Bond 50: Part II – Goldfinger (1964) & Thunderball (1965)

It’s been a while since I cracked open my Bond set. I really wanted to get into it but other things started occupying my time. Hopefully I’ll be more diligent with my ongoing review. For now, however, enjoy Part two of my 12-part series on the Bond franchise and Blu-Ray collection. (more…)

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Shocking:I Actually Worth $4.4 Not $155 Millions Frobes Claimed Says 50 Cent !!

The rapper 50 Cent may appear to be doing very well, but it seems that much of his life is an illusion, at least that’s the story, assuming he wasn’t lying under oath.
According to Yahoo Finance, the rapper admitted a few things in court that surprised lot of people. The lawyers for 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, says that he’s not worth the $155 million that Forbes Magazine claimed last year. Actually, they claim he’s only worth about $4.4 million.
In an appearance in Manhattan Supreme Court this week, Jackson went on to say that the expensive life he promotes in his music is a myth and that he actually takes jewelry and cars back to the store after he uses them for promotion.
I take the jewelry and the cars back to the stores,” he said, according to the New York Daily News.
Guess the over-done trend of celebrities pretending to have more money than they actually have is what is affecting 50 cent

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