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please, tell me a little more of your feelings on cersei burning the tower of the hand (if this is already in your tags, i am so sorry: mobile gives me the useless "there is nothing here")

Are you. Sure you want my feelings on this. Because I have. A lot.

Ok, so, one of the things that I love about ASOIAF is that it’s a story about stories.1 The Frog Prince, the Evil Queen, the Beast, the Huntsman, the Wicked Stepmother, Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, the Witch – they’re all here. GRRM takes these timeless stories and twists them and turns them, telling them from the POV of the villain and other distortions. We glimpse their dim reflections over and over in GRRM’s dark funhouse mirrors, in Sansa and Arya and Lysa and Quentyn and Sandor and Tyrion and so many others.2 But obviously the character I want to talk about here is Cersei.

Cersei’s story is shaped and I would even say weighed down by fairy tales and famous literary figures. She is the Evil Queen, she is one of GRRM’s Wicked Stepmothers, she is Guinevere and Lady Macbeth and Clytemnestra. 

But I think one of the most interesting fairy tales Cersei embodies is Rapunzel, the Maiden in the Tower. Rapunzel, “the girl with the impossibly long golden hair” “is a story about sexual desire and obsession and cruelty. […] ‘Rapunzel’ is largely a story about feminine power.” And Cersei’s story is her navigation of power in a world that actively denies her power, and it all ties into the Tower of the Hand. 

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Chill Eclipsa AU

I don’t think this will actually happen, but imagine when Eclipsa breaks out of the crystal she’s not even evil, she’s actually chill af.
Every one expects her to be evil but she’s like “Nah, that was an angsty teen phase. I just wanna eat junk food and crash on your couch. I would like you to be less racist to monsters tho.” So Eclipsa just casually lives with the Butterflies chilling out and being a casual monster rights activist.

I’ve decided to call this the Chill Eclipsa AU.


Long time no see!

I’ve been neglecting tumblr and deviantArt (and my social life, period) lately, because I was busy writing my master’s thesis. I finally handed it in last Wednesday. I still have a couple of exams to pass until my graduation, but for now I feel like I can spare some time on posting pictures.

I’ll start with a set of pictures my sister took of my Frog Queen costume at AniMaCo last month. Pictures of my new costumes (Fionna - Adventure Time and Azusa - Idolmaster) will follow later this week.