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YO GOING ALONG WITH THE JASPER AND ERED RELATED HC COUNSELOR JASPER AU WHERE NIKKI IS LIKE ASKING ERED QUESTIONS ABOUT HERSELF LIKE "you got any siblings? Are they as cool as you?!" And Ered like "Yeah, I got an older brother" "REALLY?! WHERE IS HE?!" And Ered just points to Jasper

“listen my sister may be pretty cool, but you know i’m ice cold B^)”


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Can you also do relationship hc's for thor?

Thor has always reminded me of a big happy golden retriever.

Once you earn his love it’s kinda unconditionally and he might be away a lot but you can never really question if he loves you or not because he looks at you like the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

It’s a little mind blowing sometimes because he’s this otherworldly being that sometimes sits on the couch with you and watches trashy reality tv and he gets like really into it.

He’s beautiful in the morning, because he looks absolutely horrible. His hair is everywhere (listen you will have to pry the image of thor’s long hair away from my cold dead hands, because that is the one true thor of my heart.) He’s not a morning person.

When he catches you staring at him in the morning, he gives you a big happy smile and it’s just so genuine and adorable that it makes the crazy hair cute too.

~Mod Lillian

heres a headcanon that you guys can pry from my cold dead hands

Toga is a villain for the sake of being evil. She probably came from a wealthy home, had supportive parents, went to a good school to learn about her quirk, but just decided she could do so many things with it. Her blood lust was an experiment that got out of hand and she loved it.

Toga being evil for the sake of being evil.

No tragic back story, nothing bad happened to her.

She just. Likes. Being evil.

God bless a selfish villain honestly.

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6 please

6: Top Five Female Characters Who Are Adorable Dorks (said with all affection)

5. Mia Thermopolis

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4.  Topanga Lawrence (I know she grew out of it but you can pry Weird Topanga from my cold dead hands)

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3.Jillian Holtzmann

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2. Penelope Garcia

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1. Riley Matthews

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Top Five Female Characters Meme


todays twitter dump is seungchuchu themed because they are the best boys!! dedicated to @llyn-on-ice because she showed me part of something she was writing and it inspired most of this and also she inspires me every day of my life 

click through for captions

Can we acknowledge Jeremys lil “Wait, you came to see me in the play?”, completely ignoring the fact they are dealing with a crazy supercomputer and squiped zombie students

like Jeremy was just so happy to see Michael and the fact he still came to see Jeremy in the play despite all that happened im emo yall