I s2g I want to just have fun with you guys, draw a bit of fanart and stuff, and then there’s… them…  This will be the last note from me according this matter.

They are saying I’m a racist because I live in Europe and that they can’t be racist since they’re poc. Guess what? Anyone can be racist, it’s a choice and you’re not excused straight away because you’re poc. That’s just a dirty excuse to talk shit about someone just because they’re not like you. Also it’s a choice to be a dick or not. I might not be the nicest person when I get mad, but I’d never discriminate against them just because of their race or culture. If you’re an ass to me, don’t expect me to tolerate your behaviour.

Also, to all the nice people sending me messages: Thank you. I needed to hear your words since they mean seriously a lot to me. Stay awesome.

BMC AU: Jake asks jeremy if he’s ever had sex and jeremy is like “yeah pfft obviously bro” and soon the whole school knows and everyone’s asking who was it??? and jeremy not wanting to get caught in a lie and tells Michael to back him up so obviously Michael heroically says “we had sex” and jeremy is like that is so far from what I meant Michael