From the Land of Pleasant Living

Season 3 B description from ABC

[…] In turn, Regina obliterated her original curse, which erased Storybrooke from existence and whisked its residents back to Fairy Tale Land, leaving Emma and Henry together back in our world with pleasant memories - but with no memories of Storybrooke or its residents, and with Storybrooke itself seemingly gone for good.

And they all lived happily ever after… Hardly!

All is not well back in the Enchanted Forest when Hook comes calling on Emma in New York City in an attempt to jog her memory so that she can once again help her fairy tale family and friends out of a desperate situation. Everyone she holds dear is in danger as a new foe emerges - the Wicked Witch of the West (Rebecca Mader, “Lost”). Hook now must enlist Emma in an epic struggle that spans worlds: with the highest stakes possible - the fate of her family. No one remembers how they were transported back or the past year they had spent back in Fairy Tale Land. But someone in town is responsible for this curse, and all clues point to the Wicked Witch of the West, whose agenda in our world is a mystery. In an attempt to break the curse, new fairytale characters will be revealed and old acquaintances will be revisited. But not everyone can be trusted.


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Single off “From the Land of Pleasant Living”

Starring: Rachel Adams & James Merritt
Writer: Aaron Alt
Director & Editor: Tyler W. Davis
Assistants: Frederick E. Gramlich Jr. & Tyler Greer

Filmed in Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD in addition to The Hour Haus.

AF100 + Redrock Micro
Canon T2i + DIY Dolly
Zeiss 35mm Distagon
Nikkor 50mm
Tamron 17-50mm

Post: FCP & Color​havemercymusic

Behind the scenes:​watch?v=144eUCGycs8

official bioware announcement from the official bioware headquarters. very official, very real, very important

all of mass effect 3 is gone. we recognize the trash that is that game and we put it where it belongs, in the trash. instead accept this alternate ending where everyone is happy, everyone lives, jacob taylor isn’t completely out of character, the reapers are destroyed, and everyone goes to disney land when it’s all over. thank you, have a pleasant day

Top Organic Vegetable Gardening Challenges and How to Overcome Them

By Barbara Pleasant

Photo by Dwight Kuhn

Summer drought. Weather experts have warned gardeners in many regions of the country — especially Texas and Midwestern states — to expect more droughts in future years. Gardeners should consult their local extension services to get drought-tolerant crop and variety recommendations. Water with drip hose to make sure water reaches plants’ roots. Harvesting runoff water from buildings is another smart maneuver to consider. “I placed a row of rain barrels made from garbage cans behind a storage building,” says Carole Ramke of eastern Texas. “On my sewing machine, I made a cover for each can from a circle of fiberglass screen, with a casing and drawstring on the edge. The covers keep out leaves and even prevent mosquitoes.” [Keep reading…]

I want the heroine’s journey.

I want bildungsromans for women.

I want women living their lives to receive the call to adventure.

I want them to step into a world of adventure and romance and look about them with awestruck eyes.

I want them to escape from their own tower and travel around magical lands (whether literally or figuratively) and go on quests and be helped by a loyal sidekick and be tempted by handsome men who are ALL WRONG and get advice from a wise old woman and eventually find a suitable prince in disguise who needs rescuing and then they can save the world together (but she does most of it).

And then return back to the beginning.

And live happily ever after, the queen in her castle, filled with the confidence that comes from having defeated the monster and rescued the prince and saved the kingdom.

I want more fairytales and adventures where the woman is a hero.

While I continue to be allergic to poor story arc resolution (and live in a pleasant, if deluded, land where Mike Dodds is recuperating slowly and far away from his dad), canonically speaking, I have a lot of problems with Mike’s death.

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