From Russia With Love

I just realized this

Okay so i don’t know if any of ya’ll noticed but at the end of episode 7 Victor says “from Russia with love”, which coincidentally is a documentary on Netflix about gay skaters and Olympians in Russia! Could this mean anything? Because the documentary was about how Russia dealt with homosexuality and it was pretty harsh. I suggest you guys check it out.


Поздравляю тебя, Гот, и твоего создателя nekophy с вашим днем рождения! Climate!Sans дарит вам этот крутой шарф и утепленные перчатки!! С приветом из России!

Happy Birthday, Goth and his really cool creator  nekophy!  Climate!Sans wants to present you this nice-looking scarf and anti-cold gloves! Greetings from Russia!

from Russia with love

Why nobody talking about the preview of the episode 8 (Yuri on ice) Victor say “from Russia with love” if you don’t know this is a slogan of propaganda LGBT+ in Russia is illegal the propaganda. Victor have kissed a man on a international tv, is Russian and said that phrase. Well i think this is really brave… he’s doing history. This is very important please notice this. I love Victor so much he’s precious. 

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“So. Keep shooting, Hawkeye. Keep shooting no matter what.”

This time our inspiration was this art by pure angel of hawkguy’s arts @when-it-rains-it-snows
Thank you. Thank you so much.

I guess you already know the Hawkguy - it’s @ohtematema
And our fantastic photographer - @dasha-ocean