From me


“So every day during my set, when I’m playing my own shows, I talk about people that are transgender. I talk about it a lot because everyday basically I say: …”
Soundwave, Melbourne, 2015

“He glances back, once, with bright eyes that flash like the green on the eighteenth.”

Be My Good Luck Charm by 100percentsassy

“…he stares down into the prettiest blue eyes he’s ever seen and tries not to get too lost in them. They look like the sky above Paris, the river running through it.”

nothing is more fantastic. nothing is more tragic by alison

“'I think your eyes are beautiful.’  Harry smiled wider, his hands growing warmer on Louis’ cheeks. ‘Beau comme la mer. Beautiful like the sea.’“

Relief Next to Me by dolce_piccante

"Louis’ expression remains in somewhat of a shocked state, but it quickly turns into a smirk and his eyes turn into this dark blue that could lock someone in.”

Be Professonal by writtensoul

“Harry lifted his face enough for both eyes to peer at Louis. Bright, pale green coated Louis’ body like a waterfall of mint infused spring water. Harry’s lashes blinked slowly.”

Escapade by dolce_piccante

I saw much ado about nothing at osf this past june and at one point while two people were talking benedick was just sitting off to the side popping a tin of altoids into his mouth one by one until he was holding all of them in his mouth at the same time with no idea why or what to do and if that isn’t the most in-character thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t even know what to tell you