IN A PICKLE: Groups Take Fake Claims to Court

Fighting Big Food’s Deceptive Marketing Campaign

Under both federal and state law, it’s illegal to engage in deceptive marketing. This is a broad concept that applies to any entity that advertises. The idea is that consumers should not be swindled into buying a product; they deserve the straight facts to make informed purchasing decisions. And while such laws do help deter shady activities, deceptive marketing statutes get violated all the time, mostly due to lack of enforcement.

It may be unsettling to realize that on grocery store shelves right now are likely hundreds of food products that contain illegal deceptive claims. While the federal government does have specific definitions for some phrases such as “low fat” or “low salt,” otherwise almost anything goes on the front of a food package because the feds have turned a blind eye. Without proper government oversight, the only recourse is for private law firms to set these companies straight.

Maple Moose: So FritoLays Canada is doing a promo for four new chip flavours. Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Chicken Caesar, Perogis and Maple Moose.

It’s like they know me.

Anyhow, I fell prey to the promo sale and picked up a bag of each to try. First up, Maple Moose! Overall - a very nice chip!

Despite the name this is not a ‘sweet’ or 'candied’ chip. There is a whiff of maple on the back end of the palate but this is more a smokier flavour - like you might imagine a sweet bbq sauce. Savory spicy - perhaps it’s more moose than maple? Never having had moose meat I can’t speak to it but it there is a meaty spicing is very nice on this chip. A toasty masala combo is what my brain is saying. Like a mild Indian flavour with the maple as a light high note in the nose.

Don’t be put off by the name or my impending heart attack as I inhale four bags of chips this week (I’m sure the family will be happy to help). It’s a tasty chip. 

Grilled Cheese & Ketchup Chips: So even though I shouldn’t be snacking so late I just couldn’t resist sampling these before I retire for the night. 

WOW. FritoLays NAILED this one. 

While Maple Moose was an interesting mix of spices that didn’t entirely equal its interesting name, the Grilled Cheese & Ketchup Chips are just a glass of grape Kool-Aid away from taking me back to the summers of my youth. The aroma of melted cheese and *good* ketchup hit you the moment the bag is opened. And not like fancy “real” cheese either. That rich gooey Kraft singles flavor. Like if you made your sandwich with TWO slices so it was extra thick and melty! Wow! I’m nine years old again! :)

The crisp potato taste is a perfect substitute for the fried (grilled? toasted? What would you call it?) white bread of the sandwich and each chip is a rich mouthful of cheese and tangy ketchup. There may also be a hint of heat - like a dash of tabasco? Not sure, but dang it’s tasty! 

Nowadays I do tend to make my grilled cheese sammiches with better ingredients but for a fast fix of fun flavor I send my thanks to FritoLay!

Perogy Platter Chips: Another day another bag of chips!

Perogy Platter from FritoLay is an inoffensive chip. Enjoyable but more like you got a weak bag of sour cream and onion chips than a real flavor competitor. While the photo on the bag shows us cheese and bacon and bell peppers, all you really get out of it is… well… weak sour cream and onion. Not bad, but not great.