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I’ve been neglecting tumblr and deviantArt (and my social life, period) lately, because I was busy writing my master’s thesis. I finally handed it in last Wednesday. I still have a couple of exams to pass until my graduation, but for now I feel like I can spare some time on posting pictures.

I’ll start with a set of pictures my sister took of my Frog Queen costume at AniMaCo last month. Pictures of my new costumes (Fionna - Adventure Time and Azusa - Idolmaster) will follow later this week.

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So Amon and Akira are slowly and begrudgingly having their views on ghouls changed, right? Imagine them stumbling across orphan ghoul children every now and then and just. Heck. They can't leave them there to become super angry and gleefully murderous ghouls or die on the streets. And that's how Touka eventually becomes accustomed to strange children being dumped on her at random intervals.

Several blocks away from the cafe, Amon began to wonder if he was a coward. Ok, he began to actually admit to himself that he was a coward (a gigantic man-baby, in fact). He was totally running away.

Akira’s recovery was…terrifying. He had wanted her to wake up so badly at first that he never considered what it would be like to actually talk to her (even though he’d been dreaming about it for years). Somewhere along the line, it seemed as if he had forgotten who Akira really was (resilient, pragmatic, warmer than he deserved, and unwilling to have her heart broken more than once) and he was ashamed.

Lost in thought, Amon took several turns too many, doubling back on himself and pacing the neighborhood like a creep. As luck would have it, he’d done this multiple times over the past week. People were getting a bit sketched out.

So sketched out that a pack of ghoul children, “The Rainbow Allegiance of Justice”, decided to make him their mark. They’d been following him all day. He hadn’t noticed, though everyone else in the neighbourhood had. No one was surprised (except Amon), when one of the masked kids yelled,

“You’re under arrest!”

And tackled his leg. The other children soon joined in with battle cries of their own. Confused, yet sturdy, Amon simply stood there and stared at the pile forming on his legs.

“What is going on?”

He asked, shaking his leg as delicately as possible in an attempt to remove the kids. Their leader, the one who had tried to ‘arrest’ him, cried out,

“You’re a suspicious person! Suspicious people need to go to…go to…j…”

Stupidly, Amon filled in for him,


And the child officer just…lit up. Oh no (he was charmed).

Soon the area around :Re was no longer just filled with the scampering of the Rainbow Allegiance of Justice. Now if one listened closely they could hear Amon caving into the demands of children, allowing himself to be ‘arrested’ time and again, and (to the mass amusement of everyone in earshot) lecturing them on proper investigative procedure.

The more that he taught them, the more that the kids demanded he come back. Soon, 90% of Amon’s time was spent out on the streets and a mere 10% in :Re. He still spent time there, though, so his new proteges quickly tracked him down.

He was so proud of them (their stalking was adorably bad).

The proprietress, Touka Kirishima, was less proud. She told his little squad that stalking was a crime and that they’d have to arrest themselves. Then she kicked them out…

Though she told them they could come back at another time (softy).

It happened so slowly that Akira didn’t realize it at first. Hinami took her out to see the neighbourhood kids three times a week. She would play with them for awhile, teach them how to read, and then she would go back to :Re. Their interactions were minimal.

Nothing at all, really.

However, when she was sad they began to bring her gifts. Interesting rocks (’Gems!’ they’d insist about even remotely sparkly stones), flowers, the occasional weed…

And frogs.

The thing was, Akira used to be an expert frog-catcher as a child. The best there ever was (she had composed a theme song for herself long ago). She simply had to pass on her knowledge - it would’ve been terrible not to.

Suddenly, their interactions weren’t so minor. Akira had been dubbed ‘The Frog Queen’ and the children would bow or curtsy when she came by. Their catches become more and more varied (different species, bigger frogs, MORE frogs).

Then, the day came that Akira had a cold and couldn’t go out to meet them. So they came in to meet her.

With their frogs.

Free in the cafe.

Touka was furious (though she didn’t punish the kids…softy).

It was inevitable that the two groups of ghoul children would meet. They both hung around the cafe. They were around the same age, from the same area, and generally came for the same things. Those similarities eventually lead to arguments about who had the better teacher - Amon’s investigators or Akira’s frog-catchers.

Since kids will be kids, this turned into an all out frog-catching competition. Amon’s little team thought that their newfound investigative skills should give them an edge. Akira’s kids were more than happy to kick their asses.

The end result?

More frogs in :Re.

This time Touka yelled at all of them. She gave them all (Amon and Akira included) time-outs as well.

It was ultimately decided that Touka was the winner.

Since his crew of children had newfound respect for Akira and Touka, Amon found himself with some spare time. Spare time meant that he managed to dig himself into a concerned hole over whether or not Kaneki and the rest of them were truly safe here. He couldn’t resist doing regular patrols.

There was a kid he kept coming across on his patrols. Never in the same place, never any better fed, never in different clothes…he was obviously homeless. Amon understood completely (images of orphans and just scraping by coming to mind).

Touka wouldn’t mind one more kid, right?

Since she was their leader (after a fashion…she ran the cafe they were all hiding in and she definitely made more choices than Kaneki) she would be the one making the decision, right?

He tried telling her as much (thinking back on it, that was clearly a bad idea). Her response was simply,

“Congratulations. You’re a father.”

He had to thank his lucky stars that Akira was equally incapable of leaving this kid to his own devices, or Amon would wind up being a father-figure (an idea that terrified him more than he could say).  However, he also wished he had’ve seen her caring for the foreshadowing it really was.

There wasn’t only one homeless ghoul child, after all.

The kid Akira took in was an angry little spitfire that she convinced to move in via a game of wits. She never told anyone what gamble she had the kid going on, but it was obvious that she cheated. Repeatedly. Intentionally.

She purposefully pissed the kid off enough that he came to learn from her at :Re (how she knew he would never move in otherwise was beyond Amon).

To his horror, Amon had to watch as Akira tried to pass the kid off to Touka for some proper mothering (the idea of being a mother scared Akira more than she could say). He couldn’t look away (like watching a traffic accident) as Touka grinned and said,

“Congratulations. You’re a mother.”

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Hi! I'm kind of dying with waiting for VIXX's comeback. And I'm trying to calm down by thinking of sweet things instead of the much darker images that keep flooding my, uh, brain. Then I had a sudden question that I couldn't really imagine the answers to. And remembered YOU and YOUR AWESOME answers. So if you have time, what pet names do you think VIXX would use on their s/o?

  • Hakyeon: “Angel”, “Honey”, “Darling”
  • Ken: “Hot Stuff”, “Cuddly-Wuddly-Snookums-Kisses”
  • Hongbin: the generic “Sweetheart”
  • Leo: “Love”, “Peach”, “Treasure” 
  • Ravi: “My Everything”, “Baby”, “Sweetness” 
  • Hyuk: “Pepe the Frog”, “King/Queen of Memeland”, “Short-Stop” 

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I've been crying for the last 378 years since you rejected me 😭 I dismantled my shrine dedicated to you, and burned it. It did not work. My feelings did not go away. I am a helpless tadpole in the pond of life without you. Why have you done this to me, oh beautiful frog queen??!?

Disney Villains

Aries: Cruella and her short fuse. (from 101 Dalmatians)

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Taurus: Maleficient. too damn stubborn. waiting 16 years? god. (from Sleeping Beauty)

Gemini: Lady Tremaine. Two faced, often manipulates situations to her favor. (from Cinderella)

Cancer: Ursula - Mood swings all the way. (from The Little Mermaid)

Leo: Gaston - Vain, overambitious pushy. Loves being the center of attention! (from Beauty and the Beast)

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Virgo: Scar, critical, restless, calculating, loves to plot. (from The Lion King)

Libra: Mother Gothel. she’s obsessed with youth and beauty! (from Tangled)

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Scorpio: Hades. He’s secretive, persuasive, sarcastic and very cunning. Also, the ruler of the underworld. (from Hercules)
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Sagittarius: Jafar. Completely insane, unrealistic, outspoken and overconfident. (from the Aladdin).

Capricorn: The Evil Queen. She lives in a castle, where she’s power driven and never satisfied. (from Snow White)
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Aquarius: Doctor Facilier, unemotional, rebellious, did all kinds of weird stuff. (from The Princess and the Frog)

Pisces: Queen of Hearts, indecisive and can’t stand criticism of any kind. Also a little too self-indulgent. (from Alice in Wonderland)