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I have a lot of friends who are casual viewers of the 100 and like 87% of them see bellarke as endgame. No influence from me or social media all from what they see on the screen. This just goes to show that bellarke isn't fabricated in our minds.

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It is literally what the show is about.  Here we are having to defend liking a ship between the lead characters who have been making eyes at each other for 3 seasons. So we’re like, fine, bitch. You want proof, how about [any number of scenes] from [every single episode where they breathe the same air and sometimes when they don’t]? Oh, you think I’m making it up? Well then how about this literary element with the long history pointing to romance? That’s stretching? Okay, well then how about this cinematic technique that takes years to master and costs lots of money but clearly points towards romantic intentions?

Nope. They still think we’re delusional.

I’ve gotten so many anons telling me I was the queen of reaching or some such. It’s not reaching. It’s literary analysis and speculation. That’s how it works. You look at clues in the text and you figure out what they mean and where they could go. That’s how you make meaning of a text.  It’s not just about fantasy, although there is an element of personal connection. 

We’re seeing it because it’s in the text. They mean for us to see it. We don’t HAVE to read it that way, but it is one of, if not the main interpretation of what is on the screen. Really, if it weren’t for the social media and shipwars, there wouldn’t be anything controversial about Bellarke. Honestly, it might be slow burn, but it ain’t subtle, if you know to look for the clues.

Frankly, I’m tired of the antis. They don’t like us. We know they don’t like us. They don’t like our ship. They don’t like our show. They don’t like our favorite characters. But they can’t just let us enjoy our ship in peace.


lets just all take a moment and appreciate the King of Looks Lee Jooheon

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ever since you started getting attention from the official accounts i noticed you have been making a lot more jen-ish gifs. like ones that she tends to reblog but aren't what you used to make. it feels kind of weird when i see them like you are changing like how they changed good mythical more to get more views. feels bad.

What? I do not make GIFs for them to reblog! I make GIFs from the moments I think are worthy of giffing from every episode. I don’t get what you mean by ‘’used to make’’, mind to explain that to me? I still make rhinky gifs when I see the opportunity. Basically, I gif the moments I think would make good contents for this blog and then I fulfil some requests. See my tags in the posts, not even half of the gifs I make are even under the main tags. Sure I have more followers every day and I make more gifs now, they all can’t be ‘’what they used to be’’, I guess.

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SVU obvi

the character i least understand

Hmmm…I’m not sure about “least understand” so much as don’t have a strong feel for them from a character point of view, but maybe Alex Cabot? I don’t feel like we ever got a real strong sense of her personality beyond her courtroom persona, sometimes to the point of being/coming across rather cold. I think that’s why I’ve ended up liking Casey a lot more than Alex, the more I’ve rewatched SVU (even if my favorite seasons overall are from the Alex years.)

I also don’t feel like I have a real strong grasp on Barba. Maybe because I haven’t actually watched every episode from seasons 15 & 16 yet (b/c honestly my interest in doing so isn’t that high from the ones I have watched. I really personally feel like they were some of the worst of SVU to date. This season was mostly more of the same and even worse, but at least we had Mike who I came to really like. Just before they killed him, of course.)

interactions i enjoyed the most

Munch & Fin, obviously. Actually pretty much Munch & everyone: Benson, Amaro, Cassidy, Cragen…but Munch & Fin for the complete win.

I’m a huge friendshipper of Fin & Amanda too and hope we get back to seeing more of the two of them together in Season 18 again.

I also just love the entire squad dynamics in seasons 2-5, where it was really more about the unit as a whole (hence my favorite “Benson & Stabler & Munch & Fin” t-shirt) and not all the Benson & Stabler, will-they-won’t-they soap opera the show became in the later 1.0 seasons.

the character who scares me the most

Elliot Stabler. Mostly because I’m convinced he’s the type who really would lose it completely someday and kill someone in anger. Or maybe go nuts on the squad or his family and end up taking a lot of people out in a murder/suicide.

the character who is mostly like me

Fin for sure. I tend to not like to talk too much about my emotions and keep things to myself (sometimes to an unhealthy degree, and one that’s not great for my relationships.) But I’m also fiercely loyal and you don’t want to fuck with me or my friends, or get on my bad side. I’m generally quiet and not all up in people’s faces, or at the center of attention, and I don’t necessarily want to be a leader—even if sometimes it’s a role that gets pushed onto me. (That may not seem as much like my online personality but it’s definitely me in real life. Maybe that’s why Fin likes video games so much, too…it’s an escape into a place he can do and be things he isn’t like face-to-face, day-to-day. Hmm.)

hottest looks character

Ummmmmm………………..oh like anyone doesn’t know my answer to THAT question… 

especially when he’s in uniform…

one thing i dislike about my fave character

In the first season, Munch is a bit of a real jerk about women at times, but I put a lot of that down to him still being in the middle of his divorce from Billie Lou. That’s why Season 2’s Asunder is one of my favorite episodes, because you see him starting to shift out of that bitter mindset as he begins to really sympathize with the abused wife of that police officer. It’s a step in character development that I really liked and honestly was necessary at that point in time.

one thing i like about my hated character

Hmm, Chester Lake, heh. What is there to like about such a Gary Stu? I suppose I do admire his dedication to trying to solve seemingly dead cases, but not when he’s doing it in secret and in risk to his partner and other coworkers.

a quote or scene that haunts me

Ooh, hmm. Just one? Of course I love all the angsty Munch moments (the rooftop scene with Olivia in Legacy, telling Amy Solwey about his father’s suicide in Painless.)

But I kind of hated/was disturbed by Munch’s last scene in Wonderland Story when he packs up his desk and just seems so lost about what he’s going to do with himself next. That’s why I honestly was so happy with that end scene in Fashionable Crimes last season. I know other Munch fans were disappointed that it felt so “final”, but it felt final in a way I could deal with because it suggested he had figured things out for himself after all. I don’t necessarily need or want anything more specific than that and if that really was the last time we see him on screen in SVU…I’m more okay with that then I was before.

a death that left me indifferent

William Lewis. Because I just hate his entire story arc like fire and simply don’t care.

a character i wish died but didn’t

Elliot, LOL. If only because it would shut up some of the fans who will never ever ever give up on him coming back (and turn every post or comment thread on Facebook or Twitter about SVU into “BRING BACK STABLER”! Please gag me.)

my ship that never sailed

Well, technically I suppose Munch/Fin, but until or if I ever see direct evidence otherwise they are happily ever after together, the end. And I’m one of those freaks who prefers it if my favorite ships never become canon, so.