FringeNYC announces 2018 festival plans -- in all 5 boroughs, in October.

After a 1-year hiatus spent evaluating the needs of New York’s indie theater community, FringeNYC (New York International Fringe Festival) has unveiled its plans for the next 3 years under Producing Artistic Director Elena K. Holy.

Beginning in 2018, FringeNYC will move to October and will have three components:

  • A smaller, adjudicated festival. This smaller adjudicated festival will allow FringeNYC to continue to serve the NYC area’s truly emerging creators / underrepresented communities and those who do not have ample opportunity elsewhere. This will be where international shows, too, can be a part of FringeNYC - since helping them secure visas is key to their participation. Similarly, national artists who are less familiar with producing in New York, and New York City venues, will find a home at this new smaller adjudicated FringeNYC.
  • Because of the shift to the fall, FringeNYC becomes the annual convening of indie performance makers, with panels and workshops addressing current issues and the gathering of all indie performance stakeholders and constituents.
  • In 2018, FringeNYC will also add a twist on the “Bring Your Own Venue” model. In the coming weeks, FringeNYC be forming an outer borough steering group to devise a plan by which venues outside of Manhattan can apply to make their programming an official part of FringeNYC. 

I think a smaller, more selective festival is definitely the way to go. I wonder about moving it to the fall, putting it against everything else kicking off at that time, but maybe that’s where the panels and workshops come in- resources for all artists. I hope this also turns into a stronger and more financially accessible program. 

Glad to see you back, Fringe!