Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. + Instagram - Daisy Johnson Edition

AU Instagram Series [Pt.1]: Daisy is the most prolific Instagram user of the team. Doesn’t stop the others from actively causing trouble on her account.

i watched a video of a woman who wrote a book about how loving Jesus had removed her shame from her past sins. and a book reviewer said “how could she [the author] have such little shame about her abortion?” and this was her response.

“Why do people come to this party called "Christianity” and then refuse to dance with grace? Not only that, but why do people stand on the wall, and not only refuse to dance, but also not allow anyone else to have a good time?!“

and i am just floored.

A government who won’t trust you with guns cannot be trusted with guns

New Pro-Gun Rights, Libertarian and Anti-Statist themed Tees:

New Republic: Let’s abolish the 2nd Amendment, ban all guns, and confiscate the ones already out there

If there’s one thing that progressive leftists hate, it’s liberty. They hate your right to choose. They hate your right to succeed. They hate your right to speak your mind. They hate your right to defend yourself. While most of the mainstream media are on board with promoting an “assault weapons ban” (whatever that means), The New Republic has leapt all the way to promoting total gun confiscation from all Americans.

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From My Cold Dead Hands - Mellow_Yellow - Shameless (US) [Archive of Our Own]
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It’s really, finally here - please enjoy the sequel to Over My Dead Body- From My Cold Dead Hands (LOVE zombie media names)! Thank you all for your immense patience with me over this fic, and I hope it’s worth the wait. You guys are the best and you deserve everything you want in life. :)

I’m going on vacay tomorrow, so I might be slow responding to messages, questions, comments, etc. Just FYI.

Sometimes I think I’m over the fact that Sansa lost Lady and then I think about it and I’m NOT OVER IT. Part of me wants Jon/Bran to ~find~ another direwolf while they’re at/North of the Wall and bring to her, but the other part of me is like NO because the whole point is that the wolves are all siblings, too.

The rational part of me tries to tell the irrational part of me that IT’S OKAY BECAUSE SANSA IS LADY NOW, LIKE THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF SANSA AND LADY HAVING BONDED AND LADY THEN DYING, but ugh. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

#drowning in Sansa/Lady feelz. 

The obvious response is to forget that Lady died and fake myself into thinking that she and Nymeria ran off together and have a co-queenship going on there in the Riverlands. #headcanon.

WTNV headcanons you’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands:

•autistic Carlos
•autistic Carlos who’s special interest is abnormal science
•non-binary Cecil
•trans man Carlos
•trans girl Janice
•bpd Cecil
•Carlos being the Dad of the science squad, but the kind of Dad Friend who does dumb shit and has to be saved by his kids
•Native American Cecil
•trans girl Abby (Cecil’s sister)
•colorblind Carlos who can’t tell exactly how disastrous his boyfriend’s outfits are
•Carlos’ last name literally being Scientist

[P]eople are jumping out windows into snowbanks. First of all, it’s a foolish thing to do, and you could kill yourself. So I’m asking people to stop the nonsense right now…. These are adults, jumping out windows.
—  Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh