Françoise Hardy Invited by Paris Match magazine to pose for the cover of the magazine Françoise has decided to change her style at Chez Dior, her hair is up and wearing a blue printed dress from the Dior collection. Photos by Jean-Claude Sauer (Paris Match). March 1963.

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Could you do a face reveal? Maybe one of your bf as well?

I’ve already posted my photo a few times but here you go. This is the newest from a collection 😂 also my bf would kill me if I post his pic. I don’t even have many with him

I hear the heavy moon approaching,
I hear shallow sleep departing,
my memory sharpens all knives
on the memory stone.

Christine Lavant, from Shatter The Bell In My Ear: Selected Poems of Christine Lavant [translated by David Chorlton]

Ich höre kommen den schweren Mond,
ich höre gehen den leichten Schlaf,
mein Gedächtnis schleift alle Messer
am Stein des Gedenkens.

You must have been tossed upon the mighty sea of passion and if you can escape free body and soul, there lies before you such a wind-swept waste of freedom, such promise of happiness in this freedom, that you run forward, your arms outstretched to take the whole world into your embrace.
—  Katherine Mansfield, from The Collected Stories; “The Education of Audrey,
Signs As Uncommon Words
  • Aries: resfeber- (n.) thrill felt before an adventure
  • Taurus: elsyian- (adj.) beautiful or creative; peaceful
  • Gemini: trepverter- (n.) a witty response or comeback you think of only after it's too late to use
  • Cancer: selcouth- (adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet wonderful
  • Leo: ensorcell- (v.) to enchant or fascinate someone
  • Virgo: vellichor- (n.) the strange wistfulness of used bookshops
  • Libra: apricity- (n.) the warmth of the sun in wintertime
  • Scorpio: quidnunc- (n.) someone who always wants to know what's going on
  • Saggitarius: balter- (v.) to dance artlessly but with enjoyment
  • Capricorn: psithurism- (n.) the sound of wind rustling leaves
  • Aquarius: astral- (adj.) of or relating to the stars
  • Pisces: abderian- (adj.) given to idiotic or incessant laughter