Scarlet | with Nina Sharp

(Blueverse, 3rd Season-related)

Now Walter had a huge company on his hands and his little childish heart was bumping faster than ever before. Mostly because now he could try all the things we wouldn’t even dare to on his little lab on Harvard, and there was always another reason.

Now his genetic gastronomy research would make sense since he had the ways to continue with his research, but there was always someone there that he did not mind forgetting the whole world around him if it meant to be with her.

He sat on his office - new office, bigger than his previous - and clasped his hands, looking out the massive window, staring at the landscapes. It was 6pm, but he did not want to go home. Not until he would lay his eyes on her again.

And then he heard a knock on the door. 

“Come in.” He said. 

Scale of Destruction | with Walter Bishop (Scarlet-verse)

Nasty boring melody broke through the thin haze of Nina’s restless sleep ruining the little she had managed to achieve for the past several hours of tossing and turning on the spot. Having groped her own cellphone under her pillow she made herself to look at the brightly lit display: 3:02am

“Wonderful,” huskily groaned Nina running her fingers through the tousled strands of red hair and dropped her phone on the bed helplessly.

A hand that had been resting on her abdomen twitched and disappeared. She turned her head to the right to see Walter who was slowly coming to life. The horribly sharp sound of the screaming cellphone grew louder. 

“Are you going to take that phone? It’s yours…” asked Nina almost barely audible, her voice sleepy and irritated, and closed her eyes again sighing. 

Looking for more people to interact with

Please like or reblog if you’re an RP blog who writes any of the following, or if you would be interested in interacting with someone who does, and I’ll check out your blog. :)

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  • Genetic experiments/modified humans/mutants
  • Scientists (mad or otherwise)
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  • Superhumans/ superheroes (Marvel/DC are welcome, as well as others)
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Also feel free to like or reblog if you’re a cannon or original character in any of the following fandoms (please note that this blog is not connected directly to any of these fandoms - these are just some I’m familiar with that would fit well with the world I’ve created here.)

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Fringe Roleplay Group?

Could you guys favorite this post or message me if you would be interested in a Fringe Roleplay Group? I would set everything up, but I would like to know how many people would actually be interested in something like this before I made it.

I know that there are some Indie Fringe roleplayers out there who are struggling to find other Fringe Roleplayers to roleplay with (I know that I was) so this could be a solution to that problem.

If you haven’t roleplayed before and you would like to have a go at it just for your favorite Fringe characters, please, don’t let that stand in your way. I would be more than happy to help you out if you ever have any questions about roleplaying in general.

I have been wanting to see a Fringe roleplay community thrive and or come back to life here on tumblr for quite a long time now and I would like to see that happen soon.