to her. I know this is gonna be hard comin’ from me but I know love when I see it.”

   Lip groaned. “She’s not gonna forgive me.”

  “She will, we’ve all had to,” Ian said.

  Lip playfully shoved him before taking a long swig of coffee. “I’ll be right back.”

  “That’s my boy,” V said as she entered the kitchen from the rear entrance.

   “Did you hear all of that?” Ian asked.

   “For the most part. Please go talk to that girl, I’m sick of seeing you look more pissed off than usual.”

   Lip laughed. “I will, see ya, V.”

   As he left the house, Lip began going over everything he could possibly say to make everything up to Y/N. 

   “Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and getting pissed about you and Will. I’m sure the NBA accepts idiots too—no, can’t say that, she’ll get pissed that I insulted him. Y/N, I’m sorry for being a dick and I’m really happy for you and Will. Maybe the Bulls will start winning if he joins. Yeah, that’s better.” Lip paused. “Y/N, you probably hate me, but we have to talk…”

   “I thought that only crazy people talked to themselves,” Mandy said as she strolled up to Lip.

   “Oh, hey, Mandy,” he said.

    She was wearing a tight black tank top and short denim cut offs. They had a short-lived fling but decided that they were better off as friends. Besides Ian and Lip, Mandy was Y/N’s closest friend.

   “I’m guessing that you’re off to talk to Y/N,” Mandy said.

   “Yeah, I said some real sh-tty stuff to her and she didn’t deserve it.” 

   “She never does,” Mandy said. “It’s just too bad about her and Will.”

   Lip frowned. “What happened?”

   “You didn’t hear? She found out that he’s been cheating on her ever since they got together. I offered to have my brothers beat him up for her, but she said it wasn’t worth it. I haven’t seen her around in a long time.”


    “Yeah, so whatever you have to say to her, don’t f-ck up.”

   “Thanks, Mandy.”

    As Lip walked away from Mandy, he was both elated and furious. He could beat Will’s face in for what he did to Y/N but at the same time, he was ecstatic that she was single again. Now he really had to perfect what he was gonna say.

   “Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened between us. You didn’t deserve it and I was just being a dick. I’m also sorry about what happened between you and Will. He deserves to get the sh-t beat out of him.” Lip sighed. “And…and I got so mad about the whole Will thing because, you’re like a sister to me and I didn’t want to lose my sister or my friend…the friend I’ve been in love with since we were two.”

   At this point, Lip was standing in front of the Y/L/N’s house. Mr. Y/L/N was most likely back at work in the loan office and Mrs. Y/L/N was off being a maid in the W Hotel. Whether or not Hailey was home was a bit of a toss up since she would skip class more than Lip did. The navy, two-story house seemed a lot bigger than it usually did and part of Lip wanted to turn around and run away.

   “Don’t be a pussy,” he muttered. 

   He walked up the front steps and knocked on the door.

   Seconds later, a dog was barking and Hailey was yelling at it.

   “Geez!” she blew a piece of dark hair out of her eyes and narrowed them once she saw Lip. “Lip.”

   “Hi, Hailey.”

   The barking Rottweiler stopped when he saw Lip and began licking all over his face.

   “Hi, Buster,” Lip said as he scratched the dog. “I’ve missed you.”

   “Well, he’s missed you too, I don’t know if I can say the same for Y/N,” Hailey said.

   Lip sighed as he straightened up. “Look, I know I f-cked up majorly with Y/N and I’m sorry. I just want to apologize and if she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore, that’s fine, I’ll understand. Is she okay?”

   Hailey’s e/c eyes softened slightly at Lip’s words but she kept a tense body language. “She’d be better off if that idiot hadn’t cheated on her weeks after she lost her best friend. But she’ll get through it, she’s tough.”

   “I know, is she here?”

   Hailey pursed her lips. “That Will guy might’ve hurt her but you really broke her heart, you know that, Gallagher?”


   “I could kill you for how much you made her cry and then Will on top of that—” Hailey breathed.

   “And I’ll do my best to never make her cry again. Believe me, the last thing I want is to hurt her.”

   Lip hoped his sincerity showed through since Hailey was one of the most stubborn people when it came to protecting her family and doing what she thought was right.

   “She went to the Symphony. They let her listen to the music from the entry way as long as she doesn’t disturb anyone.”

   “Thanks, Hailey, I really appreciate it.”

   The L couldn’t have operated any slower that day, which made Lip even more anxious. He began chain smoking, hoping it would help him think more, but it didn’t. It calmed him down a little, but he still had no idea what he was going to say to her. Fortunately, downtown wasn’t very crowded and it was easy for him to find his way to the Symphony. Sure enough, Y/N was sitting near one of the door, cross-legged, listening intently to the passionate music. She looked gorgeous though she was wearing a simple white summer dress that went off the shoulders. Her hair was twisted up into a pretty bun on top of her head and her back was facing Lip.

   He carefully walked up to her, his mind racing with words.

   “Mind if I join you?”
    Y/N gestured for him to sit without turning away from the door. Her eyes were puffy and he could tell that she had been crying.

    “Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

    “Sh, it’s Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9,” Y/N hissed.

    “Oh, right, sorry.” Lip managed to say quiet for five more seconds before saying, “no, you know what, f-ck the music, you can get this sh–t on YouTube or iTunes. We need to talk.”

   “Keep your voice down or we’ll get kicked out,” Y/N said quietly. 

   “Fine, but at least look at me when I talk?”
   Y/N hesitated before turning to Lip. “Talk.”

   Lip paused. Everything he had rehearsed seem to leave his mind. “You’re beautiful.”

   Y/N rolled her eyes. “Go away, Lip.”

   “No, I’m serious. Even though that a—hole made you cry and did all that to you, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Always have been.”

   There was a long pause between them but Y/N looked stunned.

   “Is that all you have to say to me?”

    “No, I’m sorry about what happened between us. I shouldn’t have gotten so pissed off about you and that jerk.”

    “You were a real jackass,” Y/N muttered.

    “I know, and you didn’t deserve that. And I’m sorry about what happened—-no, you know what, f-ck that, I’m not sorry. He didn’t deserve to be with you because you are amazing and sweet and talented and tough and strong. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as you and neither do I.”

    Y/N looked stunned but suddenly looked dejected. “If I’m all those things, why did he cheat on me with Ashley Opperman, Jane Henkins, Mariah Little, Penny Gilbert, Vanessa Langley, and Iman Ashton?”

    “Because he’s an idiot who’s probably trying to get the clap if he got anywhere near Vanessa Langley,” Lip said.

    Y/N smiled. “I think she’s had ever STD under the sun besides AIDs.”

   Lip smiled. “I’m so sorry about everything that happened between us, Y/N. Is there any way you could forgive me?”
   Y/N jokingly tapped her finger against her chin. “If you teach me how make things explode using that fancy technical vocabulary, maybe.”

   “Of course.”

   “And you help me pass my ACT.”


   “And you come to my piano concerts.”

   “I already do.”

   “Sober, though.”

   “Then you’ll have to play something less boring.”


   They jokingly shook hands before Y/N wrapped her arms around Lip and basically fell into his lap. He immediately pulled her close, inhaling her sweet scent.

    “I’ve missed this,” she whispered.

    “I love you.”

    They both froze. Lip couldn’t have said that any less smoothly if he tried. He couldn’t believe that he had blurted it out like that.

    Y/N pulled away slowly and looked at him with wide eyes. “Lip?”

    “I’ve loved you since we first met and I fell in love with you around the same time, I think. It drove me crazy seeing you with Will and I’m sorry I was so mean to you. If you don’t feel the same way then—”

    Lip was cut off as Y/N pressed her lips against his. He immediately pulled her closer as he kissed back. All those emotions they had for the past sixteen years came out in that exchange. They were so caught up they not only forgot where they were but also that they would need to pull away for air.

     “Eh hem.” An elderly security guard looked at them with distaste.

    “What’s your problem?” Lip asked.

    “Sorry, Ivan, we’ll be leaving now.”

    “No, that’s fine, Y/N, just try to ease up on all of that.” Ivan gestured to their current position.

   “You got it, Ivan.”

   He wandered away and Lip pulled Y/N into him again.

   “So, I’m guessing you like me too?”

   “No, I love you, I thought as smart as you are, you would’ve caught onto that when we were at least four,” Y/N teased.

   “Well, I’m smart enough to never let you go again.”


    And that was how after many years, Lip Gallagher ended up with the girl from around the block.

late night talks | park jimin

Originally posted by syubtae

Pairing: Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 851

Request: Heyyy can u request a scenario where y/n is with jimin but she has always felt insecure and that he can do better and one night when she thought jimin was sleeping she let her heart out to him but he actually heard everything? Angst fluff? Hope that makes sense hahaha - Anonymous

Reader’s POV

You let out a deep sigh as you twisted around in your bed, finally turning around to face a sleeping figure next to you who’s chest rose softly with the gentle breaths that escaped his mouth.

Your lips titled up into a small smile as you brought your fingers up to his face, gently caressing the sides as you saw him instinctively move closer into your touch.

Just as your eyes were about to flutter close, the thoughts that haunted you all day came crashing down at you at 3am in the morning.

Your smile turned into a frown, as your fingers hesitantly retreated, bringing them back as you shut your eyes close, wanting to just wipe out the thoughts running through your head.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered quietly, although you knew he was well asleep, your voice raw as you felt tears swim behind your eyes, threatening to fall over any moment.

“I-I just. God, Jimin why?” you choked, biting your down on your lip harshly as you looked to his chest, finding it even hard to breath.

“Why me? I–I’m boring, I’m ugly, I’m useless and–” you stopped, before breathing in and whispering, “I don’t deserve someone like you.”

You sighed and let out a weak chuckle, “I’m literally nothing compared to the million people you work with everyday, I mean, your constantly surrounded by beautiful people and yet it almost seems like a joke that you chose to be with me.”

Your fingers tightened into a fist as you continued, the tears finally streaming down you face as you sobbed quietly, “And your just so perfect, everything about you is, from your personality to your determination to the way you make my heart race at every little thing you do.”

“I’m so sorry, Jimin-ah,” your voice cracked, “I–

"Y/N.” a voice interrupted in the middle, your glassy eyes shooting up in surprise as they met Jimin’s strong gaze.

You didn’t notice he was awake, as you felt the fear crawl up your spine when you realized he’d heard every word you uttered to him, something that you’d been too afraid to admit to even yourself.

Suddenly, you felt his hand cup your face gently, bringing your gaze back to his as his fingers caught your stray tears, wiping them away gently.

“Jimi–I.” your voice faltered when you felt your heart stop at the next words that came out of his mouth, his soft whisper sending your heart spinning in cartwheels.

“I love you.” he said hoarsely, his eyes softening at you as he pulled you closer to him, resting his forehead against yours so that his eyes bore into yours, making it easy to see the sincerity in his words. Your lips parted in surprise as you found yourself void of any words, your throat going dry as you simply blinked at the boy in front of you.

Pressing his lips to your forehead he whispered, “I love your brain that always generates all your smart ass comments at me.”

As you fluttered your eyes close, he kissed each one before saying, “I love these eyes that always look at the world with so much wonder, curiosity and amazement, especially with love for me.”

Brushing his nose against yours, you giggled slightly as he breathed, “I love the way your nose always scrunches up in the cutest way whenever you laugh, making me do the stupidest, dumbest things just to see it happen.”

Finally trailing his lips down to your own, hovering over them, the space between the two of you was almost unbearable.

“I love your mouth and every single word that comes out of it, especially when your talking to me and make me go insane at how with even one word you make my heart go crazy.” he chuckled when he pulled away from you, a small whine escaping your lips.

As his hands rested back on your waist, pulling you even closer to him that you were sure was impossible at this point, he whispered, “And on top of all that, I love you, my beautiful, amazingly talented girlfriend that makes me count the stars everyday cause I’m so goddamn lucky, so don’t you ever say you don’t deserve me cause without you I wouldn’t be here.”

Your eyes shined with tears, but this time they were happy tears, as you choked back, “God, I-I love you too Jimin. I love you so much, so so much–”

But before you could finish, Jimin quickly engulfed your lips with his, kissing you sweetly as your mind spun in circles, your fingers clutching his tshirt as you kissed him back, your lips perfectly molded against his as you could hear your heartbeat in your ears.

“You’re perfect, every inch of you, every piece of you, everything.” he breathed against your lips, as he pulled away slowly, kissing your forehead one last time before cuddling you against his warm chest.



“Thank you.” you confessed softly as he looked down at you with a smile that you were you’d never forget even in a million years.

“Anything for you.”

anonymous asked:

First kisses with the boys?

Your first kiss with Noctis is kind of an accident. You met him while he and his friends were traveling outside of the Crown City. You were friends with Cindy and often frequented the garage with your feline companion, a little black cat who liked to sit on your shoulders. Cindy introduced you to the Prince and his friends, and you got to know them every time they came by for a tune up on the car, which became increasingly frequent.

Then one day, your cat went missing, and you were completely bereft. You were talking to Cindy about it by the garage and Noctis overheard, offering to look for your cat before anything happened to him. You offered him gil, but he refused, telling you that he just wanted to help.

It was nightfall when he returned to the garage, a little black ball of fur cuddled up in his arms. He smiled at you as he passed him to your open arms, relieved tears rolling down your face. You were so happy that, without thinking, you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Noctis’ lips in front of all of his friends.

You regained your senses and pulled away, your eyes wide with embarrassment and his with shock. After a second, he recovered and whispered, “Fuck it,” and kissed you again as the guys cat called the two of you in the background.

You’d known Prompto for years. He was, in fact, one of your closest friends, your first crush, and your next door neighbour. You always excelled in school, whereas Prompto had trouble focusing. Your teachers knew that you lived beside each other, so they asked you to help tutor him to help his grades up. You agreed.

Tutoring Prompto was only a chore because he was so much fun to be around that he was such a distraction. He always wanted to go to the arcade, go for a walk, talk about nothing, play video games and the like.

One day you were feeling bold and decided up the stakes. You told him that if he got all of his math homework done, and it was correct, you’d give him a prize. The excited glint in his eyes made you laugh as he hurried to get his work done. Once he was finished and you checked everything, you told him to close his eyes. He did, and you kissed him.

The second your lips were on his, instead of being shocked, he placed his hand on the back of your neck and held you there, deepening it as you squeaked in surprise. When you finally pulled away, you were both breathless and blushing. He gave you a cheeky grin and asked what he’d get if he finished his history homework, too.

You knew about Gladio’s reputation. You were part of his close friend group and had thought you could just live your life quietly pining over him without ever having to actually confront your feelings. But then one day he asked you out—and you were terrified.

You asked him why. He told you that he liked you, but that small voice in the back of your head kept you skeptical. You asked him about all his past flings, and he told you that they were just that. Meaningless flings, and that he actually liked you and wanted to be with you. You took his words with a grain of salt and agreed to go to dinner with him.

He was on his best behaviour. He actually avoided touching you, because he knew that moving too fast would just end up confirming what you thought about him. It was about six dates in when you finally asked him if he was going to kiss you, or if he even wanted to. His gaze darted from your eyes to your lips, and you had your answer.

You got on your tip toes and kissed him and he responded immediately, but he let you control it at your own pace. You finally pulled away from him and Gladio looked completely dazed. His lips are on you again and you let his tongue explore your mouth. And in his arms, you wonder why you didn’t let him kiss you sooner.

You were at Ignis’ apartment, baking a cake for Prompto’s birthday. Ignis had taught you how to cook and bake, and you figured that he had an elaborate plan for the cake, and you wanted to help decorate it.

You got to his place as he’d pulled the chilled cake from the fridge. You helped him mix up the icing and put it in piping tubes. Soon, there was a beautifully decorated cake on the counter, ready to be brought over to Prompto’s apartment for the party that evening.

Ignis surprised you by pulling a much smaller cake from the fridge, one that he’d made especially for the two of you to share. It was already decorated, and he cut you a slice. You took a forkful and ate it, savouring how delicious and rich it was.

Ignis motioned to your face that you had icing at the corner of your mouth. Before you could wipe it away, he was inches from your face. He leaned in and pressed his lips to the spot, his tongue coming out to lap at the sweetness before barely pulling away. You leaned into him and your lips met in the middle. The taste of sugar was still on his tongue, and you couldn’t help but go in for seconds.