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so i thought the chick who plays maggie was just a guest star but turns out she's gonna be in every episode from 3 till the end (20 eps total) that's assuming this season is 22 episodes long idk but that's gay i mean great!!

to be honest if this info is from imdb it cant necessarily be trusted. im nodding to wearp on this because katherine barrell was credited on imdb for more episodes than she was actually in so dont take their word as the bible.

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s


marinette + ladybug’s hair ribbons = cutest animation error of all time


funniest dair moments

Stuff that makes no sense if BBC Sherlock is another het bromance adaptation...
  • the gayest pilot in the history of mankind
  • Angelo’s
  • Mrs. Hudson’s constant bafflement
  • Mycroft’s running commentary
  • And Sherlock Holmes is a very lucky man.
  • John’s Blog
  • Hamish.  If you’re looking for baby names.
  • Look at us both.
  • that whole pool scene
  • Many Happy Returns
  • One word Sherlock. That’s all I would have needed.
  • I prefer my doctors clean shaven.
  • The Best Man’s speech.  all of it.
  • Bouncing around him like a puppy.
  • You and I are similar, I think.
  • Mr. “I don’t care what people think” always cares what John thinks
  • Look how you care for John Watson, your damsel in distress.
  • the amount of self sacrifice on both ends
  • the most unhappily married couple played by one of the happiest irl couples
  • Sherlock’s miraculous revival at the mere thought of John in peril
  • You chose her.
  • I’m bleeding internally.  You may need to restart my heart.
  • Something
  • I’ve meant to say
  • always
  • but never have

SPN spinoff: Castiel origins story.

Please and thank you.