Fringe Event: our daughter?


I’m coming home, I’m really tired, I park my car in garege but instead of entering the house I am attracted to the small park in front of me, I enter and start walking hoping the cool night air I relax the my nerves. Suddenly I have a strong heel caused by a violent headache, I lean to a tree close my eyes, when I open them a blonde blue-eyed helps me to stay on my feet, “Mom are you okay?” I look at her for a long time getting lost in her eyes that are identical to those of Peter. I smile and stroke her hair, she smiles, in turn, “Yes, Mom are the same as yours.” She is the daughter of Peter I? Another slip and find myself on the ground, in the dark, alone. With difficulty I get up and return home, where I immediately phone to Peter.

What can I say to her?

I came as soon as possible to the home of Olivia. I’m still here in the car because I have not the faintest idea what I could tell. I can’t lie to her. I can’t. She’ll read into my eyes the truth, she’ll see that there’s a heavy secret that terrified me. I wanted so much having a baby by her but I can’t, I don’t want to grow up my children in a world invaded by observer. A world where they aren’t free to be whatever they want. What can I say to her? How can I possible hide this? I gotta get out of here, I can’t stay long. I promised her I wouldn’t take long. I know. I know that as soon as she sees me, she’ll understand everything and I can’t help but tell her the truth, no matter how frightening. I just hope that my father is able to find a solution in time. He’s the only hope we have. I turn off, I get out of the car with slow and calculated motion. I arrived to Olivia’s appartment and I knock the door. She opens to me, her gaze is eloquent.
- Hi, Livia, we have to talk. And what I’ll say to you… I’m so sorry, hon. I.. I don’t know how to tell you what could happened and, believe me, it’s worst than you could possibly imagine.

jsmapdi replied to your post:No-one tell my boss that I just accidentally…

Ok I got your explanation of the soda up the nose. This one is gonna require diagrams.

gloriagilbertpatch replied to your post:No-one tell my boss that I just accidentally…

Kaz, do we need to give you lessons on how to drink soda properly? This seems to be a recurring theme in your life.

I have no explanation. I felt my elbow getting wet and when I looked down the bottle was upside down.

This was 100% not my fault, guys. It was witchcraft of some kind.

@peterkbishop After a period of relative calm this morning I happened something very strange. I left to go to the FBI when the  radio spent two times in a row the same news, I thought of an error in the assembly, but shortly afterwards when I parked the car I saw a little girl go into the street and finish under a red car, I was upset, but then I saw the same girl walking calmly while the red car avoided by a whisker. What was going on? I entered the office of Broyles, but I couldn’t  talk to him about what I saw, so soon after I called Peter.

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Life is just so interesting.....

It’s so funny how life works and things “just happen” sometimes.

I have been wanting to do something really different, fun and relaxing for a vacation this year. I feel beyond burned out and really need a BREAK! I’ve worked at my current job for five years now and have only taken ONE real vacation (took 10 days off - included a weekend - where I did NO work). Generally if I take time off or for a long weekend or even if I"m sick, I end up having to work from home or wherever I’m at. Yes, BUMMER.  I know, at least I am getting away right? When you go away it is supposed to be a break, time to recharge; and when you still have to work some and be available by phone, you NEVER fully feel like you have any time off at all. 

Anyway, back to the vacation talk.  I was looking at going to Vancouver in August. I’ve been hearing a lot about Vancouver over the last couple of years and thought this would be a new, different and exciting place to explore. I have been vaguely looking at going in August.  There is a “fan event” for Fringe the month of August too over a weekend and I contemplated incorporating that into my trip. Actually, more like using that as an excuse for the trip to Vancouver! I’ve never done any event like this and to be honest have been struggling with the “very nerdy” factor vs. “may be really cool” factor. Jury is still out on that one. I have NEVER even thought of going to an event such as that. I don’t go to Comic Con or things even remotely like it. I am just honestly not big on intentionally visiting places where movies/tv shows take place, or meeting celebs or anything like that. I’m not impressed by celebs either for just being celebs. There actually needs to be a reason the actor impresses me or that I want to meet him/her. Not simply because him/her is famous or because there is an opportunity.

Now I know, I was just in California in March 2012 for the Thrilling Adventure Live show and did meet a lot of awesome actors including Paget Brewster & Nathan Fillion (see earlier blogs). They were all exciting to meet as I loved the Thrilling Adventure Hour so much. Then I am a big fan of Paget Brewster’s (via Criminal Minds) and of course, who isn’t a fan of Nathan Fillion? Still, I felt a bit silly introducing myself, asking for them to sign the poster from the show and basically, yes geeking out. I kept saying to myself that I’m too old for this - ha!  Admittedly now though, that is one of the absolute coolest things I have done.  And I mean attending the live show of the Thrilling Adventure Hour, meeting all the actors from the show I could (they are phenomenal) and yes, geeking out to meet two actors I am truly a fan.

Back to the trip. As I mentioned, I was thinking about this. Rolling it over in my brain. Even told my boss yesterday that I needed some time OFF and was going to take it, probably in August and then perhaps again in September.  He seems fine with it for now. Of course, he’ll forget and be all surprised later (as usual).  Told him I was NOT working during any of that time off either.  At that point, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. It’d be a solo trip for me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. I don’t mind traveling solo, yet there I times/places that I prefer not be on a solo adventure. It’s just sometimes the adventure is more fun when you can share the adventure with a friend or someone.

Anyway, then a very ironic and amusing thing happened. I was searching the Internet for a new leather jacket to wear motorcycle riding. I only have a jean jacket and really need a leather one (I was waiting/hoping to lose weight first!). I have been looking forever and finally took to the Internet.  In perusing online I came across a leather site ( that when I checked it out and was looking through their jackets, the site happen to mention in a comment that Anna Torv bought a leather jacket from them for her new motorcycle. I didn’t even know she was a biker. Couldn’t even picture that it was true actually.  Struck me as quite amusing also as I had read a post via Jasika Nicole (sugarbooty) here on Tumblr a while back where she posted a picture of an apron she made at a sewing party that “Anna” had thrown. On Tumblr here, I do follow a blog by yvrshoots who provides a lot of photos, blogs, etc. of behind the scenes movies/tv shows filming in Vancouver.  So, I popped a note over and asked if he/she happen to know.  YVRshoots confirmed this to be true.  Very interesting I thought.  Of course, I am a biker (not a biker chick per se) and I found this interesting (pics of my bike in earlier blog posts). I shouldn’t be surprised about anyone riding a motorcycle yet I am.  Believe me I am embracing my geekness a lot lately and am having a blast!

The point of that whole detour story though is that it had not occurred to me about possibly motorcycling and exploring Vancouver that method if I go there.  Now THAT idea intrigued me very much. I began looking at motorcycle rentals (as Tampa, FL to Vancouver is just a wee bit far to be taking my own bike), best time to travel there, exploring roads and motorcycle routes. Exploring somewhere new, different, perhaps meeting the locals and all by motorcycle sounded like an awesome vacation to me! 

THEN the strangest happenstance came about via Twitter of all places.  A woman tweeted that she was attending the Fringe Event in August in Vancouver and was going to ride her motorcycle from Seattle, WA to Vancouver. She wondered if anyone else was game. I thought now THERE’S an idea!  I popped her a message.  In messaging with her, everything seems to be falling into place. And yes, if this works out it also means I’m going to the Fringe Event. I will def post about that should I go. I’ll check the Event. If I feel it’s not for me for any reason (who knows?), I’m content to go off exploring on my own.  

I am learning late here (over the last few years) that life is all about doing something new, trying new things, meeting new people, breaking out of our comfort zone, enjoying it some and getting out there living!  To me, all this falling into place sounds like the perfect adventure, the perfect escape.  I find it so very interesting that this all “just happened,” I’ve already met a new friend, hope to meet more in Vancouver and along the way.  

Funny how life works sometimes…..


Ele and Leon knew the best music festival moments were happening on the fringes of the big events. So they created a fest that was all fringe. Directed by James Blagden

West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK AW16 Press Launch

On August 18th I was invited to attend West Coast Cooler’s AW16 Press Launch. To be honest, I was quite shocked to be invited. Not because I doubt my blog or anything, but because it seemed like just yesterday I attended the SS16 Press Launch! After an extremely successful ‘coming-of-age’ 21st season back in spring, West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK is back again this autumn for four days of fantastic fashion from the 20th to the 23rd October, with nightly catwalk shows and array of fabulous fringe events including Style Sunday, the West Coast Cooler flat lay event, and a whole lot more! Click pass the break to have a look at some of the incredible shots taken at the launch and a press release to follow.

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