The Tenth Doctor and Alec Hardy introducing their partners to important people from their past (and then dashing off)

Doctor Who - Series 2, School Reunion
Broadchurch - Series 2, Episode 1


i know not everyone has seen/has any desire to watch the lazytown extra series (personally i think its cute and short enough to be worth a watch) but stingy and the mayor have a segment that genuinely includes some of the funniest shit in this entire show so i’m making a compilation of their segment from every episode of lazytown extra! here’s episodes 1-10! 11-20 will be done soon. enjoy!!


Fitz and Olivia in 6.01


Under the cut you will find #520 gifs of Yang Yang, from the drama Love O2O. It would be great if you could like or reblog if you use these. ALL gifs were made by me. PLEASE DO NOT: claim as your own, remove my watermark, post in gif hunts, crop into gif icons, whitewash or use to make crackship gifs. You may edit for PERSONAL use. Full resource rules here.

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